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Result Content Idea Research
1 First of four UN humanitarian airlifts for Ethiopia refugees lands in Khartoum
2 Sudan denies knowledge of Israeli delegation’s visit to Khartoum
3 Khartoum, Sudan Seen At Night From Orbit
4 Sudan's Sovereign Council recognizes Israeli military delegation was in Khartoum
5 Farmer opens furrow in field with ox-drawn plough in Khartoum, Sudan
6 Sudan welcomes rebels back to Khartoum as 'peacemakers'
7 Seven Sudanese Doctors Die from COVID-19 in 10 Days
8 Sudan Mourns Former Leader Who Died of COVID-19
9 People's daily life in Khartoum, Sudan
10 Egypt heads to Khartoum to avert crisis over disputed Halayeb-Shalateen area
11 COVID-19 Staffers Test Positive in Sudan Leader's Office
12 US, Sudan resume talks on removing Khartoum from terrorism list
13 UN High Commissioner for Refugees visits Sudan as new refugee arrivals cross 43000
14 Rebel office raided by GIS in Khartoum
15 Sudan has normalised relations with Israel, and Khartoum is to blame
16 Israeli envoy: Jerusalem, Khartoum to begin wide-ranging cooperation efforts
17 Chairman of Sudan's sovereign council returns to Khartoum after official visit to Ethiopia
18 Sudan Minister: COVID-19 levels 'highest since May'
19 Sudan's silence about Russian base reflects divergences in Khartoum
20 Sudan: Rebel Office Raided By GIS in Khartoum
21 Sudan: High-Level Egyptian Military Delegation Arrives in Khartoum
22 Vigil in Khartoum for results of June 3 massacre investigation
23 Sudan Price Bulletin, November 2020
24 Theatre Rhinoceros Presents GORDON OF KHARTOUM
25 Sudan: Khartoum Tightens Cybercrime Law As Army Pursues "Fake News"
26 Somalia: Suicide Bomber Attacks Restaurant in Khartoum
27 Israeli UN Envoy: Jerusalem, Khartoum To Begin Wide-ranging Cooperation Efforts
28 Sudan's New Ambassador Predicts Improved Relations With US
29 Sudan inflation soars, raising spectre of hyperinflation
30 Sudan Declares National Holiday On Sunday to Greet Juba Peace Agreement Signatories in Khartoum
31 Polio vaccine campaign launches in Sudan
32 Khartoum Prepares to Welcome 'Revolutionary Front' Leaders
33 Sudan weakened by US demands on compensation & ties with Israel
34 Sudan confirms Israeli visit
35 Tel Aviv Requests Official Approval from Khartoum to Fly over Sudanese Airspace
36 Sudan
37 Inflation continues to rise in Sudan
38 Sudan: Protestors mark fourth anniversary of detention of former janjaweed leader
39 Sudanese PM Hamdok affirms Khartoum's stance regarding reaching fair agreement on GERD
40 Egyptian and Sudanese armed forces to conclude joint drills
41 Member of Sudan's Sovereign Council cycles to office
42 Sudan govt ratifies UN Convention against enforced disappearances
43 After denial, Sudan reportedly confirms visit by Israeli delegation last week
44 Sudan physicians-in-training and teachers on strike
45 Head of Sudan's ruling council calls revolt by members of country's intelligence agency a 'coup'
46 After Sudan deal, Netanyahu says Khartoum’s 3 No’s have become 3 Yes’s of peace
47 Flour confiscated from Khartoum bakeries
48 Record Floods Cause Deaths And Widespread Damage in Sudan
49 ERC's second aid plane lands in Khartoum
50 U.S. push for Sudan to recognize Israel falters — and puts Khartoum in a tight spot
51 Sudan to exhume mass graves to identify bodies – Middle East Monitor
52 Sudan locks down capital Khartoum after coronavirus cases rise
53 Pompeo visit to Khartoum raises removal of Sudan from terror list
54 Sudan extends coronavirus lockdown in Khartoum state
55 Platform to combat violence against Sudanese women journalists launched
56 Demonstrators Close Khartoum Bridges to Protest Fuel Price
57 Trump Wants a Sudan-Israel Deal, But Congress Wants Khartoum to Pay—Which Could Slow Sudan's Economic Recovery
58 The Nile river led to Khartoum's growth, but now threatens the city
59 In pics: flood aftermath in Khartoum, Sudan
60 Minister: Continued deterioration of Sudanese Pound 'serious threat'
61 Normal life partially returns to Sudanese capital Khartoum amid easing of lockdown
62 Water level of Blue Nile rises in Khartoum, Sudan
63 TIFF Heads Call For Release Of Doc Filmmaker hajooj kuka, Jailed In Khartoum
64 Concerns of a Coup Stir in Sudan as Capital Braces for a Virus Lockdown
65 Lebanon's Lawyers Launch National Initiative to 'Recover the State'
66 As bizjet makes TLV-Khartoum trip, Pompeo hopes Sudan recognizes Israel quickly
67 Sudan accused of masterminding lethal attacks on Khartoum protesters
68 Sudan floods: More than 100 dead, 500,000 homeless in worst flooding in 100 years
69 Floods in Sudan hit capital Khartoum hard, dozens dead
70 Khartoum clinches peace deal with most Sudan rebel groups
71 Jump in Sudan Coronavirus Cases Prompts Total Lockdown
72 People take part in mass demonstration in Khartoum, Sudan
73 Fire at Sudanese military arms factory warehouse south of Khartoum: SUNA
74 Sudan's PM survives assassination attempt in Khartoum
75 Sudanese PM opposes normalization with Israel as Khartoum deliberates move
76 DTM Sudan
77 Sudan: Site profile
78 DTM Sudan
79 Sudan extends lockdown in Khartoum state to June 29
80 Sudan peace negotiations: Direct talks in Khartoum on outstanding issues
81 UN agencies support flood response in Sudan but warn aid stocks 'rapidly' depleting
82 Khartoum airport partially opens to flights from Egypt, Turkey and UAE
83 Sudanese Professionals Association: 'COVID-19 is a national security threat'
84 Khartoum: Protesters burn Israel flag – Middle East Monitor
85 Third ERC aircraft arrives in Khartoum to rescue people affected by floods
86 Khartoum should tackle its terrorist problem before it spins out of control
87 Record Flooding in Sudan
88 In Sudan, ICC prosecutor says al-Bashir must be tried over Darfur
89 Hand-washing More Accessible to COVID-19 Vulnerable Homeless in Khartoum
90 Sudan extends lockdown in Khartoum state by two weeks: SUNA
91 Sudanese Coronavirus Committee Recommends Lockdown Extension in Khartoum State
92 Why Trump wants Sudan to befriend Israel
93 Sudan: Justice for June 3 Crackdown Delayed
94 ‘We lost everything’: Thousands homeless as Sudan battles floods
95 US Top Diplomat Pompeo Visits Sudan
96 Sudan begins easing coronavirus lockdown measures
97 Sudan to investigate violence against protesters in Khartoum
98 Sudan alert: Flooding and surging inflation threaten humanitarian assistance
99 These Sudanese lions are so starved their bones show. A campaign to save them went viral
100 Sudan increases bread prices in Khartoum to help bakers