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1 PPP Loans and Public Shaming
2 Kennedy delivers a blow to the South Jersey Democratic machine
3 Using Citizens United to end Citizens United
4 'The Outpost'
5 There’s a Surprisingly Plausible Path to Removing Trump From Office
6 State preps for the ANOTHER VIRUS — Black-owned biz got fewer PPP loans — KENNEDY wins in NEW JERSEY — New PROGRESSIVE group targets NEAL — What to do about all those VAPES
7 Quarantine order expanded — Child care to reopen — Summer school suffers glitches
8 A smaller, safer convention in Jacksonville? — Pence press secretary under fire for Little Havana remark — Tallahassee lobbying firm returned PPP loan
9 Primary day arrives as coronavirus transmission rate ticks up beyond 1
10 'A Time to Build'
11 NYC hits Phase 3 — City grapples with surge in shootings — State shifts blame on nursing home deaths
12 Juleanna Glover says it’s natural for conservative women to oppose Trump
13 Don't take 'free' paycheck protection money if coronavirus doesn't threaten your business
14 Liberty State Park land grab: The backlash
15 CORONAVIRUS pullback — NEWSOM signs budget — GOLDEN STATE KILLER pleads — REDDIT, TWITCH nix TRUMP forums
16 DeSantis' numbers falling during pandemic — Florida Republicans notch win in felons voting battle — Rep. Murphy and Blue Dogs want China probe
17 AFFIRMATIVE ACTION on the agenda — activism energizes LA DA race — NEWSOM on 'defund the police' — TRIBES, MACTAGGART push on INITIATIVE deadlines
18 Dreamers ruling highlights GOP divide that remains — Florida's top Democrat purges 'inner circle' after incident — Gaetz raising teen he calls his 'son'
19 The 'sneaky' provision to turn over part of a state park to the ultra-rich
20 Indoor dining halted — De Blasio aides depart — Trump rails over BLM mural — Enjoy the long weekend!
21 How to Have a "Walking Meeting"
22 Meet the K Street types giving to Democratic presidential candidates
23 State scaling back CONTACT TRACING — Somerville recognizes POLYAMOROUS relationships —ZOOM gaffe for the books in SPRINGFIELD
24 Hudson Dems now taking District 8 'Siresly'
25 Trump deletes Villages tweet — Pence postpones Florida campaign events due to infection surge — A Sun Belt time bomb for Trump's re-election bid?
26 Indoor dining falls off the table
27 Murphy's authority problem
28 City passes $88B budget with NYPD cuts — Maya Wiley considering run for mayor — 8 new states added to quarantine
29 Pence to campaign in Florida next week — Another 5000 coronavirus infections — Disney changing Splash Mountain — Florida backs bid to end Obamacare
30 PRESSURE building on BEACON HILL — TRUMP's visa ban hits CAPE COD — Northampton CUTS 5 full-time cops
31 Sushi, cocktails, roasts and one lawyer’s plan to deal with ‘a national emergency’
32 Eviction 'TSUNAMI' could hit BOSTON — Inside Soldiers' Home leader's 'FALL from GRACE' — ROCKY start in WORCESTER for online learning
33 Trump's Maduro comments spark political mess — Worry mounts as Covid-19 cases top 100000 in Florida — Trump-Biden debate headed to Miami?
34 RNC to Jacksonville — Drilling in Florida waters? — What is Pensacola doing? — 'Sweetie' the gator
35 RIP Nick Acocella, Bill Murray
36 NJ's $100K voter education campaign
37 Florida Democrats lead in vote-by-mail requests — Jacksonville voters not sold on RNC — Criminal justice reform gains traction — No audience for Miami presidential debate?
38 BUDGET deal struck — SPORTS GAMBLING push dies — TRUMP restricts H1-B visas, green cards — COVID uptick as openings continue — Former Speaker NUNEZ'S SON in the spotlight
39 HUIZAR arrested for LA corruption scheme — BASS on VP list — whistle blown on DOJ probe of CA emissions deal — UFW backs BIDEN
40 NEWSOM defends reopening — UC backs ACA5 — SANCTUARY law survives SCOTUS — LEGISLATURE passes BUDGET placeholder — BECERRA wants cops decertified
41 City nears budget deal with big NYPD cuts — Correction officers disciplined over Rikers death — Cuomo strips paid sick leave for workers coming back from Covid hotspots
42 State allows hospital visits — Protesters file first wave of brutality lawsuits — Tracers get no contacts from most Covid patients
43 SBA program reopens with new glitches and new scrutiny after NBA franchise returns loan funds
44 Vague rules for Paycheck Protection Program complicate Treasury effort to claw back money
45 Florida poised to top 100000 cases — Trump says he's willing to meet Maduro — Lapses before shooting at Pensacola naval base
