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Result Content Idea Research
1 The Journal of Physiology
2 Reminder: 20 Minutes of Exercise a Day Is Enough
3 Exercise before menopause is important to optimise health in later years
4 Study reveals major benefits of 12-minute bursts of exercise
5 Mitochondrial Changes Key to Health Problems in Space
6 Stretching your legs may help prevent diseases such as heart diseases and diabetes
7 Covid‐19, SSI 50 years and Nobel: Three immunological reasons to remember 2020
8 Top-level gymnasts a type of 'superhuman,' research shows : The Asahi Shimbun
9 How dolphins avoid 'the bends': Dolphins conserve oxygen and prevent dive-related problems by consciously decreasing their heart rates before diving
10 Study: Zinc hydroxychloride minerals can improve performance when fed to pigs at zinc levels below EU regulations
11 Tasmanian research examining safety of e-cigarettes and its consequences amid COVID-19 | The Times | Victor Harbor, SA
12 Especially important for older men need to stay hydrated
13 How Does Your Brain Respond When You Hold Your Breath?
14 Gut hormones' regulation of fat production abnormal in obesity, fatty liver disease
15 SFBJ's 2020 Power Leaders in Health Care
16 The good cough and the bad cough
17 The Link Between Obesity and Puberty
18 Train Your Body to Work Out—or Just Hang Out—in Colder Weather
19 Eight UM scientists, engineers named 2020 AAAS Fellows
20 Why People Are Seeing A Purple Sky In Cleveland
21 MSU scientist honored as international cotton researcher
22 NUS-led team uncovers molecule that promotes muscle health when magnetised
23 Here's the type and amount of exercise you need, WHO advises
24 Happy hypoxia in critical COVID‐19 patient: A case report in Tangerang, Indonesia
25 Love hormone also forms important link between stress and digestive problems
26 Dolphins avoid getting 'the bends' when diving underwater by lowering their heart rates
27 Nitrate supplementation could help breathing and lung clearance in the elderly
28 Genomes of two millipede species shed light on their evolution, development and physiology
29 AAAS selects K-State distinguished professor as 2020 fellow
30 Ketamine, a painkiller used by the army, does not impair tolerance to blood loss
31 60 minutes of endurance training is enough to shift body clock in mice
32 Yuva Biosciences Scientific Founder Publishes COVID-19 Research In The American Journal Of Physiology
33 What human physiology can tell us about how animals cope with stress
34 11 UC Davis Professors Elected as AAAS Fellows
35 Timing of invasive mechanic ventilation in critically ill patients with coronavirus disease 2019
36 CytoSorbents Highlights Largest Published Case Series To Date Using CytoSorb in Critically Ill COVID-19 Patients
37 Regulation of fat production is abnormal in obesity, shows study
38 November: Highly cited 2020 | News and features
39 CCC&TI To Offer Job Training Courses in 2021
40 CRISPR Cas-9 System Doubles Life Expectancy in Mice with Aggressive Cancers
41 Sending copper where it is needed most
42 Dr. Sebastian G. Ciancio, 83, world-renowned researcher in dental disease
43 Abnormal proteins in the gut could contribute to the development of Alzheimer's Disease
44 David Eisner Named Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of General Physiology (JGP)
45 APS Launches New and Improved User Experience for Its Online Physiology Journals
46 Phylogenetic and physiological signals in metazoan fossil biomolecules
47 NatureWrap: Dolphins are clever breathers
48 Catecholamine physiology and its implications in patients with COVID-19
49 A surgical approach to medical school design
50 The myeloid type I interferon response to myocardial infarction begins in bone marrow and is regulated by Nrf2-activated macrophages
51 Exercise, Weight Loss May Induce Metabolism-related Changes to Molecules in Gut
52 Less ACE2, Better Immune Function May Protect Children from Severe COVID-19
53 Tarantula toxin attacks with molecular stinger
54 Follow-up study of the pulmonary function and related physiological characteristics of COVID-19 survivors three months after recovery
55 Long-term maternal Viagra treatment worsens growth-restriction in baby sheep
56 The interdependence of renal epithelial and endothelial metabolism and cell state
57 Exercise in morning or afternoon to shift your body clock forward
58 Physiological and biological heterogeneity in COVID-19-associated acute respiratory distress syndrome
59 New Chief-level Appointments Position the American Physiological Society for Growth, Change
60 Bioengineered human blood vessels
61 Authorship: why not just toss a coin? | American Journal of Physiology-Cell Physiology
62 Three easy ways to improve your indoor cycling power –
63 Outcome of new research could be 'game changer' for future space missions | ITV News
64 Mechanical activation of TRPV4 channels controls albumin reabsorption by proximal tubule cells
65 Blood vessel growth in muscle is reduced in women after menopause
66 Growing new blood vessels could provide new treatment for recovering movement
67 William Reznikoff, other MBL affiliates are named fellows of the AAAS
68 As You Get Older, You Need to Drink More Water. Here's Why
69 Lung physiology and immune function in children could be protecting them from severe COVID-19
70 Opening the floodgates to the brain
71 Lung, immune function in kids could protect from severe COVID-19
72 Hormone found to switch off hunger could help tackle obesity
73 The Love Hormone Links Stress to Digestive Symptoms
74 Physiologists Predict Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine Winners
75 Are you genetically more similar to your mom or your dad?
76 A molecular cell atlas of the human lung from single-cell RNA sequencing
77 Scientists Train Computers to Recognize Which Early Stage Breast Cancers Will Spread
78 Air pollution is breaking our hearts: Human and marine health is affected in similar ways
79 Increased PIP3 activity blocks nanoparticle mRNA delivery
80 Contributions of maternal and fetal antiviral immunity in congenital disease
81 Cryo-EM structure of NPF-bound human Arp2/3 complex and activation mechanism
82 Reproductive Hormone May Curb COVID-19 Inflammation, Prevent 'Cytokine Storm'
83 Feasibility and physiological effects of prone positioning in non-intubated patients with acute respiratory failure due to COVID-19 (PRON-COVID): a prospective cohort study
84 The airborne lifetime of small speech droplets and their potential importance in SARS-CoV-2 transmission
85 Functional role of respiratory supercomplexes in mice: SCAF1 relevance and segmentation of the Qpool
86 MAP4K4 negatively regulates CD8 T cell–mediated antitumor and antiviral immunity
87 Seungil Ro | Molecular Biosciences Graduate Programs Faculty
88 We must not forget transgender patients' physiology if we are to prescribe safely
89 Coordinating a neutrophil swarm
90 Effectiveness of Cold Therapy Depends on Water Temperature, Muscle Position
91 Structure of V-ATPase from the mammalian brain
92 Quantitative proteomics reveals a broad‐spectrum antiviral property of ivermectin, benefiting for COVID‐19 treatment
93 Temporal integration of mitogen history in mother cells controls proliferation of daughter cells
94 Individualized Treatment for COVID-19 Patients Should Be Based on Three Disease Phases
95 Membrane-proximal F-actin restricts local membrane protrusions and directs cell migration
96 Throwing cold water on ice baths: Avoid this strategy for repairing or building muscle
97 An allosteric site on MKP5 reveals a strategy for small-molecule inhibition
98 Beat back pain: Declaring war on cycling’s number-one ride-spoiler
99 Legionella effector AnkX displaces the switch II region for Rab1b phosphocholination
100 Microbial–host molecular exchange and its functional consequences in early mammalian life