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1 Rebuilding Worker Power – IMF F&D
2 Weekly jobless claims fall to 712,000, beating expectations
3 Julie Hollar on Moving Democrats to the Right, Josh Bivens on Pandemic Unemployment
4 EPI: Congress must urgently provide $3 trillion of fiscal relief to stop the economic bleeding and build a strong recovery
5 U.S. weekly jobless claims drop to 712000, beating expectations
6 'We Basically Made Recovery Much, Much Harder Than It Has to Be'
7 Economists call for $3 trillion covid relief package to stop nation's descent into ruin
8 Congress Must Urgently Provide $3 Trillion of Fiscal Relief to Stop the Economic Bleeding and Build a Strong Recovery
9 Biden confirms he wants Janet Yellen to be his Treasury secretary — what that means for cash-strapped American families
10 US desperately needs 400% more in coronavirus relief than McConnell is offering, economists say
11 Central beats Waggener in playoffs as game called early due to fourth quarter scuffle
12 Josh Bivens: Cutting UI benefits by $400 per week will significantly harm U.S. families, jobs, and growth
13 Which benefits will disappear if no stimulus bill is passed?
14 Josh Bivens on Coronavirus Economics, Mandy Smithberger on Military Economics
15 Prep Roundup: Alamance Christian School girls surge; The Burlington School girls roll
16 To Tame Public Debt Without Austerity, Reduce Inequality
17 To revive Tennessee’s economy, federal government assistance is a must | Opinion
18 Second stimulus check: there be one before 31 December?
19 Cutback to $600 unemployment insurance puts a ‘huge headwind on growth:’ EPI
20 Second stimulus check: could it arrive before 2021?
21 In first presidential debate, what will we hear about the economy?
22 Robert Kuttner, Joseph E. Stiglitz, James K. Galbraith, Heather Boushey, Josh Bivens & Gerald Epstein
23 Two months later, the end of the $600 boost to unemployment benefits is already causing a drag on the economy
24 How the Corona Crisis Liberated Massive Public Spending: A Prospect Roundtable
25 The Senate's $2 Trillion Bailout Falls Flat on Worker Protections
26 On Coronavirus, 'You Have to Combine Economic and Public Health Measures'
27 Cutting UI Benefits by $400 Per Week Will Significantly Harm U.S. Families, Jobs, and Growth
28 Consumer spending rises — for now
29 How to Combat the Coronavirus Recession
30 12 Million People Have Likely Lost Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance Since February
