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1 Sara Amundson and Kitty Block: A time of hope for animals
2 Poll of Kentucky voters points to broad support for anti-soring legislation
3 raises over 2 million dollars at “To the Rescue!” gala to help save animals | The Humane Society of the United States
4 HSUS Sends Letter to Wisconsin Governor About Gray Wolf Hunting Issues
5 New undercover footage reveals bleak existence for dogs at USDA-licensed puppy mills that supply puppies to popular pet stores
6 Resurrecting a rule shelved in 2016 could tackle horse-soring head-on, says HSUS
7 Wellesley becomes first community outside California to ban fur sales
8 Gray wolf delisted from endangered species list
9 Statement from Kitty Block on Australia bushfires
10 About Kitty Block
11 Blockchain 2.0: Ethereum Staking And Unfair Taxation Of A ‘Crypto Kitty’
12 Kitty Block and Sara Amundson: Shaking it up for sharks in 2020
13 Kitty Block and Sara Amundson: U.S. proposes more changes to chip away at Endangered Species Act
14 Kitty Block: Coronavirus offers more proof why China needs to shut down live wild animal markets for good
15 Walmart expands its pet offerings as adoption rates surge
16 To prevent another pandemic, global leaders should crack down on wildlife trade
17 Narrow triangular block in RiNo sells for $1.1M
18 Florida black bear cub poaching incident is a reminder of the need to coexist with wildlife
19 Breaking: HSUS/HSLF report identifies key U.S. policy changes needed to avoid another pandemic
20 The Humane Society of the United States Makes New Leadership Appointments and Important Governance Changes
21 If you're adopting a dog in the pandemic, steer clear of puppy mills, Humane Society warns
22 Virtually the best conference ever: registration open for Taking Action for Animals Online 2020
23 Mink on Wisconsin fur farm test positive for coronavirus · A Humane World
24 Where To Buy Starface & Hello Kitty's Pimple Patches In The UK
25 Narrow triangular block in RiNo sells for $1.1 million
26 Let's make this the year we end cosmetics testing in all of the United States
27 Botswana sells 60 elephants for trophy hunts at first auction since it ended ban
28 BREAKING: HSUS, HSLF, HSI release policy plan on wildlife markets, factory farms, companion animals and more to avoid another global health crisis
29 Wellesley votes to ban sales of fur products
30 Kitty Block and Sara Amundson: On World Health Day, a global reckoning with COVID-19 is urgent
31 Breaking news: Washington becomes seventh U.S. state to outlaw wildlife killing contests
32 Right whales are now 'critically endangered'—just a step away from extinction
33 HSI deploys to assist with rescue efforts in Beirut; HSUS transporting dogs, cats out of storm path in Gulf Coast
34 Roadside zoo owner Doc Antle charged with animal cruelty, wildlife trafficking
35 Breaking news: Coronavirus outbreak reported at two Utah mink fur farms
36 Kitty Block: 860 animal lives on offer at trophy hunters’ Reno convention
37 House passes second funding package with welcome news for chimpanzees, right whales and farm animals
38 Breaking news: U.S. House approves key animal reforms, including combating wildlife trafficking, preventing cruel hunting practices and enforcing animal cruelty laws
39 Putting an end to lion trophy hunting in memory of Cecil
40 Breaking news: Horse racing reform gallops to victory in U.S. House
41 On World Health Day, a global reckoning with COVID-19 is urgent
42 BREAKING NEWS: On Congress's orders, USDA begins restoring inspection reports for puppy mills, roadside zoos and other facilities
43 Sen. Mitch McConnell will introduce bill to reform horse racing
44 170 dog meat trade survivors touch down in the United States; new poll shows a growing majority of South Koreans reject dog meat
45 At SCI convention, trophy hunters rub shoulders with Donald Trump Jr. and USFWS director; undercover investigation reveals potentially illegal sales of elephant, stingray, hippo skins
46 Indian state of Nagaland bans dog meat trade
47 Breaking news: Federal horse racing reform sprints ahead with key House committee vote
48 Woman shot while walking near 51st and Yale
49 Netflix's 'Tiger King' is a wake-up call for ending private possession of big cats
50 Breaking news: Nation's top science panel recommends VA should stop most research on dogs
51 Doc Antle, featured in “Tiger King,” Charged with Wildlife Trafficking and Animal Cruelty
52 Breaking news: USDA finalizes reforms for animals in puppy mills, roadside zoos and research labs, but will it enforce them?
