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1 The Rise of Covidnomics by Kaushik Basu
2 India among the world’s ‘slowest growing’ economies, needs fiscal injection, says former economic adviser Kaushik Basu
3 Coronavirus Shatters India's Economy
4 Complacency won’t do, Rajan rings alarm bells
5 There must be an end to CEAs airing private views in Economic Survey
6 Kaushik Basu
7 Rise of covidnomics
8 Lot will depend on how India exits from lockdown: Former chief economic advisor Kaushik Basu
9 Akash Jagga on Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2 going off-air: I am sad, but I also believe that this is just the begi
10 Covid-19 impact: Kaushik Basu details three steps for gradual opening of the economy
11 Kaushik Basu warns against overdependence on RBI for stimulus
12 COVID-19: India needs large fiscal stimulus, says Kaushik Basu
13 COVID-19: Govt should now let the economy function, says Kaushik Basu
14 Coronavirus: Kaushik Basu says India needs to get private sector active, fine-tune lockdown
15 Kaushik Basu warns of long term economic impact of politics of division
16 Epidemics and Economic Policy by Kaushik Basu
17 Coronavirus: Why is Pakistan doing so much better than India?
18 Lockdown was worthwhile for a short time but not having desired effect now, say Kaushik Basu
19 Powering South Asia’s energy trade links
20 'Growth will be lowest since 1947': Noted Economist Kaushik Basu raises concern about India's economy in...
21 As Covid-19 Spreads We Are One Nation, One Big Mess
22 Commentary: Why risk of contracting COVID-19 may be higher in some places
23 Govt needs to urgently reach out to poor, migrant labourers, says Kaushik Basu
24 Who's Afraid of COVID-19? by Kaushik Basu
25 If exit from lockdown is delayed, lives can be lost for non-Covid reasons: Kaushik Basu
26 Lights, camera, politics: How Rhea became a valuable pawn
27 To each according to their needs | VOX, CEPR Policy Portal
28 COVID-19: Kaushik Basu wants global ‘task force’ & Bahar Dutt sees a silver lining
29 How can societies become law-abiding? Kaushik Basu has some suggestions
30 Top Economist Kaushik Basu On India Revival Mission
31 Watch: Former World Bank Chief Kaushik Basu On COVID 19 Impact On India | India Development Debate
32 Kaushik Basu says avoid ‘permit raj’ and Omkar Goswami on Covid-19’s ‘S’ curve
33 How to Tame Big Tech by Kaushik Basu
34 India’s descent into stepwells of growth
35 Covid-19: Kaushik Basu on police cooperation, Harsh Mander calls lockdown ‘anti-poor’
36 Kaushik Basu leads International Economic Association | Cornell Chronicle
37 As Markets Tumble Amidst Coronavirus Outbreak, Professors Weigh In On Future of Chinese Economy
38 From the Editor-in-Chief
39 Explained Ideas: How lockdown hurt India’s economy without slowing down Covid infections
40 Ex-CEA Kaushik Basu says slowing GDP growth cause for concern
41 India’s ease of doing business ranking may be hit as World Bank orders review
42 Covid-19 will result in greater income inequality and unemployment, says Kaushik Basu
43 The way in which it was executed, India’s lockdown itself became source of virus’s spread
44 Kaushik Basu calls for ‘paradigm shift’ in economics, Kala on fading ‘rage against rape’
45 Growth Depends on Social Norms, Political Culture; Not Just Economic Policies: Ex-World Bank Economist
46 Opinion | The great whiplash suffered by the global economy
47 What should India's lockdown exit strategy be to revive economy? Kaushik Basu answers
48 Hit by coronavirus and economic slump, India must build a society that is empathetic and inclusive
49 Why Policymakers Should Fear Libra by Kaushik Basu
50 Opinion | Let us not underestimate the pandemic’s economic fallout
51 There are unmistakable signs of economy slowing down: Kaushik Basu
52 Panel: Coordination is key to a world beyond COVID-19 | Cornell Chronicle
53 Media circus and bitter reality: 21 million jobs lost but nowhere on TV
54 The Great Contagion
55 India and the Mistrust Economy
56 ‘Growth has dipped below the 30-year average’: Kaushik Basu
57 Crisis also brings opportunity for building a nurturing economy
58 Rhea’s obscure Bengal connection |India Today Insight
59 Slowdown in economy the price of ‘illiberalism’
60 Profit Sharing Now by Kaushik Basu
61 Decoding India's Economic Playbook in the Times of COVID-19
62 The Case for a Global Constitution by Kaushik Basu
63 Unemployment report: ‘India can hide data but not the truth,’ writes economist Kaushik Basu
64 Rupee is still overvalued, right level Rs 70 to 71: Kaushik Basu
65 Covid-19: Global call to tackle education emergency
66 Kaushik Basu retires from World Bank, says won't take govt role
67 India should make efforts to become global education hub: Kaushik Basu
68 Veteran economist, Kaushik Basu was the key speaker at the 23rd Lalit Doshi Memorial lecture
69 The covid pandemic ought to shake up the field of economics
70 Post lockdown, India’s economy should not lapse into ‘permit raj’
71 Kaushik Basu: The Sorry State of the World Economy
72 10% Quota Law Will Achieve Close To Nothing, Says Professor Kaushik Basu
73 The stress of the pandemic is often robbing us of consistency
74 Living with lockdowns: Early lessons from India's Covid-19 response | VOX, CEPR Policy Portal
75 Opinion | Coronavirus and the rising value of relying upon common sense
76 Economic policy must account for varied effects of epidemics
77 The nature of growth has to change: Kaushik Basu
78 Coronavirus: How many Covid-19 deaths is India missing?
79 Will Modi’s $5 trillion economy goal be reality by 2025? Former World Bank economist explains maths
80 Little to be vocal about local
81 World Bank pauses publication of Doing Business Report over data issues
82 Fact-Check: Kaushik Basu falsely claims Elon Musk, Warren Buffett, and several other world-renowned persons have PhD in Economics
83 Opinion | Irrational fears of covid-19 could harm us even more
84 Review: The Republic of Beliefs by Kaushik Basu
85 Tolerance is not just good value but good economics: Kaushik Basu, Chief economist, World Bank
86 ‘Policy mistakes have hurt growth of country’
87 When Kaushik Basu picked up pearls of wisdom from musical conductor Charles Hazlewood
88 Commentary: COVID-19 is our chance to shake up economics
89 Downturn in India economic growth ‘very worrying’: Kaushik Basu
90 Proxy job data being cited doesn’t provide an accurate picture: Kaushik Basu
91 Politics of exclusion and disenfranchisement is hurting investment and India’s cooperative spirit
92 Let’s use follower’s advantage: We could learn to fight Covid-19 from South Korea
93 Opinion | What economists must do to quell the rising disquiet
94 Bachi Karkaria on disruptors other than Modi, Kaushik Basu on world’s biggest economic risks
95 Pollution by the Numbers by Kaushik Basu
96 Indian American economist Kaushik Basu takes charge as president of...
97 Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2: Akash Jagga Replaces Kunal Thakur as Kaushik Basu In the Star Plus Show
98 Kaushik Basu says economic slowdown is ‘impending’ & Rajeev Bhargava writes on Brahmanism
99 India's Economic Troubles Are Rooted in Politics
100 Bengal’s Phase 6