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Result Content Idea Research
1 'Sun Kings' Welcome Visitors at Czech National Museum
2 Egypt: The discovery of the intact tomb of Iufaa
3 Know more about King Djedkare Isesi
4 Mummified baboons whisper of a mysterious long-lost civilization from beyond the grave
5 Queen Khentkaus: The Second Queen to rule Egypt independently
6 4400-year-old statue of Egyptian pharaoh found
7 The Ancient Egyptian Pyramids
8 Tomb of a Pharaoh's 'Sole Friend' and 'Keeper of the Secret' Found in Egypt
9 Mysterious 'keeper of the secret' tomb found in Egypt
10 Discovery of the tomb of priest Kaires
11 Archaeologists find 4500-year-old statue of little known Egyptian king
12 Beyond the Great Pyramid: 5 Lesser-Known Pyramids That Shaped Our Understanding of Ancient Egypt
13 Surprising Links Between Pharaoh Akhenaten and the Jewish New Year
14 Tahtib: Modernizing Egypt’s Ancient Martial Art
15 Ruins of Bustling Port Unearthed at Egypt's Giza Pyramids
16 The Life of Khaemweset: Ancient Archaeologist And The First Egyptologist
17 Egypt: Ancient child burials found near Aswan
18 How Newport-based engineers saved Egypt's first pyramid
19 Tomb of Kaires the 'Keeper of the Secret' and the Pharaoh's 'Sole Friend' Unearthed in Egypt
20 Ruins of barracks, port unearthed at Egypt's Giza Pyramids
21 Think Egypt Think Magic: The Power of Heka in the Life of King and Commoner – Part I
22 Archaeologists unearth tomb of previously unknown Queen in Egypt
23 A King's Seal? Was Pharaoh Apophis Originally King of the Mythical Kushites?
24 3500-Year-Old Child Burials Unearthed at Ancient Egyptian Work Site
25 Forget Giza, These Are the Unknown Pyramids of Egypt You Need to Have On Your Bucketlist
26 GUEST ARTICLE: 5 Things You Didn't Know About the History of Copper
27 Religion and Magic in Amarna: Battling Forces from Different Realms—Part I
28 Out for War or A Shopping Trip? Why Hatshepsut Traveled to the Kingdom of Punt
29 Uganda’s Idi Amin and how he became one of the world’s most hated men