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1 Why Kevin Garnett is underrated
2 Steve Kerr would like to connect rookie James Wiseman with Kevin Garnett
3 Steve Kerr wants Kevin Garnett to mentor James Wiseman
4 Kevin Garnett Is The Only Player To Play Against The 72-10 Chicago Bulls And The 73-9 Golden State Warriors
5 Kevin Garnett’s Timberwolves ownership bid hasn’t advanced amid tepid market
6 Warriors’ James Wiseman must study under Kevin Garnett, per Steve Kerr
7 A reminder: The Nets' last big trade -- for Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce -- was a disaster
8 How Knicks' Austin Rivers earned Kevin Garnett's respect
9 The Nets Mortgaged Their Future Again, but This Time It’s Worth It
10 Tim Duncan’s refusal to acknowledge his trash talk infuriated Kevin Garnett
11 Lakers’ LeBron James moves past Kevin Garnett for yet another scoring milestone
12 Kobe Bryant was appreciative of his rivalry with Kevin Garnett' I see you top dog, and I am not going to back down'
13 Patrick Mahomes uses classic Kevin Garnett moment to celebrate Chiefs' win over Browns
14 Kevin Garnett blasts Bill Simmons for saying Shaq was out of shape most of his career
15 "Shaquille O'Neal was out of shape for a couple of years": Kevin Garnett roasts Bill Simmons for...
16 Tim Duncan on KG’s Trash Talk, His Relationship With Pop, and Much More
17 James Harden Nets debut: Predicting stat decline for Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving based on previous Big Threes
18 What is it really like to talk trade with Boston Celtics GM Danny Ainge?
19 ‘I’m not going to Boston?’: Tim Duncan discusses ’97 lottery, Spurs rivalry with Lakers, Kevin Garnett, why he didn’t sign with Orlando
