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1 Jürgen Klopp exclusive: 'My message is: Winning the Premier League is for you'
2 Changing doubters to believers. How Jurgen Klopp turned Liverpool into title winners
3 How a new generation of Liverpool champions were crafted
4 Jürgen Klopp on the Premier League, politics, the pandemic and personal philosophy
5 Jurgen Klopp: Liverpool manager's journey from Black Forest to heroic status at Anfield
6 Watch: My opinion on coronavirus is not important, says Jurgen Klopp
7 Liverpool are the Champions of England: The moment that defined their season
8 Celebrating Four Years of Jürgen Norbert Klopp at Liverpool FC
9 Jürgen Norbert Klopp: It is not important what famous people say, when asked on Coronavirus
10 Maybe I Am Dreaming | By Jürgen Klopp
11 A Decade of Liverpool Football Club: Jürgen Klopp Is Appointed Manager
12 Jurgen Klopp: Don't ask me about coronavirus, ask experts
13 From doubters to believers to achievers
14 Who is Ulla Sandrock? All about the amazing wife of Jurgen Klopp
15 Jurgen Klopp reveals his WhatsApp messages to Liverpool's players
16 (Video) Liverpool fans go nuts for lengthy Jurgen Klopp compilation
17 Jurgen Klopp's Liverpool bazooka is tearing up world...
18 All hail our future Prime Minister, Jurgen Norbert Klopp
19 Steven Gerrard reveals the ‘best managerial advice’ Jurgen Klopp gave him
20 The BEST manager in the world is ...
21 Jürgen Klopp on Liverpool’s Form: You Don’t Get Anything from the Best Starts
22 Jurgen Klopp warns Liverpool they are “still not champions” despite 25-point lead
23 Red Letters / January 10 2020: Admiring Jurgen Klopp and the humanity of Liverpool's rising sun
24 What is Jurgen Klopp's net worth and how much does the Liverpool manager earn?
25 The making of Jurgen Klopp
26 Jurgen Klopp: Five lessons in leadership
27 The making of Jurgen Klopp: How humble Black Forest origins shaped Liverpool manager
28 How Suarez’s exit and a trip to Barcelona inspired Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool revolution
29 Jurgen Klopp on why winning Club World Cup would be Liverpool’s moon landing
30 Klopp’s journey from Black Forest to heroic status at Anfield
31 Jurgen Klopp: From ordinary player to extraordinary coach
32 Jurgen Klopp: ‘Life is a present. We have to deal carefully with it and have fun with it’
33 Jurgen Klopp says Liverpool are not finished article
34 Jurgen Klopp gives spiky response to question on coronavirus and travel
35 Liverpool’s Vicky Jepson and Jurgen Klopp Honored at Women of the Future Awards
36 Jurgen Klopp Shines Again in New York Times Feature
37 Boom! The best quotes from Jurgen Klopp’s time at Liverpool
38 Jurgen Klopp improved every single player at Liverpool: Emile Heskey
39 How a gut decision began Jürgen Klopp’s managerial rollercoaster
40 Heavy metal: Jurgen Norbert Klopp's top 20 quotes
41 Report: 24-year-old desperate to join Liverpool, rejects offer from 29-time league champions
42 Jurgen Klopp delivers Zoom surprise to Liverpool fans in isolation
43 Jürgen Klopp: “Jesus is the most important person in history”
44 Jurgen Klopp: What it’s really like working for him by those who've done it
45 Sorry Schalke, Liverpool Fans Will Not Root for the Bundesliga Bitters
46 Klopp leads Liverpool tributes to Hillsborough families
47 Doubters to believers: How Jurgen Klopp made and delivered his promise to Liverpool fans
48 Right time for Premier League return, says Liverpool's Jurgen Klopp
49 Jurgen Klopp restores Liverpool’s fire to offer hope amid title pain
