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1 Nestlé's newest KitKat is missing a key ingredient
2 Nestlé releases new vegan KitKat
3 Genius new Kit-Kat ad sums up lockdown perfectly
4 This Relatable Kit Kat Ad, While Unofficial, Is a Master Class in the Power of Simplicity
5 Is Nestlé Really Launching Vegan Kit Kat Bars?
6 Nestle to Launch a Dairy-Free KitKat: Here is Everything We Know
7 Nestlé Prepares a Vegan KitKat for the End of This Year
8 Nestlé to sell vegan version of its popular KitKat confectionery bar
9 KitKat Zebra Is A Delicious Marbled Mix Of White And Dark Chocolate
10 McDonald's Bringing Back All-Day McGriddles, Chocolate Pie & Kit Kat McFlurry
11 Kit Kat Is Releasing a Vegan Chocolate Bar, But It’s Not Coming to the U.S. Just Yet
12 Marketers say Kit Kat's new poster is “amusing” and “relatable”
13 Nestlé unveils 'stripy' Kit Kat Zebra dark and white chocolate bars
14 Nestle creates vegan KitKat bar without milk
15 Naidoo to tackle Kit Kat Group Pro-Am after Florida triumph
16 What I learned from making THAT viral KitKat ad
17 BREAKING: Food Giant Nestlé To Launch Vegan KitKat Chocolate, Says Insider
18 Social media users go wild for new KitKat Zebra with dark and white chocolate
19 Got no milk: KitKat V – for vegan – candy bar debuts
20 Nestle creates vegan KitKat bar
21 Babylon Adoptable Pet Of The Week: Kit Kat
22 KitKat Zebra has arrived in the UK and it’s made with white and dark chocolate
23 Hennig answers One Minute Brief with winner for KitKat
24 Janno Gibbs, Kitkat Favia speak up on leaving ‘Happy Time’ after feud
25 Reese’s New Peanut Butter Cup Is (Almost) All Peanut Butter
26 KitKat break is now KitKat 'Dessert' Break
27 A sweet solution to… what exactly?
28 Give me a break: KitKat's vegan bar shows the dangers of 'try-hard' worthy branding
29 Kit Kat Bars Are Dropping a Few Wafers for a New 'Thins' Version
30 Ginimbi’s Family Suspects Kit Kat Of Doctoring The Will That Gives Him Ginimbi’s Lamboghini
31 Kit Kat announces Kit Kat Flavor Club — here's how to join
32 Janno Gibbs, Kitkat dismissed from 'Happy Time'
33 Take a flavour trip with these quirky imported snacks
34 McDonald's S'pore bringing back McGriddles, chocolate pie & Kitkat McFlurry from Mar. 4
35 Is there a market for organic Reese’s? Candy makers roll out 'better-for-you' products
36 Japanese Kit Kat Bars Are Getting Smaller
37 Kit Kat will release a new Duo flavor in November
38 Wintrust Business Lunch 2/15/21: Confidence in the housing market on the rise, Steak ‘n Shake considers bankruptcy and Nestle announces vegan KitKat bar
39 Best Easter eggs 2021
40 Another 2021 Shift in Indulgence: Vegan Chocolate Is Now a Thing
41 If you feed a Brontosaurus a Japanese Kit Kat… — Tone Madison
42 Kit Kat Releases Whisky Barrel-Aged Chocolate Bar in Japan
43 That which appears is good, that which is good appears
44 Kit Kat to debut second Duos bar this fall
45 'Kit Kat Flavor Club': Candy brand is offering chance to sample new flavors before they hit stores
