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Result Content Idea Research
1 Moon pleads for UN to end the Korean War
2 Kim Jong Un’s dependence on China grows as virus hits economy
3 South Korea virtual assets legislation congress seminar is held
4 Korea Electric Power Corporation Starts to Expand Its Business in Electric Vehicle Charger towards Areas That Are Mostly Made up of Small Private Companies
5 [News Analysis] No drastic change in Seoul-Tokyo ties expected under new PM Suga
6 Conspiracy or reality?: How Seoul possibly handled the blown-up liaison office
7 Universities in Seoul shift to online classes amid virus fears
8 Sac State suspends study abroad in South Korea due to coronavirus
9 Korean universities' virus fear as Chinese students return for new semester
10 Kookmin president looks to future
11 College students unhappy with online lectures
12 Pandemic to bring big change in electronics, mobility: KITA
13 Universities across Asia start to reopen bit by bit
14 Universities pressed to stop onsite classes
15 North Korea’s dictator has disappeared
16 How Trump’s North Korea nuclear talks gambit came undone
17 New PACE Center Opens at Kookmin...
18 Korea’s Unemployment Rate Unexpectedly Falls Amid Stimulus
19 (News Focus) Fresh tensions brewing in Seoul-Tokyo ties over court procedure to sell off Japanese assets
20 Husain Al-Musallam, Receives Honorary Degree Of Doctor Of Philosophy, Honoris Causa In Sports Science By Kookmin University, Seoul, South Korea
21 Election win for South Korea's Moon could revive goal to reshape economy
22 Why North Korea’s state media has barely mentioned U.S. killing of Iran’s Soleimani
23 Kim Yo Jong, Sister Of North Korea's Ruler, Rises Through Ranks With Tough Rhetoric
24 News Analysis: S.Korea hopes for improved relations with Japan after Abe's resignation
25 South Korea must tame Christian cults or worsen coronavirus spread
26 North Korea isn’t talking to the South anymore. Experts say it could be trying to manufacture a crisis
27 A U.N. deadline is forcing North Korea's global workers to go home. Some never will.
28 The truth about Kim Jong Un's sister, Kim Yo Jong
29 Samsung's LM302N DAY Provides Human-Centric Lighting Solutions Designed to Improve Concentration and Alertness Levels
30 School, students battle over 'comfort women' statue unveiled at Kookmin University [PHOTOS]
31 Why North Korea gave its state newspaper a bizarre makeover on foreign news
32 Coronavirus: North Korea claims to be 'totally free' of virus
33 How two Korean cults measure up against covid-19
34 South Korea’s Moon was once given VIP welcome by the North. He’s now mocked as Korean crisis deepens.
35 Little to no mention of North Korea during US Republican National Convention
36 North Korea: Balloons and speakers raise Korean border tensions
37 North Korea claims to have carried out a ‘very important’ test at rocket launch site
38 With coronavirus, North Korea's isolation is a possible buffer but also a worry
39 As Tensions Rise Over Defense Costs, U.S. Walks Out Of Talks With South Korea
40 South Korean President Moon Jae-in faces crisis with echoes of predecessor Park's downfall
41 Jewelry artist extends Kansas-Korea connection | The University of Kansas
42 studio HAK creates sculptural furniture with oversized aluminium paws
43 Like-minded musicians team up for crossover music
44 World’s first high-efficiency thermoelectric material discovered
45 From paper dolls to big screen designs: Chloe Ji Yoon · School of Dramatic Arts
46 Iceland president receives honorary doctorate from Kookmin University
47 Amid all-time appearance lows, Kim Jong Un absent for another three-week period
48 Kim Jong Un sacks foreign minister, says report
49 Virus-hit Korean cinema prepares for next 100 years
50 Seoul launches blockchain voting system March 1
51 Samsung's Human-Centric LEDs with Engineered Spectra to Boost Energy and Improve Concentration
52 Mystery disappearance of Kim's sister
53 Minefield of risks faces investors in Japan and South Korea
54 Ballistic missile fired by North Korea could have come from submarine
55 Kakao Bank most-favored workplace for university students: survey
56 North Korea’s police state hints at virus victory
57 Masks Becoming Fashion Accessories in COVID-19 Era | Be Korea-savvy
58 North Korea likely renames Ministry of People's Security
59 Why it's time to drop unrealistic hopes for North Korean denuclearization
60 4 questions about South Korea's weapons wish list
61 Is Kim Jong Un married?
62 Kim Jong Un should be watching the Belarus uprising very closely
63 Why North Korea won't admit it started the Korean War, 67 years after armistice
64 Brace yourselves: another season of summitry could be around the corner
65 $1M Competition Bringing Autonomous Racing to IMS
66 Why the confusion about Kim Jong Un's health actually makes sense
67 Media probes raise questions over quality of conferences
68 Banks on alert over spread of coronavirus
69 'They call it ice': North Korean defector details the country’s massive drug problem
70 North Korea continuing 'intense' development of ballistic missiles, nukes: UN
71 There's history behind worsening Seoul-Tokyo trade dispute
72 Looking Back at How 'K-Pop' Came to Billboard 20 Years Ago
73 Back from the dead: when South Korean partisan politics hurts North Korea policy
74 Bio breakthroughs celebrated in Korea Biopharm Awards
75 A Chinese College Nurtured a Sprawling Business Empire. Then Came a Debt Crisis.
76 Show me the money: Pyongyang's reluctance to accept Seoul's olive branch
77 Moon Jae-in reshuffles his North Korea team: the key players
78 International Exchange Programs | College of Engineering
79 Kim Yo Jong still missing from high-level meetings in North Korea
80 Myung Won Cultural Foundation offers 'K-Tea' Festival
81 North Korea threatens military escalation as clock ticks on year-end deadline
82 Kim Jong Un reappears at Politburo meeting on COVID-19
83 Kid co-authors in South Korea spur government probe
84 Crystal Meth Is North Korea’s Trendiest Lunar New Year’s Gift
85 HITS announces dates for Online Engineering Entrance Exam
86 Indy Autonomous Challenge Concepts Unveiled
87 North Korean football player set to earn $5 million playing for Qatari team
88 Dissociating stable nitrogen molecules under mild conditions by cyclic strain engineering
89 Award-winning North Korea scholar plagiarized sources, university finds
90 Netflix's fashion competition winner talks her brand, ultimate goal
91 No, you're the puppet: why North Korea isn't a Chinese satellite
92 North Korean IT workers are illegally making big money abroad: Investigation
93 Is Korean designer Minju Kim the next big thing in fashion? We say yes
94 Kookmin Bank CEO likely to serve another term
95 South Korea leans on China for support as Kim bristles for action
96 North Korea Reveals Test-Firing Of New Tactical Guided Weapon
97 [Column] S. Korea's glass ceiling becomes a bit lower
98 Rising stars: North Korea promotes two high-profile military officials
99 Why North Korea's leadership has little to fear from an outbreak of COVID-19
100 Kim Yo Jong emerges as North Korea's new point person on inter-Korean issues