50 Jürgen Klopp fulfils Liverpool promise to shed nearly-man tag in Madrid
51 The rise and rise of Jurgen Klopp, football's ultimate outsider
52 Sadio Mane looked like 'rapper' when I first met him: Jurgen Klopp
53 Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp pokes fun at Gary Neville over lockdown rants
54 Jürgen Klopp: A world-class coach, made in the Bundesliga
55 Ronaldo is perfect but I pick Messi, says Klopp
56 Jurgen Klopp reveals love for emojis and the painful truth behind his pearly white smile
57 Sir Kenny Dalglish testing positive for coronavirus was 'real shock' for Jurgen Klopp
58 Watch Jurgen Klopp’s post-match press conference – Liverpool 2-0 Man United
59 Liverpool coach reveals Jürgen Klopp's methods and says he is '30% tactics, 70% team building'
60 Jurgen Klopp insists only “100% right player” could strengthen his Liverpool squad
61 Jürgen Klopp: the people's vote
62 Neco Williams praises 'unbelievable' Jurgen Klopp
63 Liverpool fans can't believe Champions League qualification has already been secured
64 Liverpool pull off the ultimate wind-up | Sport
65 Neco Williams recalls pre-debut pep talk from Jurgen Klopp
66 'It is not over': Klopp warns Liverpool after unbeaten run ends
67 Liverpool’s Record Breaking Start By The Numbers
68 Everybody loves Jurgen Klopp
69 Wrist Watching: English Premier League Managers Jürgen Klopp and Mauricio Pochettino Wearing IWC
70 West Ham 0-2 Liverpool: Player Ratings – What the media and statistics say
71 Jürgen Klopp street art created in Baltic district
72 Klopp says no Liverpool player will be forced to train
73 Klopp will be the next Shankly of Liverpool: Seagraves
74 Liverpool may well be English football's greatest ever side because stats don't lie
75 Jurgen Klopp on relishing Man City tussle & Guardiola’s ultimate show of respect
76 Liverpool FC Reposts Japanese Rising Sun Flag Image Despite Apology to S. Korean Fans
77 Liverpool coach reveals Klopp's coaching idol
78 The Gospel of Jurgen – ‘Klopp: Bring The Noise’ Book Review – Part 1
79 Fussball's back! Which Bundesliga club should you support from May 16?
80 Klopp: Going to the toilet is a turning point
81 The Gerrard Slip was a blessing disguise for Liverpool
82 Liverpool Specials Bets: Can the Reds go unbeaten? Get the traders' view
83 Dejan Lovren reveals Jurgen Klopp’s rousing speech before Barcelona comeback
84 Jürgen Klopp Net Worth
85 Naby Keita arrives as beautifully brutal Liverpool rid themselves of ghost of Christmas past
86 Why Jurgen Klopp would be the perfect fit for a struggling AC Milan
87 Crouch’s ‘return’, Critchley’s exit & ban for Sturridge – Monday’s Liverpool FC News
88 Mauricio Pochettino vs Jurgen Klopp: A comparison of managerial histories
89 Jurgen Klopp ‘apologises’ for his use of Jordan Henderson as No.6
90 Ranked! Top eight football hair transformations, including Antonio Conte and Jurgen Klopp
91 Klopp's political beliefs revealed as friend says he could be German president
92 Liverpool FC: 10 reasons for optimism ahead of the new season
93 Where will your team finish in the Premier League this season? We asked a fan from every club
94 Carragher and Neville at their brilliant best discussing Jurgen Klopp's Liverpool tactics (Video)
95 Merseyside derby latest & 4 deals Reds missed out on – Friday’s Liverpool FC News
96 The manager as messiah: Jürgen Klopp's mission for Liverpool
97 Digging Deeper Into Liverpool’s Spectacular Victory Over Barcelona
98 VAR Denies City vs Spurs Again
99 Am like Jurgen Klopp says Mozambique U20 coach
100 It looks like Jurgen Klopp has been visiting Roberto Firmino’s dentist