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1 Mike Bloomberg’s $100 Million To Support Joe Biden In Florida May Shape Campaign
2 Mike Bloomberg to spend at least $100 million in Florida to benefit Joe Biden
3 Michael Bloomberg pledges $100 million to help Biden in Florida
4 Bloomberg appearance at DNC outrages progressives
5 Biden’s Big Test: Selecting a White House Chief of Staff
6 Bloomberg plans to spend at least $100 million in Florida to support Biden
7 Kevin Sheekey's Plot to Make Mike Bloomberg President
8 Biden's billionaires: Super rich back Dem despite pledge to raise their taxes
9 Kevin Sheekey, Bloomberg campaign manager: 'We're running to replace the president'
10 Kevin Sheekey: 'We know in many ways we are the enemy of the Bernie Bros'
11 RIP Kevin Sheekey
12 Bloomberg Campaign Chief Kevin Sheekey: Trump Is On The "Path To Victory," This Is A Campaign Against Trump
13 Bloomberg willing to spend 'whatever it takes' in 2020 White House bid: campaign manager
14 “We’re Going to Spend Trump Out of Office”: Bloomberg’s Campaign Manager on Why Mike Is Still the Democratic Savior
15 Bloomberg exec: Federal government has failed us
16 Bloomberg campaign manager calls debate claim 'absurd'
17 Kevin Sheekey, Bloomberg campaign manager, says Trump on 'path to victory'
18 Mike Bloomberg’s campaign manager: Trump is winning the race, and Democrats don’t realize it
19 Obituary for Kevin N. Sheekey
20 All the former mayor's men – and a woman
21 Bloomberg campaign manager: 'South Carolina is not going to matter'
22 Bloomberg accuses Sanders of acting like Trump over farmer video
23 Bloomberg campaign pushes back on criticism from hero of Texas church shooting
24 Bloomberg's campaign manager responds to Trump's new nickname
25 $375,000 salaries, furnished housing and a lot of sushi: Inside Bloomberg’s spending spree
26 Bloomberg Loses Big On Super Tuesday Despite Millions Spent
27 Bloomberg campaign manager: 'Mike's got to get his legs under him'
28 Bloomberg to fund sizable campaign effort through November even if he loses Democratic nomination
29 “We Might Catch Lightning in a Bottle”: The Crashing of Mike Bloomberg’s Superhero Dream
