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1 Why (and where) Amy Klobuchar will still be a factor in the 2020 election
2 Senator Klobuchar on Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and upcoming Supreme Court confirmation battle
3 GOP senators "don't have to go lockstep" with President Trump on Supreme Court pick, Amy Klobuchar says
4 Sen. Amy Klobuchar And U.S. Chief Judge John Tunheim React To Loss Of Justice Ginsburg
5 Klobuchar Says to Hold Off On Supreme Court Nominee
6 Klobuchar calls for end to shutdown in Democratic address
7 Klobuchar: GOP can't use 'raw political power right in middle of an election' | TheHill
8 Klobuchar mocked for tweet inadvertently arguing Trump should fill SCOTUS vacancy
9 Klobuchar urges Senate Republicans to use their 'moral compasses' in considering Supreme Court vacancy
10 Senator Amy Klobuchar to be vetted for Vice President
11 Klobuchar announces she has qualified for next Democratic debate
12 Analyst: Amy Klobuchar did well at the debate, but missed the mark on a key question involving race
13 New Iowa poll spells trouble for Amy Klobuchar
14 Klobuchar mocked over tweet saying 'people pick the President' and 'the President picks the Justice'
15 Klobuchar announcement on Sunday for 2020
16 Myon Burrell supporters shut down Klobuchar campaign rally
17 Sen. Klobuchar to announce 2020 plans Sunday
18 Amy Klobuchar at the Minnesota State Fair talks trade
19 Freeman backs up Klobuchar in Burrell case
20 Klobuchar says she'll treat staff better
21 Why Klobuchar dropped out of the presidential race now
22 OPINION EXCHANGE | Klobuchar can help break the congressional deadlock on police reform
23 Fast Company declares Amy Klobuchar the 'cornball master of the Cracker-Barrel quote'
24 Senator Amy Klobuchar Visits St. Cloud
25 Klobuchar: GOP beholden to integrity, not McConnell
26 Klobuchar reacts to Bloomberg's possible candidacy
27 Vin Weber: Sen. Klobuchar would 'give Trump a real problem' if she runs for president
28 Klobuchar raises $11.4 million in last quarter
29 Amy Klobuchar emerging dark horse candidate
30 Senator Klobuchar, Mayor Larson Speak in Support of US Postal Service
31 Sen. Amy Klobuchar to host rally In St. Louis Park on Sunday
32 Klobuchar town hall meeting from New Hampshire
33 Amy Klobuchar looks a lot more presidential on campaign trail
34 Klobuchar supports Trump impeachment process 'beginning now'
35 Senator Amy Klobuchar announces husband has COVID-19
36 'Complete outrage' over in-person election security briefings to Congress ceasing: Sen. Klobuchar
37 Klobuchar appears on Late Show with Stephen Colbert
38 Activists call for Klobuchar to suspend campaign over '03 life sentence
39 Amy Klobuchar first interview as candidate vice president
40 Klobuchar: Husband released from hospital
41 Klobuchar: AG Barr must release full Mueller report to public
42 Sen. Amy Klobuchar withdraws from VP consideration
43 Amy Klobuchar suspends campaign as moderates turn to Joe Bid
44 Democratic Sen. Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota Set to Join 2020 Presidential Race
45 Flooding concerns greet Governor, Klobuchar
46 Pete Buttigieg leads Iowa caucus, Amy Klobuchar at 5th
47 Klobuchar attacks Trump ahead of presidential visit
48 Klobuchar says she raised $5.2M in 7 weeks for 2020 bid
49 Will Amy Klobuchar drop out after Super Tuesday?
50 Sen. Klobuchar trying to save concert venues
51 Klobuchar says IS still a threat
52 Smith, Klobuchar call for more impeachment trial witnesses
53 Klobuchar calls for Virginia governor's resignation
54 Amy Klobuchar calls for more witnesses at impeachment trial
55 Senator Amy Klobuchar holds call with Region Nine Development Committee members to address COVID-19 affects and response in rural Minnesota
56 Klobuchar's father diagnosed with coronavirus
57 Amy Klobuchar vs Pete Buttigieg in the Democratic debate
58 Klobuchar meets with Nicollet, Le Sueur County officials to talk rural needs
59 Amy Klobuchar: "Acosta should step down"
60 Klobuchar reaches threshold for next round of debates
61 Klobuchar on the defensive following NY Times article
62 Klobuchar, Smith say SCOTUS replacement needs to wait until after election
63 Democrats take aim at climate crisis in CNN town hall
64 Klobuchar gathers input on COVID-19 impact and support
65 Klobuchar calls on Senate majority leader to aid Postal Service
66 Sens. Peters, Klobuchar and Reed introduce bill to counter COVID-19 misinformation
67 Schatz Joins in Introducing Legislation To Bolster Local Journalism
68 Saving the music: Bipartisan bill aims to aid struggling independent venues
69 Minnesota Flight Attendants Rally Outside Klobuchar’s Office
70 Meet the Press
71 Amy Klobuchar 2020: Polls, news and on the issues
72 Klobuchar's vice presidential hopes take hit amid unrest in Minnesota
73 INTERVIEW: Local effort to help live music venues during the COVID-19 pandemic
74 20,000 flags placed on National Mall to memorialize COVID-19 deaths in the US
75 Ginsburg leaves legacy and questions about her successor
76 Klobuchar Faces Uproar Over Her Role in Black Teenager’s Murder Conviction
77 Sen. Amy Klobuchar Praises VP Pick Kamala Harris For 'Grace Under Pressure'
78 Amy Klobuchar was kicked out of the hospital 24 hours after giving birth. Her outrage fueled her political rise.
79 What happened in the final days of Amy Klobuchar's campaign
80 How Amy Klobuchar Pulled Off the Big Surprise of the New Hampshire Primary
81 Klobuchar Drops Out of Biden’s V.P. Search and Backs Picking a Woman of Color
82 Sen. Amy Klobuchar Discusses Her State's Response To George Floyd's Death
83 Amy Klobuchar Is Pressed on ‘The View’ Over Her Record as a Prosecutor
84 Amy Klobuchar announces her husband has coronavirus
85 Klobuchar makes her not-so-quiet bid to be Joe Biden's running mate
86 Klobuchar cancels Minnesota rally after protesters storm event, outraged over her prosecutorial record
87 Minnesota's political geography: Republicans keep getting close but Democrats have urban and suburban strength
88 Amy Klobuchar for veep? Minnesota senator is in mix
89 Pulitzer Center Joins 18 Organizations in Supporting 'Future of Local News Commission' Act
90 Pence makes his pitch to Wisconsin manufacturing workers
91 Amy Klobuchar's husband returns home from hospital to recover from coronavirus
92 Sen. Amy Klobuchar on Her Husband's COVID-19 Recovery—And Whether She's Talked to Joe Biden About Joining His Ticket
93 Report: Amy Klobuchar 'officially' being vetted as Joe Biden's running mate
94 Sen. Klobuchar On Her Bill To Ensure Mail-In Voting Rights, And On Joe Biden
95 George Floyd's death returns spotlight to Sen. Amy Klobuchar prosecutor past
96 Amy Klobuchar Looked Great On Paper. What Went Wrong?
97 How Amy Klobuchar's campaign for president went wrong
98 'Defied expectations': Amy Klobuchar's New Hampshire surprise means a new battle for money and attention
99 Sen. Amy Klobuchar shares update on husband, after he was hospitalized for coronavirus
100 How Amy Klobuchar is trying to save her rapidly dwindling VP chances