46 Murphy to media: 'You guys can't stand success'
47 Are Republicans Ready to Join a Third Party?
48 Neuwirth's explosive lawsuit
49 Everyone's now allowed to protest
50 New York quarantines travelers from high-infection states — De Blasio warns of 22000 layoffs — Five regions on track for Phase 4
51 Vet Sec RESIGNS ahead of SOLDIERS HOME report — Poll: RACISM most serious issue facing state — BOSTON council to vote on BUDGET — School funding debacle could spark LAWSUIT
52 What we know about primary night returns — Voters encounter election problems — MTA to suspend subway upgrades
53 Would Donald Trump survive a secret Senate impeachment vote? And, yes, it could happen
54 DC Power Player Glover Launches Ridgely|Walsh
55 Next phase of Cuomo v. DeSantis — White House ties Maduro to protest violence — Confederate statue comes down in Jacksonville — RIP Gwen Margolis
56 RNC coming to Jacksonville — Florida coronavirus cases spike, raising fear of second wave — Hospitals don't want Trump-touted drug
57 DACA decision looms in SCOTUS — DEVIN NUNES' 'dead end' on finding @DevinCow — JUDGE temporarily blocks NEWSOM elections order — FORT BRAGG considers name change — CA reopens, but Covid-19 numbers up
58 BAKER preps new POLICE bill — WALSH in the 'HOT SEAT' — School could be PART-TIME this fall
59 NYC enters Phase 2 reopening — Cop suspended over apparent chokehold — Doubt surrounds return of overnight subway service
60 MARKEY-KENNEDY race gets REAL — New rule for CAMBRIDGE cops — VIRUS puts undocumented workers at risk
61 New SBA guidelines say big companies that got coronavirus loans should return the money
62 2020, meet Florida's unemployment woes — Demings backs House police reform bill — Pensacola Confederate statute staying? — Tom Lee leaves the game
63 Merits and perils of a secret impeachment vote in the Senate
64 Biden Should Run on a Unity Ticket With Romney
65 SPOTLIGHT on KAREN BASS — LA PROSECUTORS won't charge in curfew violations — SCHOOLS REOPENING plan released — UC BERKELEY study: shutdowns prevented 500M infections — FBI charges 3 more in SF City Hall corruption probe
66 Council passes chokehold ban, POST Act — NYC set for Phase 2 with outdoor dining — DACA recipients relieved by SCOTUS ruling
67 Nearly 12000 new coronavirus cases in one week — Judge rules against state again on felon voting rights — Hellboy v. Gaetz — Hastings ethics probe ends
68 Divide emerges over defunding NYPD — Judge blocks ICE courthouse arrests — Upstate regions prepare for phase three
69 POLL: Renters hit by economic crisis — Police won't release BODY CAMERA footage — Activists want new name for FANEUIL HALL
70 Sciutto and Lord
71 'Bridgital Nation: Solving Technology's People Problem'
72 Protests usher in police reforms — Senior de Blasio aide leaves over defense of NYPD — 50-a repeal flies through Legislature
73 Opinion: Dont take free paycheck protection money if coronavirus doesnt threaten your business
74 Legislature moves to repeal police secrecy law — Businesses and commuters adapt on first day of reopening — De Blasio protested by staffers
75 New York's missteps worsened pandemic — New controversy over statues and street names — Playgrounds and pools open? Depends on the city
76 A Swamp Divided: How Trump's Arrival Turned DC Nightlife Upside Down
77 Javanka Handed Out Apple Cider on Halloween
78 Musk’s top advisors urged Twitter break after cave diver attack
79 Pizza and politerati
80 Wall Street set for big drop
81 Don't Forget the One-Fifth Clause
82 Everything you need to know about the impeachment hearings
83 A brief trip inside the life of an Indian-American super-lawyer, Neal Katyal
84 The CEO view on 2020
85 This Is How Trump Can Earn a Rare Win in the Middle East
86 Stop assuming Senate Republicans will finally do the right thing.
87 Luxury hotels benefited from PPP loans. So did the investment trusts that own them
88 Lin-Manuel Miranda Is Teaching Neal Katyal To Rap As Impeachment Enters Its Broadway Phase
89 POLITICO Playbook: What the booing of Trump says about his presidency
90 When power couples melt down
91 POLITICO Playbook PM: Trump moves to crack down on e-cigarettes
92 Biden surge brings sense of relief to K Street
93 POLITICO Playbook: The tweet that has GOP leaders cringing
94 What Paul Manafort’s Trump Tower notes mean
95 Has Washington Media Reached Peak Newsletter?
96 POLITICO Playbook PM: Congress looks to avoid another Charlie Foxtrot on the debt limit
97 The Most Powerful Women in Washington
98 The case for letting senators vote secretly on Trump's fate
99 Council staffers move to unionize over low pay — De Blasio donor settles — Brooklyn bishop accused of sex abuse
100 Magnitsky's Mother, Widow Honored In U.S.