30 Bloomberg campaign manager: Trump would 'decisively' beat Sanders
31 The Billionaire’s Guide to Campaign Staffing
32 Bloomberg's Own Campaign Manager Concedes Ex-Mayor Tanked Last Night
33 Bloomberg’s vanity campaign sinks deeper into absurdity
34 Bloomberg campaign manager gave $2,800 to Biden in June
35 Finally on the ballot, Bloomberg struggles on Super Tuesday
36 Ann Arbor Bloomberg campaign office vandalized with others across the country
37 Trump warns 2020 Dems that Bloomberg will turn his back on them
38 Bloomberg Adviser Kevin Sheekey Considers a New York City Mayoral Bid
39 For Bloomberg to win Texas, who must win Iowa?
40 How Bloomberg can use his billions to help Biden take on Trump
41 Mike Bloomberg gives West Palm Beach speech; Biden, Sanders sweep primaries
42 Bloomberg campaign backs off — sort of — from blaming Sanders supporters for vandalism
43 Obituary for Timothy P. “Tim” Sheekey
44 Why is presidential contender Mike Bloomberg betting big on Texas?
45 Super Tuesday Preview: The Politics Daily
46 Bloomberg seeks to make stop-and-frisk controversy about Trump
47 The hidden hand behind Bloomberg's campaign
48 Bloomberg’s ‘100-Day Wild Ride’ Was a Campaign Like No Other
49 Presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg's Flint office among others vandalized, campaign says
50 Mike Bloomberg Gave the DNC $300K Two Days Before He Entered the 2020 Race
51 On Education, Bloomberg Is Everywhere
52 Mike Bloomberg Says He’s Immune to Corporate Influence. His Campaign Is Managed by Lobbyists.
53 Inside the final hours of Bloomberg's presidential campaign
54 Bloomberg campaign: We're on 'wartime footing' with Trump
55 “He Will Risk Making Ross Perot and Ralph Nader Look Good”: Bloomberg Resists Advisers’ Push to Exit the Race
56 Bloomberg aide: 'He changed his mind'
57 Bloomberg's bottomless wallet funds hiring frenzy
58 Bloomberg campaign says it is 'gaining ground' on Trump's formidable digital operation
59 Inside Bloomberg's spending spree: $375000 salaries, furnished housing and a lot of sushi
60 Biden to accept nomination as Trump takes shots from rival's hometown
61 Bloomberg's plan to win nomination, Wisconsin and the presidency
62 Kevin Sheekey, Top Bloomberg Adviser, to Move to His Firm
63 Sanders Spox: Bloomberg Had Heart Attacks
64 Michael Bloomberg Did Not Have A Super Tuesday
65 How Michael Bloomberg bought City Hall | CSNY
66 Bloomberg Staffers Say They Were Promised Jobs Until the Election, Then Laid Off in a Pandemic
67 Three House Democrats endorse Bloomberg despite panned debate performance
68 Bloomberg campaign manager says they have considered naming running mate during primaries | TheHill
69 Dems say Bloomberg not helping 2020 campaign as much as promised: report
70 Leaning an “oligarch” sign against Bloomberg headquarters doesn't count as vandalism, Ohio cops say.
71 What will happen to the campaign offices and staff Michael Bloomberg left behind in Wisconsin?
72 Bloomberg campaign reports vandalism at Burlington office
73 Bloomberg 2020 manager confronted over racial profiling record on live TV
74 ‘I’m So Sorry I Worked for This Guy’: Ex-Staffers React to Bloomberg Reversal on Field Organizers
75 Bloomberg's campaign used prison labor
76 'Only two people' who can win the delegate math, Bloomberg campaign manager says
77 Why is the media giving Mike Bloomberg a free pass?
78 How Bloomberg’s Digital Army Is Still Fighting for Democrats
79 OpEd: Bloomberg is wasting millions of dollars on a doomed campaign
80 Bloomberg to Stay in Race Pending Assessment of Super Tuesday
81 Bloomberg campaign manager on Biden’s rise: It’s dramatic and it’s real, but this primary is not over
82 Bloomberg Aide Downplays South Carolina Amid Declining Poll Numbers
83 Bloomberg campaign mgr. on debate rules, Super Bowl ad
84 Bloomberg's campaign snowballs to 1000 staffers and counting
85 John Lott: Bloomberg’s 2016 comments degrading farmers are totally off-base
86 Could Bloomberg's (huge, ginormous, oh my gosh!) money really topple Trump?
87 Mike Bloomberg didn't tell campaign staffers he was ending 2020 bid
88 Bloomberg Woos Minority Voters in 2020 Bid
89 Bernie's juggernaut
90 Vandals hit Bloomberg's Michigan offices, calling candidate a 'corporate pig'
91 WATCH: Bloomberg Airs Brutal Ad During Fox & Friends
92 Trump and de Blasio: 'Together, at the Wrong Time in History'
93 Bloomberg claims US needs immigrants to 'improve our culture'
94 Biden wins big in South Carolina
95 Bloomberg Campaign Manager Says Impeachment Probe Is Making Trump’s Reelection ‘More Likely’
96 Billionaires spent big following Citizens United — expect them to spend more in 2020
97 Mike Bloomberg uses his money to build a presidential campaign.
98 May 27, 2020 – Amanpour and Company Full Episode
99 Michael Bloomberg, billionaire and former mayor, prepares for a presidential bid
100 Bloomberg shares polling with Dems showing Sanders would jeopardize House majority | TheHill