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1 Nintendo Joy-Con review: A little joy and a big con
2 Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Patent Explained: Could It Solve Drift?
3 Nintendo Switch Pro could have a Joy-Con upgrade — here's how
4 Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons Vs PS5 DualSense: Which Controller Is Better?
5 The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Joy-Con are now available to order
6 New Nintendo Switch Joy-Con version could introduce a traditional D-pad instead of buttons
7 Random: Fan Builds Program That Lets Switch Joy-Con Play Music Using HD Rumble
8 Listen to the Mario theme played on the Switch's Joy-Con rumble
9 How Australian Consumer Law Got Nintendo To Repair My Joy-Cons For Free
10 How to fix Joy-Con drift on Nintendo Switch
11 Hori's New Monster Hunter Joy-Con Controller Looks Freakin' Awesome
12 Hey, Can We Get Xbox Design Lab But For The Switch's Joy-Con?
13 Forget the PS5 – we want the Nintendo Switch Pro
14 Gamer Finds Way to Play Music on Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons
15 Nintendo Switch Review — Why It Deserves All the Hype
16 Nintendo Switch System Update History
17 Time Crisis: This Arcade Classic Deserves a Switch Remaster | CBR
18 Nintendo Switch review
19 World's Largest Nintendo Switch Weighs 65 Pounds & Actually Works
20 10 Best Fighting Games On The Nintendo Switch | ScreenRant
21 Nintendo is dropping the price of replacement single Joy-Con controller halves to $40
22 PowerA Pro-Grade Switch Controller With Paddles Revealed
23 Suit targets Nintendo over Switch ‘Joy-Con drift,’ seeks damages for U.S. kids who bought console
24 The best Nintendo Switch Joy-Con prices in April 2021
25 Nintendo Switch deals offer rare discounts on Joy-Con controllers this weekend
26 Xbox Controller Drift Class-Action Lawsuit Enters Arbitration
27 TMNT: Shredder's Revenge Nintendo Switch Version Announced
28 Nintendo shuts down ‘Etikon’ Joy-Con controllers, prompting backlash
29 EU group calls for Nintendo Switch Joy-Con drift investigation
30 Xbox controller drift lawsuit to be settled out of court
31 New concept visuals: This is what the Nintendo Switch 2 (Pro) could look like
32 The Legend of Zelda Fan Re-Imagines Game As An Old-School RPG
33 Best Nintendo Switch Joy-Con deals April 2021
34 Soapbox: Hurry Up And Release The Switch Pro Already, My Switch Is Dying
35 Nintendo Switch 2 fan-made concept design looks the part and even offers some Pro-like modifications to tempt first-gen owners into making the switch
36 Another Joy-Con drift class action lawsuit filed against Nintendo
37 The best Nintendo Switch Joy-Con prices and sales in April 2021
38 Nintendo Switch Joy-Con joystick replacement kits are the best value in gaming
39 Nintendo just hit with another Joy-Con drift lawsuit
40 Nintendo Reveals New Blue Nintendo Switch Lite | Screen Rant
41 Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Drift Now Being Investigated By Nine Countries
42 Nintendo Pledges To Improve Joy-Con Based On Previous Repairs
43 All the Lawsuits Nintendo Is Facing Over Joy-Con Drift
44 Nintendo is releasing a new pair of Zelda-themed Joy-Con
45 A Literal Child and His Mom Sue Nintendo Over ‘Joy-Con Drift’
46 It Looks Like Nintendo Labo Might Be Dead
47 Fornite Joy-Cons will launch this June
48 Nintendo is being targeted with another Joy-Con drift lawsuit
49 Nintendo is reportedly arguing that Joy-Con drift ‘isn’t a real problem or hasn’t caused anyone any
50 Nintendo Once Again Being Sued Over Switch Joy-Con Controller Drift
51 Nintendo president apologizes for Joy-Con drift
52 Nintendo Switch Single Joy-Con Controller Gets a Price Cut: Here's All You Need to Know
53 Star Wars Republic Commando (Switch) Review
54 Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, Joy-Cons are $10 off at Amazon
55 Xbox Controllers With Drift Being Purchased By Lawyers For Lawsuit
56 Will Nintendo Switch's New Console Finally Fix Joy-Con Drift Issues?
57 Early Joy-Con sales bode well for Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals
58 Nintendo Switch: 5 ways to fix Joy-Con drift -- with or without tools
59 Lawyers Are Buying Xbox Controllers With Drift Issues | Game Rant
60 A new Joy-Con drift lawsuit accuses Nintendo of ‘creating a product designed to break’
61 How to get a free Nintendo Switch with an iPhone contract
62 What Nintendo Is Doing About Joy-Con Drift Problems | Screen Rant
63 Nintendo is cutting the Switch Joy-Con price in Japan
64 Nintendo Fan Makes Massive 76-Inch Switch 'Handheld' | CBR
65 Nintendo’s Switch Pro Controller and Joy-Cons are both $10 off today
66 Aluminum Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons are a game changer — but there's a catch
67 Joy-Con in Stock: Here's Where You Can Buy Nintendo Switch Controllers
68 Fly together! (Nintendo Switch)
69 iPega Joy-Con Charging Dock for Nintendo Switch review: The tidiest way to charge your extra Joy-Cons
70 Help Me Finish Hollow Knight
71 European Commission starts inquiry on Nintendo Switch Joy-Con drift issues
72 Nintendo patent appears to show a standalone Switch Joy-Con
73 Switch Joy-Cons and Pro Controller Are $10 Off
74 Fortnite Fleet Force Bundle Joy-Con Are Available for Preorder
75 Nintendo stop the sale of custom Etika Joy-Cons
76 GEEMEE Tutuo Joy-Pad Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch review: Better than Joy-Cons
77 Nintendo Joy-Con drift may fall under EU investigation following mass complaints
78 Our readers find Nintendo’s Joy-Con controllers a crushing disappointment
79 Random: Nintendo Has A Problem With Its Switch Joy-Con, And We're Not Talking About Drift
80 Nintendo's abhorrent warranty dodging over Joy-Con drift
81 3 Years Later, Joy-Con Drift is Still a Huge Problem
82 Kingdom Hearts PC Review | TheGamer
83 Joy-Con Drift: Which Nintendo Switch Versions Have The Worst Issues?
84 Today’s best tech deals: Nintendo Joy-Cons, Apple’s M1 Mac mini, and more
85 Every Unused Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Patent
86 Nintendo Switch Pro Might Drop Handheld Focus, Joy-Con Patent Suggests
87 Is Nintendo Doing Anything About Joy-Con Drift? | TheGamer
88 Nintendo Shares Tips On How To Keep Your Switch And Joy-Con Germ-Free
89 The best games consoles
90 Nintendo gets hit with another Joy-Con lawsuit
91 Joy-Con Mod Gives Nintendo Switch Touchpad Control
92 Nintendo Has Permanently Reduced The Price Of Joy-Con Controllers In Japan
93 PS5 DualSense Controller Experiencing Its Own 'Joy-Con Drift'
94 PS5 DualSense And Switch Joy-Cons Share A Surprising Connection
95 Hero Child Sues Nintendo Over Hellish Joy-Con Drift
96 Nintendo Being Sued Over Switch Joy-Con Drift Again
97 Nintendo insists joy-con drift issues are not "a real problem"
98 Ditch the Joy-Con, get a Nintendo Switch rechargeable controller for $16 off
99 Beautiful disaster: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Joy-Con pre-orders already sold out
100 Nintendo Switch 2: Bigger screen, 4K gaming and every upgrade we expect in 2021