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1 Kinzinger staying cautious while Illinois reopens
2 Kinzinger: Members of Congress should stop using Zoom
3 LETTER: 'Former congressman' is a good title for Kinzinger
4 IL congressmen Mike Quigley, Adam Kinzinger call for Trump action on Russian bounty report
5 Kinzinger's bipartisan bill streamlines path to US for certain Hong Kong residents
6 Letter: Vote Kinzinger in November
7 Letter: My vote goes to Adam Kinzinger
8 Congressman Adam Kinzinger said President Trump wasn't briefed about Russian bounties
9 Rep. Adam Kinzinger: Trump could do 'better job' reassuring public amid new coronavirus surge
10 Rep. Kinzinger on call to remove statues: It's 'insanity' and 'a symptom of, we have not emphasized our his...
11 Disappointed in state Rep. Adam Kinzinger's representation
12 Congressman Adam Kinzinger says federal business should not be conducted on Zoom
13 US Rep Adam Kinzinger reacts after White House briefing on Russia; Sen. Tammy Duckworth demands answers
14 Rep. Kinzinger urges Congress to stop using Zoom
15 LETTER: The right to choose does not matter to Kinzinger
16 Letter: Kinzinger is leading on China
17 Kinzinger wants Congress to boycott Zoom for caving to China over Tiananmen Square memorials
18 Kinzinger: Calling racism systemic 'inflammatory'
19 Rep. Kinzinger: 'deep concern' about alleged Russian bounties, but NYT doesn't 'paint the whole picture'
20 Rep. Adam Kinzinger calls on Americans to protect monuments, stop erasing U.S. history
21 Kinzinger Applauds Rule Change On International Private Nuclear Programs
22 Underwood endorses Brzozowski in 16th Congressional District race
23 Rep. Kinzinger announces art competition winners
24 Kinzinger Wants More Information on Russian Bounties
25 Rep. Kinzinger on serving in the US military, celebrating America's 224th birthday
26 LETTER: Adam Kinzinger fights for agriculture and the family farm
27 Foster endorses Brzozowski for Congress in 16th District
28 Rep. Kinzinger Awaiting Review After White House Briefing on Russian Bounty Reports
29 Kinzinger addresses Guard's use of reconnaissance plane
30 16th District Candidates Discuss Coronavirus And Racial Unrest
31 Rep. Kinzinger fights for agriculture and family farms
32 Kinzinger's bipartisan bill would expand sanctions on Russian export gas pipelines
33 Rep. Adam Kinzinger: I Don't Think The President Was Briefed On Russia Putting Bounties On U.S. Soldiers
34 Kinzinger Drafts Legislation to Expand Sanctions on Nord Stream 2 Pipeline
35 GOP lawmaker: Russian intelligence is not cut-and-dry
36 Illinois Daybook
37 Rep. Adam Kinzinger on proposed police reform bill: ‘There’s really good momentum to do it, but we have a tendency to overreact with policy’
38 GOP Rep Says He's Bothered Trump Doesn't Criticize Putin, Xi on Twitter
39 Duckworth faces criticism for requesting 'national dialogue' on removing George Washington monuments
40 Kinzinger, McCaul urge administration to retain US military footprint in Germany
41 Congressman Thinks It Is Dangerous To Use TikTok And Zoom Applications
42 'Our bodies are not a political playground'
43 Congressional candidates discuss police reform | WCMY-AM
44 LETTER: Brzozowski puts her practical, progressive values at the forefront
45 Rochelle High student wins Congressional Art Contest with “El Loro”
46 Will County area members of Congress weigh in on police reform
47 LETTER: Kinzinger answers call to action by serving his country in the Air Guard
48 Congressional Candidate giving federal government an "F" for pandemic response
49 Sen. Tammy Duckworth fires back after Tucker Carlson suggests she 'hates America'
50 Air Force Investigates Military Planes That Monitored Protesters
51 Illinois lawmakers weigh in on federal Justice in Policing Act proposal
52 US Air Force investigates use of Air National Guard surveillance aircraft at protests
53 Two Ogle County students among art competition winners
54 Congressman Adam Kinzinger marries Sofia Boza-Holman
55 Your Illinois News Radar » Secretary White shows again why he's such a class act in response to “lynching” tweet
57 House Republicans urge Trump to reconsider US troop withdrawal from Germany
58 Russia’s Nord Stream II Handed A Potential Death Knell
59 PHOTO: Congressman Adam Kinzinger gets married over Valentine's Day weekend
60 Congressman Adam Kinzinger will have no primary opponent
61 Rep. Adam Kinzinger targeted media buys in 2018
62 Congressman Kinzinger weds in ceremony at Guatemalan monastery
63 LETTER: Stop casting blame on others, Adam Kinzinger
64 Kinzinger Wants No Part of Trump-Pritzker Coronavirus Battle
65 Congressman Kinzinger deployed with National Guard in response to violence
66 GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger on Twitter, in video takes on Trump, conspiracy theories:
67 Representative Adam Kinzinger calls on Americans to protect the monuments and to stop erasing the history of the United States.
68 U.S. Rep. Adam Kinzinger says he will vote 'no' on president's impeachment
69 China has just broken its solemn promise to Hong Kong
70 Congressman Adam Kinzinger will seek reelection
71 Congressman Adam Kinzinger says recent Guard mission took drugs off the street
72 GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger Says Soleimani Assassination Was The Right Move
73 The Spin: Gov. Pritzker responds to ‘attack’ ad with 2 new TV spots | Duckworth’s insight on what Biden’s loo
74 GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger Weighs In On Trump's Decision To Pull U.S. Troops From Syria
75 Rep. Adam Kinzinger sent on Air Guard mission
76 Kinzinger requests provisions to better tackle COVID-19
77 U.S. Rep. Adam Kinzinger said Trump should call for more National Guard
78 Kinzinger Joins Illinois Republicans Calling for Limited, Regional Reopening
79 Kinzinger Ties The Knot | Local News
80 Conservative group urges Rep. Adam Kinzinger to take action in impeachment process
81 US Rep. Adam Kinzinger plans to seek re-election
82 Anders Aslund: Nord stream-2 is an investment with geopolitical reasons
83 Rep. Adam Kinzinger calls for ‘realistic answers’ when it comes to House GOP China review
84 Rep. Kinzinger reacts to vote on articles of impeachment against Trump
85 President slights Kinzinger
86 Kinzinger’s Rising Star Burns A Bit Brighter In Trump Era
87 Rep. Adam Kinzinger
88 GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger says he still backs Trump after civil war tweet, but ‘I’ve made it clear that there ar
89 Democratic candidate calls Kinzinger 'tone deaf'
90 Adam Kinzinger Calls Trump Tweet 'Beyond Repugnant'
91 Rep. Kinzinger deployed to assist law enforcement with riots
92 Congressman Kinzinger chosen for GOP's China Task Force
93 Congressman Kinzinger introduces legislation combatting social media scams
94 Kinzinger: Saving our nuclear fleet starts in Springfield
95 Congressman Kinzinger goes on mission with Air National Guard
96 Congressman Adam Kinzinger hosts 2019 Youth Leadership Summit
97 Republican Adam Kinzinger joins GOP critics of Trump’s decision to pull troops out of Syria
98 Republicans leaders weigh in on Kinzingers criticism of Trump
99 After calling Trump’s civil war tweet ‘beyond repugnant,’ Adam Kinzinger is only GOP rep left off president’s
100 House Dems Reject Resolution Condemning China for Coronavirus Cyberattacks