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1 Talking on the phone for 10 minutes could make you feel less lonely, study says
2 A pandemic of social isolation?
3 COVID-19: BYU professor expresses her big concern of pandemic isolation
4 Social Isolation And Health
5 Valentine’s Day got you down? You’re not alone in feeling lonely. How to give yourself a boost
6 Besides Feelings Of Loneliness, What Else Does Isolation Do To Us?
7 Toward a New Normal: Fighting Loneliness and Social Disconnection
8 Physical distancing, social distancing and what it's doing to our health
9 The COVID-19 Pandemic Is The Time For The Public Sector To Help Build Greater Social Connection
10 Loneliness is bad for our health. Now governments around the world are finally tackling the problem
11 How to Combat Pandemic Loneliness
12 Is the pandemic making our social skills decay?
13 ‘Social recession’: how isolation can affect physical and mental health
14 BYU STUDY: Love thy neighbor, feel less lonely while improving mental health
15 BYU study: Kindness to neighbors helps fight loneliness
16 Former Breakfast Television host Riaz Meghji forges human connections with Every Conversation Counts
17 COVID-19 Impact | How to combat loneliness
18 COVID-19 Has Not (Yet) Caused a Flood of Loneliness Among Americans
19 Loneliness Hasn't Increased Despite Pandemic, Research Finds. What Helped?
20 How to Manage Your Loneliness
21 Global Study Finds Knowing as Few as 6 Neighbors Reduces the Likelihood of Loneliness
22 Nextdoor Launches Global Campaign to Unite Neighbors Against Loneliness and Social Isolation
23 Loneliness and social isolation are just as much a threat to longevity as obesity
24 New Study Shows Loneliness Is Highest Among Certain Age Workers Than Others
25 ROBERT GOLDMAN: Lonely and losing it
26 Despite the pandemic, keep social connections strong this holiday season
27 Feeling Lonely? 9 Ways To Fight Isolation This Winter : Shots
28 Social Isolation’s High Physical and Psychological Toll
29 Social Isolation — Is It More? | News, Sports, Jobs
30 New health policy: encouraging friendships?
31 The Public Health Crisis of Loneliness
32 Psychologists reveal 2 simple methods to fight the effects of loneliness
33 Let’s wage a war on loneliness
34 Social Isolation and Loneliness Among San Francisco Bay Area Older Adults During the COVID‐19 Shelter‐in‐Place Orders
35 Human connection bolsters the immune system. That’s why it’s more important than ever to be kind.
36 Why Loneliness Is a Health Issue | Hidden Brain
37 Amid coronavirus isolation, the health threat of loneliness looms
38 Feeling Zoom Fatigue? 6 Ways to Socialize That Don't Use Video
39 The dos and don'ts of social distancing
40 Hair loss, body odor, irregular periods: Covid-19 isolation does weird things to our bodies
41 LifeBio Selected to Present at Innovator's Pitch Challenge During the Inaugural Longevity, Health & Innovation Conference
42 Loneliness, Living Alone and Social Isolation Increase Mortality Risk
43 The psychological impact of COVID-19 isolation, as explained by scientists
44 How to Beat Loneliness During the Coronavirus Pandemic
45 Doctors must screen patients for social isolation to address 'loneliness epidemic'
46 The First Semester of College Has Never Been Stranger
47 Why loneliness can be as unhealthy as smoking 15 cigarettes a day
48 The Lonely Hearts Club: How The Pandemic Has Made Us More Lonely
49 In our opinion: This is a pandemic of loneliness. Let’s fight back
50 The Surprising Effects of Loneliness on Health
51 The power of love: How a happy relationship can help your health
52 How to combat the epidemic of loneliness
53 Always Connected With Thousands Of ‘Friends’ — Yet Feeling All Alone
54 Covid and friendships: the health cost of a year without socialising
55 Opinion | Your Work Friends Knew Exactly What Kind of Week You’d Had
56 Coronavirus and loneliness: How to reach out to neighbors who need it
57 How to Survive the Pandemic Winter: 9 Creative Ways to Socialize Safely
58 Tony Hsieh's last months are a tragic reminder of how Covid isolation can worsen mental health — here's how to help
59 7 physical symptoms that can be caused by loneliness
60 COVID-19 Is Triggering Mental Health Crisis, Experts Say
61 What Can the Pandemic Teach Us About Mental Health?
62 Partly false claim: Staying at home and wearing a face mask weakens the immune system
63 Humans 'not meant to be alone': Many Americans haven't seen or touched another person in 3 months because of COVID-19
64 Stress from the pandemic can destroy relationships with friends — even families
65 Casual social contacts can help combat loneliness and improve well-being during pandemic, psychologists say
66 Survey: 3 Out Of 5 Americans Are Lonely : Shots
67 The COVID-19 Shutdown On Our Mental Health
68 Element 3 Health Launches "End Loneliness Initiative" with City of Los Angeles
69 To Prevent Loneliness, Start in the Classroom
70 The Art of Socializing During a Quarantine
71 Social Distancing Should Not Equal Social Isolation
72 Fighting the Health Threats of Loneliness as We Flatten the Curve
73 Young People Are Lonelier Than Their Elders : Shots
74 Trump is hosting a 'vaccine summit' to discuss the 'success' of Operation Warp Speed. The governors of Florida
75 How to stay socially connected while social distancing
76 Social isolation: A silent killer
77 This robot is designed to hold your hand when you're feeling lonely
78 Why Loneliness Is A Problem For Leaders And What To Do About It
79 Managing mental health during COVID-19
80 Element3 Health and the End Loneliness Initiative Join Forces with City of Los Angeles to Combat Isolation and Loneliness Among LA's Older Adults
81 Loneliness has reached crisis point, but what's being done to tackle it?
82 The Sociology of Surviving the Coronavirus
83 How to celebrate the holidays alone
84 When Can We Hug Again?
85 Curing Loneliness With A Pill? Researchers Say They Can Do It
86 Isolation, Before and During a Pandemic
87 The ingredients for a longer life
88 Loneliness can actually kill you. We should begin to fight it seriously
89 Should I continue to have physical contact with my significant other who does not live with me?
90 Coronavirus is making older people even lonelier
91 Loneliness Epidemic
92 How to outsmart your COVID-19 fears and boost your mood in 2021
93 There’s a serious problem plaguing some older people: Loneliness
94 The Minister for Loneliness in LTC
95 In the time of COVID-19, seniors are more vulnerable to the virus and pandemic loneliness
96 How To Cope With Loneliness During Social Distancing If You Live Alone
97 The three times in your life when you’re most likely to be lonely
98 The loneliness pandemic
99 You Can Avoid Loneliness by Knowing Just 6 Neighbors, According to a New Study
100 Experts tell Senate that aging in isolation a 'silent killer' for millions | Cronkite News