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1 Biofuel Conversions: A Chance to Model Just Transition
2 President-Elect Biden Must Prioritize Coal Communities—and Here's How
3 Energy transition must go hand in hand with 'Just Transition': Study
4 Governor Cuomo Announces Adoption of New Regulations to Reduce Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative Cap by 30 Percent
5 Why Is Fracking In The News So Much? The Short Answer: Climate Change And People's Health
6 Transition Roundup: Biden Urges Prompt Hearings for His Nominees; Ethics Office Updates Transition Resources
7 The GSA's Blocking Biden Transition Team and the National Security Implications
8 Offaly County Council Seeks Meeting With MEPs on Just Transition
9 Barr appoints special counsel in Russia probe investigation
10 Amid coronavirus spike, pressure grows on U.S. agency to approve Trump-to-Biden transition
11 Here's How Scientists Want Biden to Take on Climate Change
12 Transition Highlights: Trump Authorizes Administration to Begin Working With Biden on Transition
13 Transition experts urge federal agency to allow process to begin | TheHill
14 Yellen, Mnuchin have spoken as part of White House transition process
15 One top Trump appointee's silence means the Biden transition cannot begin
16 Biden Transition Updates
17 What Is a Presidential Transition?
18 The climate emergency will shape policy across the UK
19 Governor Cuomo Announces Completion of $16 Million Project to Install Smart Energy-Saving Streetlights in Syracuse
20 Highlights From President-Elect Joe Biden's Transition: November 11, 2020
21 Column: Enbridge and energy transition – With their footprint, possibly the best authority on the subject, anywhere
22 Proposal To Turn Brooklyn Port Into Wind Turbine Plant
23 Several million in funding for East Galway under ‘Just Transition’ fund
24 New Mexico lawmakers weigh actions on state's climate change report
25 Public Investment Reimagined: A National Investment Authority
26 Biden's Transition Has Focused on Civil Service Issues as Familiar Faces Spearhead Efforts
27 What is the GSA, and what role does it play in the presidential transition?
28 Offaly push at EU level for bigger slice of Just Transition fund
29 Latest news on the Trump-Biden transition: Live updates
30 UK approves Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine in world first
31 Just how broken is our political information ecosystem, anyway?
32 Joe Biden has to move fast
33 How Biden Could Challenge the Trump Administration's Block on the Transition | National Law Journal
34 Donald Trump has lost to Joe Biden, what's next? The presidential transition from hell.
35 US Presidential Election & Covid-19 updates: Trump, Biden, transition, results, cases, latest news
36 With climate challenges looming, Seth Shapiro faces a tough balancing act at Philadelphia’s gas utility
37 How to transition from coal: 4 lessons for Australia from around the world
38 Meet Washington's most powerful woman (temporarily)
39 Libya: Subnational Governance as a Potential Anchor of Stability
40 Governor Cuomo Announces $11 Million in Volkswagen Settlement Funds to Expand Electric Vehicle Fast Charging Stations in New York
41 Innovating into leisure travel in the COVID transition and beyond
42 Happy 50th Birthday, EPA
43 1 Month To Go: UK Financial Conduct Authority Reminds Firms To Be Ready For End Of Transition Period
44 The Most Important Climate Legislation Has Already Passed
45 Trump intensifies bid to disrupt the transition, and the GOP sticks with him
46 Biden projected to win Arizona and its 11 electoral votes
47 What if Trump never concedes? The Constitution will end his term, conservative lawyer John Yoo says
48 Trump Fires Mark Esper, Defense Secretary Who Opposed Use of Troops on U.S. Streets
49 Trump fires top election security official; Biden names senior staff
50 Trump's Out, Biden's In! Now The Fight Of Our Lives On Climate Begins.
51 Why Muddle the Public Side of the Green New Deal?
52 Eat Just Gets the World's First Regulatory Approval to Sell Cultured Meat
53 Texas responds to White House report instructing more intense COVID-19 efforts
54 Jeremy Karlin eager to bring change as Knox County state's attorney
55 News Brief: Coronavirus Pandemic, Biden Transition, Census Court Case
56 Critic of VTA Bus Charging Station Presses Selectmen to Halt Project
57 McConnell backs Trump’s legal challenges; Biden urges Americans to wear masks to protect against the coronavirus
58 Fife Council urged to set up Just Transition board on Mossmorran's future
59 Project Censored: 10 Stories of 2020 That Show Patterns in Corporate News
60 California Regulators Didn't Follow Rules In Approving Hundreds Of New Oil Well Permits, Audit Finds
61 Offseason outlook: Washington Nationals
62 Trends in OTA Spending Raise Questions
63 Major Federal Employee Union Urges Biden to Restore Collaborative Labor Relations
64 Sarah Fuller's historic appearance also felt in NFL – 'It was more than a kick'
65 Opinion | What Is Trump Playing At?
66 Trump dramatically changed the presidency. Here's a list of the 20 most important norms he broke — and how Biden can restore them
67 Will there be a peaceful transition at EPA? | TheHill
68 Post-Election Clean Tech Policy Outlook
69 4 ways President-elect Joe Biden's Covid-19 plan could change things
70 Spiller's cabinet play
71 How Many Section 8-Type Vouchers In Darien?
72 Whitmer, DNR take action to shut down Line 5 after after a transition period
73 Driven: The 2020 Porsche 911 Carrera 4S
74 Dow Surpasses 30,000 for the First Time as Biden Transition Starts
75 Labor's policy can smooth the energy transition, but much more will be needed to tackle emissions
76 Greens would demand $1bn fund from Labor for 'just transition' of coal workers
77 Here's What's Really Going on Between Selena Gomez and NBA Star Jimmy Butler
78 Maryland Environmental Justice Commission Promises To Be More Effective Next Session
79 Rant and Rave: How Thanksgiving went, how we're handling COVID-19
80 Give power to Māori and marginalised communities and we’ll get through the climate emergency
81 NRDC: GM Abandons Attack on State Authority Over Clean Car Standards
82 Government of Canada supports Just Transition from coal-generated power in Saskatchewan and Alberta
83 CMS finalizes physician fee schedule, including controversial updates to E/M visits
84 Columbia Basin Herald
85 Lopsided disciplinary system for Nashville police officers favors 'white men,' lawyer says
86 Apple iPhone 12 review second opinion: More value for most buyers
87 What would a fair energy transition look like?
88 Is it time to reduce the use of solid fuels to heat our homes?
89 From the Mayor's Desk: A look back, a look forward
90 40 Percent Of General Motors Models Will Be Fully Electric By The End Of 2025
91 Green Deal: Coal and other carbon-intensive regions and the Commission launch the European Just Transition Platform
92 San Antonio: Popular River Walk Kayaking Program To Be Extended
93 Pre-cleanup costs at former water treatment plant add up
94 How Many Section 8-Type Vouchers in Hinsdale?
95 Why we should fear a lame-duck President Trump
96 Do Elmhurst Landlords Discriminate Against Voucher Holders?
97 A Biden-Harris 'reset' for feds
98 Letter: Just Transition work is still ongoing
99 “This Impeachment Basically Amounts to a Coup”
100 Deputy Director Gwen Sims appointed interim executive director of Harris County Public Health