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1 Konami Has Not Shut Down Its Video Gaming Division
2 GameStop Has Another Record-Shattering Day On Wall Street [Update: And Another One]
3 Here’s Where Dead Cells Is At In 2021
4 Gollum Game Delayed To 2022
5 Cyberpunk 2077's Latest Patch Added A Game-Breaking Bug [Updated: CDPR Suggests Workaround]
6 Hitman 3 Is The Latest Game To Acknowledge Covid-19
7 Celeste Classic Gets A Free Sequel
8 Here's A Long Sega Saturn
9 Speedrunners Are Beating Hitman 3's Dubai Level In Under 10 Seconds
10 Cyber Shadow Is Another Fantastic Homage To Classic NES Games
11 Long-Awaited Biomutant Launches May 25
12 Capcom Is Selling A Coat For $1,500 Because Chris Redfield Also Wears Coats
13 How Did Your Parents Feel About You Playing Video Games?
14 Hitman 3: The Kotaku Review
15 Age of Empires II Is Still Getting New Civilizations, More Than 21 Years Later
16 The Japanese Government Could Change Cosplay Forever
17 Ninja Sounds Fed Up
18 In Japan, Pokémon Company Is Cracking Down On Sword And Shield Cheaters
19 Bugsnax Devs Say The Ending Could Have Been A Lot Darker
20 Microsoft Wants To Build Chatbots Out Of Dead People's Data
21 The Week In Games: I Got Friends On The Other Side
22 Valve Founder Says Brain-Computer Interfaces Could One Day Replace Our 'Meat Peripherals'
23 First Pokémon GO Player Hits Level 50 With A Boost From A Bug Fix
24 I Figured Out How Tall The Sexy Resident Evil Lady Is Because Of Course I Did
25 The Art Of Mike Nash
26 Hitman Studio’s Project 007 Will Feature A New James Bond
27 Too Fast Too Fantasy XV: Planes, Trains, And Wrecked Automobiles
28 Activision Merges Tony Hawk 1 + 2 Developer Into Blizzard
29 You Can Buy A 912lb Box Of PlayStation Consoles
30 Microsoft Doubles Cost Of Xbox Live From What It Was A Year Ago
31 GameStop’s Stock Price Soars To New Records Because Capitalism Is A Shell Game
32 What Media Property Would You Like To See Adapted Into A Game?
33 Lost Video Takes Us Inside Nintendo In 1990, Shows NES Consoles Being Made
34 Pixel Artist Imagines Modern Pokémon With Game Boy Graphics
35 Destiny 2's Best Loot Mechanic From Last Year Is Coming Back
36 GTA Characters, Remastered
37 Final Fantasy XV’s Photo Mode Captures Everything I Can’t
38 Two Developers Are Turning Bloodborne Into A Playable PS1 Game
39 How To Get Back Into Destiny 2
40 Valve, Capcom & Bethesda Fined $9.5 Million For "Geo-Blocking" PC Games
41 Dead By Daylight Studio Hurriedly Announces Colorblind Mode After Designer Complains About Accessibility Reque
42 Unearthed Video Captures The Experience Of Shopping At Toys 'R' Us In The Early '90s
43 Takaya Imamura, The Man Who Designed Tingle, Has Retired From Nintendo
44 Ubisoft Massive Is Making An Open World Star Wars Game
45 Genshin Impact's Big 1.3 Update Includes Lantern Rite Event, New Character Xiao
46 Mortal Kombat Player Disqualified From Tournament For Criticizing Developers
47 Ocarina Of Time Demo Fragments Reveal A Much Earlier Version Of The Game
48 Report: Cyberpunk Development Didn't Really Start Until 2016
49 The 12 Best Video Games Of 2020
50 Lucky Winners Of Newegg's Lottery Get To Pay Full Price For PC Parts
51 Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: The Game Is The Winter Hangout I Needed Right Now
52 Now A Blastoise Pokémon Card Has Sold For $360,000