53 Breaking news: Parent company of Giant Food, Food Lion and Stop & Shop to eliminate cruel cages for egg-laying hens, mother pigs
54 HSUS helps local shelters rescue and reunite lost cats with families after Oregon wildfires
55 U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, do your job and protect giraffes, or we'll see you in court
56 200 wild animals removed from Indiana roadside zoo
57 Israel proposes ban on fur trade
58 California leads the charge to protect mountain lions but other states backslide
59 As millions of pet owners grapple with evictions, HSUS steps in with resources to ease the struggle
60 HSUS, partners release coronavirus tool kit for shelters; Authorities say no evidence of pet-to-human transmission
61 HSUS, other groups sue feds for opening Alaska's wildlife to cruel trophy hunting methods
62 USDA suspends license of roadside zoo where Joe Exotic abused tigers
63 HSUS in Florida to assist with animal rescue efforts
64 Human-animal coexistence undermined by poor understanding of animal behavior and needs
65 Thanks to Sheltering in Place, Animal Shelters Are Empty
66 Victory! Federal court rejects challenge to Prop 12 · A Humane World
67 The Endangered Species Act is in its own fight for survival; help us save and strengthen it
68 Doctor's request for more parking is denied in Oak Lawn
69 HSUS Names Kitty Block as New CEO
70 HSUS grades companies on animal welfare pledges: see how McDonald's, Subway, Starbucks and others performed
71 Celebrating lions – and protecting them – across the globe
72 Newly released footage confirms the Joe Exotic we know
73 Iceland may have killed its last whale; whaling company says it will hang up its harpoons for good
74 Indiana woman who shared videos of herself torturing, killing cats and dogs charged under federal PACT Act
75 Pacelle Steps Down As HSUS President; Kitty Block Acting President/CEO
76 Missouri black bear hunt proposal based on biased Safari Club research
77 U.S. mink industry in free fall as demand for fur plummets
78 HSUS, other groups sue Trump administration for speeding up chicken slaughter
79 Run, Bruno, run from Missouri · A Humane World
80 BREAKING NEWS: Racehorse trainers, veterinarians charged in widespread doping scandal
81 Breaking news: Chinese provinces announce plans to buy out wildlife breeders, end trade in wild animals for food
82 Breaking news: Colorado becomes seventh U.S. state to ban cages for egg-laying hens
83 Senate bill would prohibit worst puppy mill practices
84 Bills introduced in Congress to stop faster speeds at slaughterhouses
85 Breaking news: Netherlands will close all mink fur farms by next year
86 Trump administration opens Alaska's national preserves to cruel practices like trophy-hunting denning bears and wolves and their cubs; proposes disbanding protections on Kenai Wildlife Refuge
87 KFC, more Americans want to eat the plant-based 'Kentucky Fried Miracle'
88 HSUS, HSI lawsuit forces U.S. to act to protect pangolins, world's most trafficked mammals
89 Coronavirus crisis increases need to help victims of domestic violence and their pets
90 China's recognition of dogs as companion animals bodes well for its animal welfare future
91 Sara Amundson and Kitty Block: The state of the animal union under the Trump administration
92 The Block 2020 recap: Backyards | Photos
93 Breaking news: Nordstrom to stop selling products made with fur and exotic animal skins
94 HSUS, HSLF and partners urge Congress to end higher killing speeds at slaughterhouses
95 deploys to Florida to rescue animals impacted by Hurricane Sally from the floodwaters | The Humane Society of the United States
96 USFWS director says federal protections for wolves will be removed by end of year
97 Court gives Joe Exotic's zoo to Carole Baskin of Big Cat Rescue; but no reprieve for the animals
98 'The call has been answered': Animal shelters across the U.S. are emptying amid coronavirus pandemic
99 Breaking news: U.S. will allow cruel trophy hunting practices to kill hibernating bears and wolf pups on Alaska's federal lands
100 Breaking news: Fauci calls for closing down wildlife markets around the globe