46 Kit Kat will slim down like many of us for early 2021
47 Whisky Barrel Aged KitKat? Smoky Release Arrives In Time For The Holidays
48 Hershey introduces Kit Kat Thins | 2021-01-18
49 Nestle expands plant-based products with new vegan KitKat bar
50 Raspberry Crème Kit Kats Are Already Back For Valentine’s Day, So I Guess We're Ready For 2021
51 Is That A Kit-Kat?
52 KitKat logo replaced after alarming revelation
53 The Big Change Coming To Kit Kat In 2021
54 Survey: Nevadans like Kit Kat bars
55 Mondelez, ConAgra And Hershey Strut Their Healthier Stuff To Wall Street
56 KitKat brand giving iconic slogan a break to mark 85th anniversary
57 Kit Kat releasing whisky barrel aged chocolate bar
58 Costco Sells 20-Count Boxes Of Mini Kit Kat Ice Cream Bars
59 Kat West’s husband, Jeff West, sentenced to 16 years in wife’s death
60 New Apple Pie Kit Kats Are Coming to Town
61 Japanese KitKats are now smaller because 'people are worried about calorie and sugar'
62 Kit Kat Just Got Its Own Official Beer
63 Judge says give me a break on Kit Kat lawsuit
64 York & North Yorkshire: fascinating facts
65 Happy Chocolate Day: 5 iconic Indian TV ads which made us fall in love with chocolates even more
66 Candy Corn To Kit Kat Bars: Ranking Your Favorite Halloween Sweet Treats | 90.1 FM WABE
67 Starburst vs. Kit Kat 2020: Shelbyville students hold an election of their own
68 You'll Soon Be Able To Devour Key Lime Pie-Flavored Kit Kats
69 Best Bites: Kit Kat Duos Mint & Dark Chocolate
70 I Tried the New Mocha Chocolate Kit Kats That Are Coming in November, and I've Found My New Weakness
71 A Kit Kat Bar with a Dose of Whiskey? Only in Japan
72 Nestle to release Whisky Barrel Aged Kitkat exclusive in Japan
73 Hershey's to debut 'Kit Kat Thins' as newest candy of 2021
74 This Rumored Kit Kat Flavor Will Taste Just Like Cereal
75 Someone Made A GIANT Kitkat With Just Two Ingredients And We're Obsessed
76 Nestlé launches luxury KitKat bars — but they're not cheap
77 Japanese KitKats are shrinking; Nestlé says previous size may have been too large for customers
78 'Profoundly disappointing': KitKat cuts ties with Fairtrade
79 Witches Brew Kit Kats Are Coming This Halloween And They're Mean, Green, And Taste Like Marshmallows
80 Hershey Announces Bold 2030 Goals to Reduce Environmental Footprint and Address Climate Change
81 Kit Kat Has A New Flavor That's Perfect For Coffee Lovers
82 Kit Kat's New All-American Flavor Has Everyone Talking
83 The shocking reason KitKat is changing its logo
84 Kit Kat Thins Are on the Way to Offer a Thinner Option to the Original
85 New Kit Kats are as American as... you know
86 World's first make-your-own KitKat shop opening in Tokyo
87 Kit Kat Unveils New Kit Kat Duos Mocha + Chocolate Candy Bar
88 Surprise! KIT KAT® Brand Celebrates Launch Of Birthday Cake Flavor
89 You can now get Scotch whisky KitKats -- but only in Japan
90 A year into the pandemic, Nat Geo photographers turn their lenses on pets
91 Kit Kat: Which Kit Kat flavor is the best one to break into?
92 Trademark trouble for Tefal's red dot
93 Meet the genius behind the Japanese Kit Kat flavors
94 Here's Why KitKat Can't Say 'Black Lives Matter' While Abandoning Fairtrade
95 Do "Kit Kat White" Candy Bars Contain White Chocolate?
96 Kit Kat Ice Cream Bars Exist And They Come With Chocolate Or Vanilla Ice Cream
97 Nutella-Inspired KitKats Have Launched In The UK
98 Kit Kat finally gets adventurous in America with new flavors
99 Hershey Is Releasing Their Pumpkin Flavored Kit Kat Bar
100 Key lime pie-flavored Kit Kats are coming in 2021