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1 The Skeptics Movement Can't Afford to Ignore Racial Inequality
2 Why Forbes Deleted Some Kavin Senapathy Articles
3 Kavin Senapathy, Author at Biology Fortified Inc.
4 A Prominent Skeptic Group is Erasing the Contributions of a Well-Meaning Critic
5 Vani Hari and Kavin Senapathy debate which is better—Organic or GMOs?
6 Racial Inequality Pervades Science. It's Time the Skeptics Movement Recognises This
7 Q&A | Kavin Senapathy on Science Shaming the Fear-Mongering Food Babe
8 The Anti-Vaccine And Anti-GMO Movements Are Inextricably Linked And Cause Preventable Suffering
9 Nobel Laureate Sir Richard Roberts To Ask Religious And Government Leaders To Support GMOs
10 A feminist mother and science advocate's response to Vani Hari, the "Food Babe"
11 Deepak Chopra Says Bacteria Listen To Our Thoughts
12 HCPA Summit Gathers Experts
13 Searching for Ways to Find Meaning on Our Pale Blue Dot
14 3 Examples Of Rampant Sexism In The Non-GMO Movement
15 'I Was Lured Into Monsanto’s GMO Crusade. Here’s What I Learned'
16 Can The March For Science, Forged In A Political Firestorm, Stand For Objective Non-Partisan Truth?
17 Ayyadurai's formaldehyde-in-GMOs claim challenged, engineer refuses verification offer
18 Organic food can cure autism caused by GMOs? More 'quack science' from Dr. Oz
19 These Moms Say The Girl Scouts' Newest Cookie Rejects Science, Conflicts With Its STEM Advocacy
20 If You Doubt The Organic Industry Leads The Anti-GMO Movement, This Settles It
21 The Anti-GMO Movement Has A Social Justice Problem
22 Insider Tips For Conversations With Those Who Reject Empirical Scientific Truths
23 Vandana Shiva Achieves Amazing Feat Of Appropriating Her Own Culture
24 Opinion: Babies, Chiropractors, and the Curse of Wishful Thinking
25 Don't Like Monsanto? Then You Should Be Pro-GMO, Not Anti. Here's Why.
26 Keep Calm And Avoid Microbiome Mayhem
27 Why Is Monsanto Inviting This Alt-Right Hero to a Fireside Chat on Farming?
28 Girl Scouts' Science-Based GMO Stance Worth Cookies' Dollar Price Increase
29 Why These Moms Are Avoiding Non-GMO Labels
30 Viewpoint: Why Monsanto's pro-GMO 'crusade' to win the millennial generation failed
31 No, Monsanto Is Not Going On Trial For Crimes Against Humanity
32 Stonyfield Calls Critics 'Trolls' With 'Fake Names' After Backlash Against Ad Featuring Young Girls
33 The Non-GMO Project Is Ruining My Shopping Experience
34 5 Reasons Breastfeeding Isn't Actually Free
35 Kids' Miseducation Underway In Nation's First All-Organic, Non-GMO School District
36 In YouTube 'Edutainment,' Minimal Control for Scientific Accuracy
37 No, the New Organ Discovery Doesn’t Explain Acupuncture
38 There's a New Drug for Postpartum Depression. But at $20K Those Most at Risk Can't Afford It.
39 The 'Breast Is Best' Breastfeeding Campaign Is Misguided
40 Pepsi, Coke And Other Soda Companies Want You To Think 'Real' Sugar Is Good For You--It's Not
41 Fed Is Best Foundation Says WHO Breastfeeding Guidelines Fail To Meet Human Rights Standards
42 I'm A Liberal And I'm Sick Of Anti-GMO Groups Exploiting Fear Of Donald Trump
43 The 5 Most Laughable Non-GMO Project Verified Products
44 Organic Marketers Take Note: Makers Of 'Misleading' Viral 'Organic Effect' Video Lose Lawsuit
45 The Debate
46 Monsanto Found Guilty In Fake Trial That Distracted From Real Problems
47 Battling the Food Babe | | February 09, 2016 15:50
48 Experts Slam New York Times Hack Job On GMOs
49 Henry Miller Dropped by Forbes for Monsanto Ghostwriting Scandal
50 Why GMOs Might Not Be Such a Bad Thing After All