31 Without federal aid, forecasts show high unemployment rates through 2021
32 Here's why economists say arguments against extending unemployment benefits don't hold up
33 Economic Growth Dropped to Three-Year Low in 2019
34 Trump and Biden's final economic pitch: GDP growth vs 'deep hole'
35 New Businesses Starting At Record Rates Despite The Pandemic's Effect On Economy
36 VERIFY: Millions of people are not directly employed by the oil and gas industry
37 Economist: It's time to get serious about fending off a COVID-19 recession
38 Powell's white-collar world led to Fed pivot for blue-collar jobs
39 The HEROES Act should be viewed as a floor, not a ceiling
40 Pandemic unemployment benefits have kept people spending
41 Think tank: Up to 3 million jobs could be lost by summer
42 Medicare-for-all would be a boon to the American labor market, study finds
43 Businesses are cutting back their investments
44 Weekly Jobless Claims Fall to 712,000
45 Economic Stewardship in Times of Crisis
46 We Need a Coronavirus Fiscal Stimulus That's Bigger Than $2 Trillion. And We Need it Now.
47 Millions of Americans have lost health insurance in this pandemic-driven recession. Here are their options
48 17.6 million unemployed Americans probably won't return to their pre-pandemic jobs
49 Lost your job and health insurance? Here is what you need to know
50 Coronavirus: US economy sees sharpest contraction in decades
51 Must reads: Economists agree that aggressive federal action is needed to ease the recession
52 'We're hurting' — Americans are losing $600 of weekly unemployment but many still can't find work
53 Lost health insurance? COBRA’s an option, but it isn’t cheap
54 Don't Believe the Debt Hawks—More Stimulus Is the Only Path to Recovery
55 Infrastructure: What Once Was Lost Can Now Be Found — The Productivity Boost
56 GEORGIA'S ON THEIR MIND: Storm Soccer Academy to play in NPSL in 2021
57 Medicare for All is a solution for the pandemic crisis
58 The extra $600 in unemployment benefits 'gave people a real lifeline,' Trump says, so 'we're doing it again' but in smaller increments
59 Don’t Worry About Trump’s Tariffs
60 This recession is going to be bad. Really bad.
61 12.7 Million Workers Have Likely Lost Employer-Provided Health Insurance Since the Coronavirus Shock Began
62 As coronavirus recession threatens, economists recommend cash for people
63 Bernie Sanders' proposals are bold solutions
64 Why low-wage workers could be especially hard hit by this recession
65 Layoffs intensify, leading to soaring unemployment claims as coronavirus closures continue
66 No federal deal yet: What are the consequences of no stimulus?
67 12 million have lost employer-sponsored health insurance during pandemic
68 Ending the extra $600 federal benefit will harm 'vast majority' of unemployed workers, especially women and people of color
69 Economists Have No Idea What Replaces Free Trade
70 Trump Dumps Unemployment Bills on States Facing Calamity (2)
71 'Cruel and Bad Economics': Analysis Warns Devastation Will Follow If GOP Cuts Off $600 Unemployment Boost
72 US GDP: Growth or 'deep hole'?
73 Here's How State, Local Funding Shortfalls Could Affect GDP
74 The extra $600 unemployment benefits will end before July 31
75 Trump’s executive orders spark confusion among businesses and state officials as Democrats assail them as ‘unworkable’
76 Trump dumps unemployment bills on states facing calamity
77 More than 25 million Americans are set to lose the $600 unemployment boost next week
78 Without federal aid to state and local governments, 5.3 million workers will likely lose their jobs by the end of 2021
79 U.S. Economy Faces Second-Wave Slump As Coronavirus Infections Surge
80 Coronavirus Shock Will Likely Claim 3 Million Jobs By Summer
81 Global cases surpass 1 million, 6.6 million unemployment claims filed
82 Advocates Say There Must Be Investment In Medicaid Which Will Likely Become Default Insurance Plan For Many
83 A Rorschach Test for Establishment Liberalism
84 ‘Don’t be fooled’ by the rebound in US consumer spending
85 COVID-19 to Impact Employer-Sponsored Health Plans for 3.5M
86 Biden makes his first big overture to Sanders voters
87 The US economy probably grew at record speed in the third quarter. But the crisis isn't over
88 Universal basic income was a fringe idea. Then the COVID-19 pandemic happened.
89 What a 'Phase Four' Stimulus Package Must Provide
90 So what tax rate will corporations actually pay in 2018?
91 Coronavirus layoffs surge across America, overwhelming unemployment offices
92 Gauging the impact of the Fed on inequality during the Great Recession
93 Study Finds 12 Million Have Lost Employer-Based Health Insurance under COVID
94 Medicare for All Would Help, Not Hurt, the Job Market: Report
95 More $1,200 checks? Maybe $2,000 a month? The stimulus proposals that could put more money in your wallet
96 With Sweeping $775 Billion Investment in Child and Elder Care, Biden Goes Big to End 'Caregiving Crisis'
97 For the first time in history, the US economy has started and ended a decade without a recession
98 Bill Haisten: On Day 50 of the Rick Dickson ride, ‘a new energy’ at TU
99 Coronavirus stimulus FAQ: Who gets stimulus money? Will paper checks be issued? When will it come?
100 Fact check: Under the CARES Act, some unemployed Americans will make $24 an hour, not all