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1 Flashback Friday: Kirlian Photography
2 Geek Review: The Kirlian Frequency (Netflix)
3 Simple Acrylic Plates Make Kirlian Photography A Breeze
4 Wellness through Chakras
5 “I Sing The Body Electric” and Walt Whitman
6 How Can You See Your Aura
7 At a glance: UK Film Centre events at 2020 Cannes virtual market
8 Guiding Light: Relax Into the Uncertainty
9 Guiding your body through Chakras
10 Mastering the Kirlian Photography Technique: A Short Guide
11 Find your gateway to divinity
12 Detoxifying your body, mind and spirit
13 Jeremy Shaw | Towards Universal Pattern Recognition (National Day of Prayer, 1992) (2017) | Available for Sale
14 Mastering emotions through chakras
15 English Dub Season Review: The Kirlian Frequency Season One
16 Horror Fans Should Tune into Netflix's 'The Kirlian Frequency'
17 Talkin' 'bout My Gentrification: The Secret Life of The Kirlian Witness (1979)
18 The Creators Of Spooky Animated Series The Kirlian Frequency Talk About Their Big Leap To Netflix
19 The Kirlian Frequency: Gone From The Airwaves, Now on Netflix
20 Doc Destiny: Solar eclipse and its side-effects
21 Love 'Love, Death and Robots'? Watch 'The Kirlian Frequency' on Netflix
22 Aura Portraits Make Good Art, Bad Science
23 Fill Your Stocking With These 5 Eclectic Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror Shorts
24 Taking a shot at aura photography
25 How Does Aura Photography Look When You're High on Cannabis?
27 Sydney artist Kate Mitchell uses New Age 'aura photography' to capture portraits of Australian workers
28 10 Great Under-the-Radar Horror Shows to Stream This Halloween
29 Throwback Thursday: A look back at UCLA's paranormal research during the '70s
30 Kirlian Bar by Jeremy Shaw at Art Basel
31 The time David Bowie photographed his aura before and after using cocaine
32 7 Must-See Exhibitions This Week, From San Francisco to London and Beyond
33 Polaroid Portraits with a Camera That Supposedly Captures Auras
34 How Aura Photography Invaded Instagram
35 RA News: Alva Noto reveals fourth Xerrox album
36 Exclusive new stills from Kirlian energy horror Aura
37 Photographer Robert Buelteman Will Force You to See the Natural Beauty Around Us
38 The Colorful and Clairvoyant History of Aura Photography
40 Celebrate Friday the 13th with "The Occult: Mysteries Of The Supernatural" (1977 )
41 Mother Earth's Plantasia is a paradise for plant-lovers
42 The Vast of Night Perfectly Pitches the Tingles
43 13 Horror Series to Binge Watch This Halloween
44 Flashback Friday: 25 Infamous Pot Busts
45 The Ultimate Stoner Convenience Store Guide
46 Lose yourself (virtually) in the hypnotic art of Jeremy Shaw
47 Images of Black Women as Avatars of Spiritual Agency
48 '2.0': Sci-fi takes a fantasy turn with pseudoscience
49 Ghostly Images of WiFi Signals Captured Using Long Exposure Photography and an Android App
50 Washing Your Hands With 20000 Volts
51 Lovecraftian nightmare web series Ghost Radio is back to mess with your head in Season 2
52 David Bowie, His Aura and Cocaine in Photographs
53 These Weird Rainbow Ghosts Show How Wi-Fi Signals Are Shaped
54 2010-19: Back To The Garden: The Return Of Ambient And New Age
55 Behemoth's Nergal Joins Triumph Of Death For Performance Of Hellhammer's 'Aggressor' (Video)
56 Dystopian Double Feature (Part 4): Comic Book Calamity!
57 Why Do We Believe We Can See Souls, Auras, Spirits in Spooky Photography?
58 MIA WALLACE Fires Back At THOMAS GABRIEL FISCHER Over 'Disrespectful' Comments Regarding NIRYTH Project
59 Plantasia celebrates the music of Mort Garson—and plants
60 What your aura says about you
61 What it’s like to get your aura photographed at Detroit’s Aura Aura
62 The Best Things To Do In NYC This Week: From K-Pop To The Mermaid Parade
63 Singapore-Based Beach House Picture To Work On Neopets Animated Series
64 University buys 'aura-reading machine' in search of 'jinn' evidence
65 Robot Vs. Superbug
66 Plantasia at The Garfield Park Conservatory
67 Review of Michael SA Graziano, 'The Spaces Between Us: A Story of Neuroscience, Evolution and Human Nature'
68 Aura Reading
69 Everything you need to know about horror flick THE EXORCISM OF KAREN WALKER
70 Plantasia Reissue Party at the Getty Marks a Return to 70s Plant Vibes
71 Aura Reading: Instagram's Photo Trend
72 The Mediated Plant
73 Dark Entries gives East Wall's 1991 album Silence a deluxe reissue
74 Home Entertainment: 'The Exorcism Of Karen Walker' DVD Review
75 Alva Noto returns to Xerrox series for Vol. 4 on 2xLP
76 Evil is Revealed In First 'Aura' Images and Art
77 Go Deep On Moody Italo With Dark Entries' 10 Overlooked Gems
78 Lo-Fi Snack Pack: The Lasso, Navy Blue, AKAI SOLO & Pink Siifu
79 Trailer: New Horror Movie 'The Exorcism Of Karen Walker'
80 Just Be Here Now: A Review of Netflix's The Midnight Gospel
81 Body Conscious: How To Read Your Aura
82 Electrifying Photos of Flowers Being Zapped by 80,000 Volts
83 Hereford Films Unveils "The Exorcism Of Karen Walker"
84 Spooky Animated Web Series Ghost Radio Is Back for a Second Season
85 Why You Might Accidentally Plagiarize Someone's Photos or Videos and What You Can Do About It
86 In Chinatown, Getting Auras to Say Cheese
87 Hit Side-Scrolling Indie Game Cuphead Will Be Getting A Netflix Adaptation
88 The amazing plant photographs which were ten years in the making and are filled with electricity
89 Weed Town, USA: How Marijuana Rescued the Town of Trinidad, Colorado
90 Interview: Kier-La Janisse on Offering an Education in Chills and Thrills at the Miskatonic Institute for Horror Studies
91 Opinion | The Quietus Essay | The Great Divide: On Laibach In North Korea
92 Marina Abramović Will Charge Herself With 1 Million Volts of Electricity in the Name of Art
93 Easy Ways to Learn More About Your Inner Self
94 The Dos and Don'ts of Being A Parent Who Smokes Weed
95 For Royal Academy Show, Marina Abramović to Charge Herself with 1M Volts
96 United States Psychotronics Association (USPA) Announces Their 41st Annual Conference
97 Geek Review: Last Christmas
98 Auras Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Reading Colors
99 Spotted: Keanu Reeves Filming The Matrix 4 As Neo In Leaked Set Footage
100 3 Auras & What Your Chakra Energy Color Means