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1 Scientists dig deep to reveal Earth's hidden layer
2 "Daughter of the Deep:" Rick Riordan's Next Literary Adventure
3 State Rep. Harry Arora Virtually Visits New Lebanon School
4 Rick Riordan announces post-'Percy Jackson' book 'Daughter of the Deep'
5 How The Hobbit Inspired Two Indie Game Devs To Put Georgia On The Map
6 Solution to Evan Birnholz’s Feb. 28 Post Magazine crossword, “Subtext”
7 My View: Our country's in need of forward thinkers
8 Accelerating digital adoption of technologies in dentistry
9 Rick Riordan's Latest Novel 'Daughter Of The Deep' Inspired By '20,000 Leagues Under The
10 Stampeding Elephants! Raging Typhoons! Runaway Trains! City Rep Theatre Goes 'Around the World in 80 Days'
11 Teachers in Madrid on leave due to side effects of vaccine
12 A hydrogen fuel revolution is coming – here's why we might not want it
13 10 Jules Verne Movies You Should Watch If You Love Adventure
14 Rediscovering Disney: Robert Stevenson and The Golden Age of Disney Live-Action Films
15 1957: Around the World in 80 Days | Entertainment |
16 Can anything cure us of our addiction to the fridge?
17 Jules Verne: Speed race begins >> Scuttlebutt Sailing News
18 In the Footsteps of Jules Verne in Nantes
19 Mahmooda Sultana Invents New Tech and Inspires Next Generation
20 Point Nemo: The Spacecraft Cemetery
21 Damage halts Jules Verne record attempt >> Scuttlebutt Sailing News
22 Jules Verne: Preparing for launch >> Scuttlebutt Sailing News
23 Aiming for the impossible: The inside story of the 2020 Jules Verne contenders
24 Jules Verne: Anticipating the doldrums >> Scuttlebutt Sailing News
25 Jules Verne Trophy: Head-to-head foiling battle begins for round the world record
26 Jules Verne: Doing the descent dance >> Scuttlebutt Sailing News
27 Jules Verne: Approaching the equator >> Scuttlebutt Sailing News
28 Jules Verne: Flat water, flat out speed >> Scuttlebutt Sailing News
29 Jules Verne: Improving forecast ahead >> Scuttlebutt Sailing News
30 Jules Verne: Clock ticking on trade winds >> Scuttlebutt Sailing News
31 Today in History
32 Coville slips behind Jules Verne pace >> Scuttlebutt Sailing News
33 Bid begins for Jules Verne Trophy record >> Scuttlebutt Sailing News
34 Boris Johnson derided over subterranean traffic roundabout scheme for the Isle of Man
35 'Hope World': A Kaleidoscope of Wonder
36 MB&F’s New Legacy Machine Series Brings Jules Verne’s Iconic Novels to Life
37 How 80 Days Homages Jules Verne Sci-Fi Without Ignoring Colonialism
38 Sodebo abandons Jules Verne Trophy record attempt
39 Jules Verne Trophy: Maxi Edmond de Rothschild 40 days away from the start of stand-by
40 Maxi Edmond de Rothschild Jules Verne Trophy record attempt: Settling into life in the fast track
41 Gitana Team on Jules Verne Trophy standby
42 Jules Verne Trophy: A window named desire!
43 David Hine, Brian Haberlin Create Jules Verne's Lighthouse From Image
44 Maxi Edmond de Rothschild in repair prior to another Jules Verne Trophy attempt
45 Literary Notes — The impact of Jules Verne: a webinar on Monday
46 Jules Verne Trophy: The crew of the Maxi Edmond de Rothschild switches to Code Yellow
47 Legendary French Actor Michel Piccoli (Jules Verne in Le Visionarium/The Timekeeper at Disney Parks) Dead at 94
48 Maxi Edmond de Rothschild set off on their second Jules Verne Trophy record attempt