53 Sony Gives Release Windows For Project Athia And Other PS5 Games
54 My Nine-Day Final Fantasy XV Blitz Commences Tonight
55 Funko Screwed Up Its Assassin's Creed Pop, Twice
56 Russia Starts Banning Death Note And Other Anime
57 Mass Effect 2 Writer Confirms Jack Was Originally Pansexual
58 Fighting Game Players Create Community-Wide Code Of Conduct
59 Coheed And Cambria Frontman Writes Mournful Song About PlayStation 5 Shortages
60 PC Players Will Have To Buy Hitman 2 All Over Again To Unlock Its Levels In Hitman 3 (Update: A Fix Is In The
61 The Gamers Of The Year, 2020
62 Goldeneye Meets Mario In The Perfect Nintendo 64 Game
63 Sealed Box Of Pokémon Cards Sells For $408,000
64 The End Of My Covenant’s Campaign Is A Good Stopping Point For World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands
65 I Am In Love With Assassin's Creed Valhalla's Wilderness
66 The Week In Games: Hello Again, Friend Of A Friend
67 The PS4's Spectacular Dreams Game Is Hurting From A Lack Of Players
68 CD Projekt Red Apologizes For Cyberpunk 2077 Bugs, Says It's Avoiding Crunch On 'All Future Projects'
69 ASUS' CES Showcase Is A Free Steam Game
70 Man Fined $270 For Breaking Lockdown To Play Pokémon Go
71 Auto Chess Is Getting a MOBA, Continuing the Eternal Cycle
72 Unfinished Japanese PS1 Game Completed, Released Two Decades Later
73 Twitch Suspends Donald Trump's Channel To Prevent Him From Inciting 'Further Violence'
74 This Bot Turns Reddit Arguments Into Ace Attorney Debates
75 Persona 5 Strikers Feels More Like Persona 5 Than I Expected
76 Artist Claims Official Super Nintendo World Website Is Using His Fan Art
77 Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Gets New Abilities But Only If You Disconnect Your Console From The Internet
78 Someone Turned A Terraria Map Into An Evangelion Holding A Warship
79 Universal Studios Japan Delays Super Nintendo World Again Due To Covid-19
80 Nier: Automata's "Final Secret" Has Been Found And It Lets You Skip The Whole Game
81 Breath Of The Wild Player Snipes Guardian From Over 1,400 Meters Away
82 New Mod Makes It Possible To Play Skyrim At 60 FPS On PS5
83 Cyberpunk 2077 Gets "Working" Third-Person Mod
84 Rare Sketches Of Donkey Kong Country Show Off DK's Early Evolution
85 BioWare Artist Shares Concepts From Canceled Revolver Project
86 Postal Worker Caught Stealing "PlayStation And Nintendo" Console Deliveries
87 I’ve Kept My PS5 'Upside Down' For Months And It Hasn’t Exploded
88 New Evangelion Film Delayed Once Again Due To Covid-19
89 Nintendo Buys Canadian Studio Behind Luigi's Mansion 3, Super Mario Strikers
90 Borderlands Movie Outdoes Itself, Casts Kevin Hart As Roland
91 Last Fall's Cyberattack On Capcom Compromised Personal Info On Over 16,000 People
92 Pikachu Makes Everything Better, Even Casio Watches
93 Massive Fallout: New Vegas Mod The Frontier Is Finally Out
94 Carto’s Cozy Puzzles Are Just Tough Enough
95 Animal Crossing's January 28 Update Sets The Stage For Festivale
96 Koei Tecmo Shuts Down Forums Following Data Hack
97 Decades After Ban, Robot Anime Getting Live-Action Version In The Philippines
98 505 Games Announces Puzzle Quest 3, Coming Out This Year
99 The Sims 4 Is Now A Horror Game, Thanks To The Paranormal Stuff Pack
100 Too Fast Too Fantasy XV: Chocobros Vs. The Volcano