20 Boston Celtics: 2 Daniel Theis trades to the Brooklyn Nets
21 Patrick Mahomes’ Tweet About Chad Henne Is Going Viral
22 Inside the trade that sent Jarrett Allen and Taurean Prince to Cleveland
23 Barker: Nets going all in for title with trade for Harden
24 Chad Henne puts away a Chiefs Win; NFL conference title game matchups set
25 Celtics fans should thank Danny Ainge
26 Henne finds confidence in teammates en route to Divisional win
27 Prolific scorers Beasley, Russell off to historic starts with Timberwolves
28 Nets stars shine light on Knicks' rebuilding efforts
29 Gamble for James Harden gives Nets explosive Big Three
30 James Wiseman feels 'very familiar' with Anthony Davis before matchup
31 Everything Michigan PG Mike Smith told the media before Tuesday's game against Maryland
32 5 things for Kevin Garnett to consider as he tries to purchase Timberwolves
33 Trade Grades start to roll in, and they are decidedly mixed
34 Report: KD told Harden he might not want to play for Kerr
35 Kevin Garnett dismisses talk of Wolves retiring his number, says he 'won't forgive' team owner
36 In '03/'04 only one player averaged over 25+ points per game
37 16 Famous Actors Who Started Their Careers As Professional Athletes
38 Did Kevin Garnett Reach His Full Potential?
39 Tony Romo Was Wrong, and It Turned Into a Great Moment: TRAINA THOUGHTS
40 What Is Kevin Garnett’s Net Worth?
41 Tim Duncan: 'A lot of things that I hate' about the modern NBA
42 5 biggest blockbuster NBA trades in history
43 NBA Superstar Kevin Garnett Made His Debut On This Date 25 Years Ago
44 A’mare Stoudemire Is Still Hesitant of His First Leadership Role in the NBA: ‘I Like to Feel Young’
45 A brief history of NBA MVPs getting traded, from Wilt Chamberlain to James Harden
46 Kevin Garnett out of bounds with nonpayment on mansion work, lawsuit alleges
47 How Two Separate Kevin Garnett Trades Revitalized The Celtics
48 What Kevin Garnett said after he was officially elected into the Hall of Fame
49 Kevin Garnett’s legacy with the Brooklyn Nets
50 Kevin Garnett dropping ‘uncensored encyclopedia’ of his life
51 Every known tattoo on Kevin Garnett’s body
52 How a Test Forced Kevin Garnett to Skip College for the NBA
53 Why Malcolm Brogdon isn't worried about heavy minutes: Bjorkgren 'takes care (of our) bodies'
54 Kevin Garnett’s net worth in 2020
55 Kevin Garnett explains why the NBA bubble would not have worked during his era in the '90s and 2000s
56 Kevin Garnett’s High School Arrest Was a Huge ‘Wakeup Call’ to Escape the South
57 Boston Celtics: Kevin Garnett brought a Michael Jordan energy to practice
58 Kevin Garnett’s High School Career Paved Way for Young NBA Stars
59 Kevin Garnett Was a Missed Phone Call Away From Being a Laker with Kobe Bryant
60 After Delay, Kevin Garnett To Be Enshrined In Basketball Hall Of Fame In May 2021
61 Celtic champ Kendrick Perkins weighs in on Ray Allen-Kevin Garnett feud
62 EXCLUSIVE Interview: Kevin Garnett talks Crown Royal, Celtics
63 Kevin Garnett Has No Respect Left for the Timberwolves’ Ownership
64 Report: Kevin Garnett posting $200M in Timberwolves bid, would run basketball operations
65 Danny Ainge on Kevin Garnett: ‘Whenever I think of KG, I just smile'
66 Kevin Garnett: The Stealth Superstar
67 Kevin Garnett Is Part Of An Ownership Team Trying To Purchase The Minnesota Timberwolves
68 Kevin Garnett’s New Competitor for the Timberwolves Is Bad News for Fans
69 'Perfect way to end a dope story': One on one with Kevin Garnett after Hall call
70 Kevin Garnett opens up about the time he got owned by Dwyane Wade
71 Kevin Garnett reflects on Hall of Fame career
72 Morning sports update: Kevin Garnett said he wishes he’d come to Boston sooner in his career
73 Kevin Garnett says buying the Timberwolves would 'achieve my dream'
74 Minnesota Timberwolves: Kevin Garnett ranked No. 20 player all-time
75 Rumor: Details of Kevin Garnett’s Timberwolves ownership bid, revealed
76 NBA legend, Kevin Garnett, second member of Celtics new Big 3 to get inducted into Basketball Hall of Fame
77 Kevin Garnett and investors are preparing bid to buy Timberwolves, report says
78 Pat Riley's first encounter with Kevin Garnett was memorable to say the least
79 Kendrick Perkins On Kevin Garnett-Ray Allen Feud: 'I'm Telling You, Trying To Get Guys To Come To One Place; Trying To Call KG To Say, 'Hey Man, We're Going To Dinner And Oh Yeah, Ray's Going To Be There…' Nah, It Ain't Happening.'
80 5 teams Kevin Garnett was nearly traded to instead of the Celtics in 2007
81 Magic Johnson’s Criticism Motivated Kevin Garnett to Change His Game Forever
82 Boston Celtics news: Tom Thibodeau reveals how Michael Jordan and Kevin Garnett are similar
83 Kevin Garnett reacts to Kenyon Martin calling him a 'porch puppy'
84 NBA Hall of Famer Kevin Garnett Has an Interesting Take on Why Bubble Wouldn’t Work for His Generati ...
85 Kevin Garnett Once Sued His Accountant for $77 Million
86 Kevin Garnett fires back at internet trying to start beef between him, Kenyon Martin
87 Kevin Garnett’s 5 most brutal trash-talking moments
88 On Jaylen Brown, boxing, and Kevin Garnett's approach to the game
89 Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan, Kevin Garnett inductions into Basketball Hall of Fame slated for May 2021
90 Kenyon Martin blasts ‘porch puppy’ Kevin Garnett, reveals NSFW in-game threat
91 “There’s a really ugly side to KG”: Popular NBA Columnist Shares Intriguing Story About ...
92 Kevin Garnett Actually Wanted to Play With Kobe Instead of Going to the Celtics
93 Harden, Durant and Irving together... what are the greatest NBA 'Big Threes'?
94 Kevin Garnett among the 2020 inductees to the Basketball Hall of Fame
95 What Ray Allen told Kevin Garnett in 2007 to lure him to Celtics
96 Did Kevin Garnett almost go to Maryland before declaring for the NBA Draft?
97 Classic high school basketball game rewatch: Thornton shocks Kevin Garnett, Ronnie Fields and top-ranked Farr…
98 Kevin Garnett makes his Celtics prediction for Game 7 vs. Raptors
99 The Incident against the Rockets that got Kevin Garnett suspended
100 Celtics Champion Kevin Garnett Responds To Kenyon Martin's Diss