51 Mama Monsanto, The Anti-GMO Grandma Who Fails At Comedy
52 How Marketers Use Fear Of Chemicals For Profit: 3 Easy Steps
53 Stop 'Pandering To Ignorance And Fear': Consumers Speak Out Against Triscuit's Non-GMO Label
54 A New Year's Resolution For Science Advocates: Don't Cry Wolfe
55 SciLine Seeks To Provide Expertise To Reporters And Public To Nip Misinformation In The Bud
56 Why This Mom Is Taking On Monsanto Protesters
57 No Andrew Wakefield, You're Not Being Censored And You Don't Deserve Due Process
58 Deepak Chopra Connection Renders 'New Organ' Discovery 'Unprovable' And 'Probably False' Says One MD
59 Food Evolution Movie Challenges Public Fear Of GMOs
60 There Are No 'GMO' Tomatoes: Backlash Erupts After Hunt's Marketing Blunder
61 Science Moms Documentary Aims To Shift Parenting Narrative From Fear To Facts
62 Would You Rather Buy Organic Or Poison Your Family? EWG Wants You To Pick One
63 A West Virginian Is Trying To Stop A Senate Bill From Destroying State Vaccination Rates
64 5 things you should know about the movie ‘Food Evolution’
65 5 Non-GMO 'Frankenfoods' We Eat Every Day
66 With Legislation Looming, Chiropractors Get Political on Vaccines
67 The Anti-GMO Doctors Behind False Monsanto Microcephaly Link
68 Non-GMO Project Misleads Consumers Again With Myths Easily Refuted By One Tweet From A Farmer
69 The Clean Label Project Is Using Bad Science To Scare Us About Our Children's Food
70 Neil DeGrasse Tyson Drops Mic On Comments Criticizing Hulu For Showing Food Evolution Documentary
71 The misleading and deceitful ways of Dr. Kevin Folta
72 Parents, Put That Stranger's Breast Milk Down And Pick Up A Bottle Of Formula
73 Your Kids Don’t Need Training Wheels for Peanuts
74 Gerber Formula Goes Non-GMO, But Not Really
75 Misconceptions Continue About The Non-Browning Apples Coming To A Store Near You
76 Does liberal Marin County school district serve organic food with side of 'miseducation?'
77 Fighting the Food/Fear Babe
78 Yet Another Study Claims And Fails To Show That Breastfeeding Is Best
79 Gwyneth Paltrow Sells 'Toxic' Goop With Ingredients She Says Are Dangerous
80 John Oliver Brought Emotions To A Data Fight, And I Think He Won
81 Stuff The Food Phobia And Gobble Gratitude This Thanksgiving
82 If You Love Someone With OCD, You May Need to Stop Giving Them Reassurance All the Time
83 Organic Leaders Turn On Whole Foods And Each Other Over GMO Labeling Bill
84 Jay Byrne: Meet the Man Behind the Monsanto PR Machine
85 IAmSciComm: Origin of SciMoms
86 Why You Shouldn't Trust Dr. Oz's Latest Fishy Propaganda
87 Lies The Organic Industry Tells: Two Types Of GMOs
88 WebMD's Rotten Advice On Organic Food
89 Biofortified Partners with the Agrichemical Industry on PR Projects
90 Supermodel Christie Brinkley Should Stick To Beauty Tips, Her Diet Advice Is Rotten
91 A Male Chiropractor Wants Women To Use Controversial Methods To Contain Menstrual Flow
92 Zooey Deschanel Makes Several Glaring Mistakes About Organic Food In Her New Docuseries
93 Ontario Family Marks Thomas' 3rd Birthday Months After Losing Twin Brother Jude To Flu
94 How a ‘Cancer Cure’ Video Blasted Bad Science—and Went Viral
95 GMO battle: March Against Myths protests March Against Monsanto
96 SXSW Festival Slammed For Including HIV/AIDS Denialist In 2018 Wellness Expo
97 5 Things To Watch For In The Confusing World Of Buzzword Food Marketing
98 Nobel Laureate Sir Richard Roberts On GMO Moth: 'Food Security Challenge Ahead Is Formidable'
99 There Is No Such Thing As The Stomach Flu
100 Is Famous Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson Trolling Us With His Statement On Painful Sex?