49 MB&F x Eddy Jaquet LM Split Escapement Jules Verne: Science Fiction Stories Exquisitely Engraved In Metal
50 Ulstein Delivers Windea Jules Verne SOV | Offshore Wind
51 Maxi Edmond de Rothschild navigating the southern hemisphere in Jules Verne Trophy record attempt
52 Windea Jules Verne Begins Working at Merkur OWF
53 Famous works and quotes by Jules Verne, author of Around The World In Eighty Days and others
54 Broken boats in the Vendee Globe, fast Jules Verne Trophy attempt miles
55 Windea Jules Verne Arrives in Eemshaven | Offshore Wind
56 Take-off imminent for the Maxi Edmond de Rothschild in the Jules Verne Trophy
57 Michel Piccoli, Actor Who Played Jules Verne in "The Timekeeper" Died
58 Jules Verne
59 Michelin France stars awarded in virtual ceremony
60 Edmond de Rothschild in repair, getting ready for another Jules Verne attempt
61 145 years after Jules Verne dreamed up a hydrogen future, it has arrived
62 Explained: What is Hydrogen Economy?
63 Top-speed flight and some 'me time' in Maxi Edmond de Rothschild Jules Verne Trophy record attempt
64 Check Out the Original Illustrations From Jules Verne's Voyages Extraordinaires
65 Inside the French city that gave us sci-fi legend Jules Verne
66 Dining at Le Jules Verne atop the Eiffel Tower in Paris
67 MB&F LM Split Escapement Eddy Jaquet Limited Edition watches are for the serious Jules Verne fan
68 8 Jules Verne Inventions That Came True (Pictures)
69 The Kraken comes to town
70 Our schoolchildren could benefit by reading Jules Verne's books
71 Jules Verne, Voyager
72 Disneyland Update
73 Windea Jules Verne clocks in at Merkur
74 Four things Jules Verne got right and four he didn’t
75 The Geology Of Jules Verne's Journey To The Center of the Earth
76 Florida History: Exploring the heavens with Jules Verne and Florida’s space history
77 I've been vaccinated – so where can I go on holiday this summer?
78 Chase is on for Jules Verne Trophy >> Scuttlebutt Sailing News
79 Hunting for the Jules Verne Trophy >> Scuttlebutt Sailing News
80 The Michelin Guide's Selection: Le Jules Verne and Le Pré Catelan win stars
81 Michael Dirda takes a new look at a little-known Jules Verne novel
82 Merkur SOV Gets Its Name
83 What Inspired the Mission to the Moon?
84 What Do Jules Verne and Croatia Have in Common?
85 Author Jules Verne Prophesied The Link Between Texas And The Moon
86 Race begins for Jules Verne Trophy >> Scuttlebutt Sailing News
87 Jules Verne: Eastbound in Indian Ocean >> Scuttlebutt Sailing News
88 Spindrift ready for Jules Verne attempt >> Scuttlebutt Sailing News
89 ‘The Artist’s’ Michel Hazanavicius In League With ‘Little Jules Verne’ Animated Feature
90 This Eccentric 19th-Century Transportation Magnate May Have Inspired Jules Verne
91 SpaceX follows Jules Verne – with one exception
92 Lycée Jules Verne harnesses the power of creative arts
93 Eerie Revelations About Role Of Lithia, Florida, In Moon Landing
94 The Jules Verne restaurant within the Eiffel Tower has been revamped
95 Jules Verne to Tintin, the works that sparked our lunar imagination
96 The near-forgotten ‘Demon of Cawnpore’ revealed Jules Verne’s reading of India and its conflicts
97 Spindrift 2 starts Jules Verne Trophy attempt
98 Yann Guichard explains Spindrift 2 stopping its attempt on the Jules Verne Trophy
99 Yann Guichard and the elusive Jules Verne Trophy >> Scuttlebutt Sailing News
100 Reporter's Notebook: Jules Verne, desperado?