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Result Content Idea Research
1 American Chemical Society journals remain most impactful for chemistry community
2 Transgenic rice lowers blood pressure of hypertensive rats
3 Genetically modified rice could one day help keep your blood pressure down
4 Cooked vegetables
5 Latest findings on bitter substances in coffee: Why caffeine is not the sole contributor to bitterness
6 Rice For Hypertension Diet: A Special Rice Type Found For High Blood Pressure With Fewer Side Effects: Study
7 High blood pressure: The breakfast staple that could lower your reading
8 High blood pressure: Sprinkle this popular Asian ingredient on meals to lower your reading
9 'Broken Rice' Paper by Bruce and Faculty Members in Food Science Named Editor's Pick
10 Detecting aromas in aged cognac
11 Comparing heirloom and modern wheat effects on gut health
12 UBC researchers develop strategy to protect wine grapes from smoke-taint
13 Traditional Chinese medicinal plant yields new insecticide compounds
14 Verifying 'organic' foods
15 A Brighter Tomorrow > News > USC Dornsife
16 Heating poppy seeds, but not baking them in muffins, reduces opiate levels
17 Brewing Beer That Tastes Fresh Longer Using Chemistry and Genetics
18 A heart-healthy protein from bran of cereal crop
19 Soil Carbon Restoration: Can Biology do the Job? Part Three
20 Executive Profile: Adam Hamilton fulfills love for science leading SwRI
21 How probiotic Bifidobacteria could help celiac disease patients
22 A better way to wash pesticides off apples
23 Discovering what makes durian fruit stink: First evidence of rare amino acid in plants
24 BGSU researchers propose hydrogels to fight algal bloom
25 How hot (and not-so-hot) compounds in chili peppers change during ripening
26 Dietary components decrease cadmium bioavailability in rice
27 Good news for menopausal women taking hop supplements: Tests show no drug interactions
28 Newly identified compounds could help give fire ants their sting
29 Luke Bell
30 Nebraska in the national news: June 2020
31 A newly discovered, naturally low-caffeine tea plant
32 Natural ingredients in supplements, nutraceuticals get a new type of barcode
33 Board of Regents honors faculty for excellence in research
34 Discovering What Makes Durian Stink – “King of Fruits” Is Known for Its Pungent Odor
35 Kitchen Diva: Black beans packed with antioxidants
36 Researchers Find Rare Amino Acid in Durian | Biology, Chemistry
37 A phosphate fix
38 Rising CO2 levels could boost wheat yield but slightly reduce nutritional quality
39 NMR Spectroscopy in the Battle Against Food Fraud
40 Designing a better low-fat potato chip
41 Ceapro Inc. Announces Publication of Positive Results for a PGX Processed Drug Delivery System for Accelerated Burn Wound Healing
42 The smell of dark chocolate, demystified
43 Discovering what makes durian stink
44 Baking soda plus water best for washing pesticides off apples
45 Food quality control made faster and easier: Food profilers develop new methodological approach for food analysis
46 What Puts the "Fire" in Fire Ants?
47 The power of cassava in the plant-based movement
48 Essential Science: Science makes beer last longer
49 Good News for Menopausal Women Who Take Hops
50 Cal Poly Recognizes Six Outstanding Graduates from the Class of 2020
51 A regional nuclear conflict would compromise global food security
52 Food Modelling Journal: New open-access venue provides a platform for food scientists
53 The future is knocking: Global food production to be transformed using new technology
54 Researchers analyze levels of spicy compounds in chili peppers during ripening
55 Grapefruit lowers blood pressure
56 Authenticating the geographic origin of hazelnuts
57 Experts apply microbiome research to agricultural science to increase crop yield
58 Ginger, chili peppers could work together to lower cancer risk
59 Coronavirus and Food Security | FoodSafetyTech
60 Dry-cured ham bones -- a source of heart-healthy peptides?
61 The Lofty Role the Lowly Natural Cork Plays in Your Wine
62 Michigan is tiptoeing around PFAS in dairy agriculture
63 Solving the knotty question of soft-pretzel aroma
64 Organic Food Has No Benefits Over Conventional Food, Says Study
65 Preventing psoriasis with vanillia extract
66 Black pepper extract could fight fat by blocking cell formation
67 Organic conditions boost flavonoids and antioxidant activity in onions
68 Chemistry preprints pick up steam
69 What makes the deadly pufferfish so delectable
70 Wine polyphenols could fend off bacteria that cause cavities and gum disease
71 Expert Discusses Effects of COVID-19 Pandemic on Agriculture
72 A comprehensive look at cow's milk
73 White wine, lemon juice combo prevents unwanted discoloration of pastry dough
74 Daily diet of grapefruit minimizes risk factor for heart disease
75 COVID-19 and Food Fraud Risk | FoodSafetyTech
76 Organic Foods Are Growing And So Is Fraud | FoodSafetyTech
77 Beer's Bitter Compounds Stimulate Stomach Acids | Chemical & Engineering News
78 Blueberries and Blood Pressure
79 Keeping heavy metals out of beer and wine
80 Why some red wines taste 'dry'
81 Fact or Fiction: Raw Veggies are Healthier than Cooked Ones
82 Researchers combine advanced spectroscopy technique with video-rate imaging: Imaging technology poised to enhance spectral analysis for food, agricultural and pharmaceutical applications
83 What Are Microgreens? 7 Benefits Of Microgreens You Should Know
84 Animated videos advance adoption of agriculture techniques
85 Health Watch: Is Wine the Key to a Long Life?
86 A 'greener' way to take the bitterness out of olives
87 From corn to flake: Health-promoting phenolic acids lost during food processing
88 Help Lower Blood Pressure With These Foods and Drinks
89 Does organic food come with integrity as standard?
90 DNA-based method detects trace amounts of peanut in foods
91 Chamomile Tea: New Evidence Supports Health Benefits
92 Antimicrobial properties of bioactive compounds of Indian spices and herbs in food
93 Recipe For Healthy Garlic: Crush Before Cooking
94 Healthier dairy products with bacterial films and nanofiber membranes
95 The Future of Food Production: IoT and Blockchain | FoodSafetyTech
96 Intelligent Imaging and the Future of Food Safety | FoodSafetyTech
97 Saliva Proteins Could Explain Why Some People Overuse Salt
98 Rutgers Experts Can Discuss Food Shortages Amid COVID-19 Pandemic
99 Bitter rapeseed
100 Specialty Coffee’s Resident Scientist