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1 New Jupyter notebooks enable data scientists and policy makers to analyze real-time COVID-19 data
2 Top 8 Extensions For Your Jupyter Notebook
3 Web Experience for Azure Machine Learning Studio Now Available
4 SQLite Gets Jupyter Kernel
5 COVID Notebooks Aims to Speed Predictive Models
6 Deciphering the Significance of Coding in Data Science
7 Python in Visual Studio Code Gets a Start Page
8 Field Notes: Bring your C#.NET skills to Amazon SageMaker
9 SD Times Open-Source Project of the Week: COVID notebooks
10 Microsoft unveils Pylance, its new Python extension for Visual Studio Code
11 Microsoft Improves Python Support In VSCode
12 IBM Extends Jupyter Notebooks for AI Development
13 GitHub Actions Facilitate MLOps on Repositories
14 Pylance Is a New Python Language Server for Visual Studio Code
15 Accelerated Machine Learning Available from Your Browser
16 Why Jupyter Notebooks Are So Popular Among Data Scientists
17 Kudo(s) for Kubeflow: D2iQ preps machine learning platform for enterprise • DEVCLASS
18 These 2 books will strengthen your command of Python machine learning
19 JPMorgan's Python training guide for analysts and traders
20 Former Google X employee raises $21 million for AI startup Streamlit
21 JupyterCon 2020 Conference Will Introduce an Innovative Learning Format with Credentials
22 Exploring data using Jupyter Notebook and Kotlin
23 .NET Interactive: Jupyter Notebooks with .NET Core
24 Decoding the Popularity of Jupyter Among Data Scientists
25 IBM announces Elyra AI Toolkit, a set of AI-centric extensions to Jupyter Notebooks
26 IBM offers open source toolkit for Covid-19 data analysis
27 Microsoft Announces .NET Support for Jupyter Notebooks
28 IBM open sources toolkit for AI development with Jupyter Notebook
29 Jupyter Notebooks in Visual Studio Code | Visual Studio Toolbox
30 BSC Releases COMPSs Version 2.7
31 Open source contributions face friction over company IP
32 Jupyter Notebook Archives
33 Top Jupyter Hacks & Tricks You Should Try
34 Why Jupyter is data scientists' computational notebook of choice
35 Algorithmia Bolsters Enterprise ML Security with Platform Upgrade
36 18 Free Datasets for a Variety of Data Science Competencies
37 June Week 3
38 What's new in ArcGIS Online (June 2020)
39 Microsoft announces .NET Jupyter Notebooks
40 JupyterLab now has a visual debugger
41 Advanced Data Visualizations in Jupyter Notebooks
42 .NET Jupyter Notebooks Announced
43 Microsoft Announces General Availability of Jupyter Notebooks Support for Cosmos DB
44 Moving to the cloud: Migrating Blazegraph to Amazon Neptune
45 Coding habits for data scientists
46 Drops Of Jupyter Notebooks: How To Keep Notes In The Information Age
47 How to use Jupyter Notebook and Apache Spark in Azure Cosmos DB
48 Jupyter Announces The First Public Release Of Jupyter Visual Debugger
49 Introducing Voila that turns your Jupyter notebooks to standalone web applications
50 IBM's Elyra AI Toolkit
51 Python In Visual Studio Code Improves Jupyter Support
52 Change data capture from Neo4j to Amazon Neptune using Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka
53 What is your GCP infra worth?…about ~$700 [Bugbounty]
54 Azure Cosmos DB now has support for built-in Jupyter notebooks
55 Top 5 Online Resources To Learn Jupyter Notebook
56 Microsoft boosts programming language Python's popular VS Code extension
57 O'Reilly Adds New Learning Formats to its Learning Platform
58 Discover OSCOVIDA, the PaNOSC Open Science COVID Analysis platform, tracking data about COVID19 worldwide | News
59 Jupyter Vs Zeppelin: A Comprehensive Comparison Of Notebooks
60 Kubeflow 1.0 brings cloud-native machine learning to Kubernetes
61 Python tutorial: Get started with Jupyter Notebook
62 Deepnote raises $3.8M to build a better data science platform
63 Material from the PaNOSC Jupyter workshop at ICALEPCS 2019 now online | News
64 Top 5 Alternatives to Jupyter Notebooks
65 Basics of Jupyter Notebook and Python
66 Alternatives to RViz for Visualising Robotics Data Presented: Summary from ROSCon 2019
67 COVID analysis platform tracks data about COVID-19 worldwide
68 Jupyter Notebooks: Interactive Visualization Approaches
69 Accelerate Big Data and HPC applications with FPGAs using JupyterHub
70 Microsoft's VS Code Python programming language extension gets this new update
71 How to Generate Structured Data Automatically Using Computer Vision
72 How everyone at Netflix uses Jupyter notebooks from data scientists, machine learning engineers, to data analysts
73 Data science notebooks get real: JupyterLab releases to users
74 By Jupyter--Is This the Future of Open Science?
75 Microsoft and Udacity Partner To Offer Azure Machine Learning Nanodegree
76 Deepnote For Real-Time Collaboration In Data Science
77 Kubeflow 1.0 Machine Learning Toolkit for Kubernetes Goes Live
78 Building a customer identity graph with Amazon Neptune
79 First Major Release of Kubeflow Machine Learning Toolkit for Kubernetes Ships
80 Pioneering data science tool — Jupyter — receives top software prize
81 Introducing Jupytext: Jupyter notebooks as Markdown documents, Julia, Python or R scripts
82 Setting Up A Completely Free Jupyter Server For Data Science With AWS
83 What's the point: Redis 6.0, IBM Elyra, a cure for Java pains, Facebook Blender, and VS Codespaces • DEVCLASS
84 Mesosphere makes Kubernetes and Jupyter Notebooks available as a service
85 ThoughtWorks Technology Radar: Jupyter Notebook is new standard, TypeScript rising
86 Netflix puts its own spin on notebooks and makes it Scala
87 Here’s how I used Python to build a regression model using an e-commerce dataset
88 5 Alternatives To Google Colab For Data Scientists
89 Learn how to chart and track Google Trends in Data Studio using Python
90 Video: Jupyter as the Interface to High Performance Computing
91 Kubeflow 1.0 Advances AI Adoption on Kubernetes Platforms
92 Google Colab Vs Kaggle Kernels: Which Of The Two Should You Use?
93 Top Colab Notebooks To Kickstart Your Machine Learning Journey
94 Learn Python, PuLP, Jupyter Notebooks, and Network Design
95 PyCharm 2019.3 released with support for Python 3.8 features
96 Kotlin's approach to data science
97 Interactive notebooks: Sharing the code
98 An Introduction to Python for SEO Pros Using Spreadsheets
99 Microsoft: Our new free Python programming language courses are for novice AI developers
100 Kubernetes Gets an Automated ML Workflow