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1 An introduction to Kotlin for Android development
2 Easy Kotlin tutorial for Android for beginners
3 Banks don't use 'cool' programming languages. Is that a turn-off?
4 Programming languages: Java still rules over Python and JavaScript as primary language
5 App generator tool JHipster Kotlin fixes fundamental cryptographic bug
6 Report: Python has overtaken Java in the last year
7 Your Complete Guide to the Kotlin Programming Language
8 Kotlin 1.4-M2 brings standard library improvements
9 Kotlin in 2020: 'A Better Java' Continues to Mature
10 Google all but confirms Android 11 for Wear OS, reiterates interest in wearables
11 Kotlin upgrade brings experimental features
12 8 key Kotlin features that give it an edge over Java
13 Kotlin 1.3.70 adds experimental features and new color schemes
14 R Achieves Its Personal Best In TIOBE Index
15 What is Kotlin? The Java alternative explained
16 Programming languages: Java developers flock to Kotlin and ditch Oracle JDK for OpenJDK
17 Kotlin 1.4 will arrive in 2020: How will it improve multiplatform?
18 How Duolingo Migrated its Android App to 100% Kotlin
19 9 tech skills that will land you a salary of $125,000 or more
20 Why Do Android Devs Convert To Kotlin?
21 Duolingo migrates from Java to Kotlin, reducing line count 30%
22 Kotlin 1.4-M1 preview released with a more powerful type inference algorithm
23 Kotlin 1.4-M1 updates the standard library and adds new Kotlin/JS backend
24 Go, Kotlin Among Languages Developers Most Want to Learn
25 Exploring data using Jupyter Notebook and Kotlin
26 What Kotlin's Latest Version, 1.3.60 Means to App Developers
27 Top 7 Free Online Resources To Learn Kotlin
28 Google is redesigning the Play Console and adding new features to Android Studio, Kotlin, and Jetpack
29 Popularity Index: Classic Visual Basic Hangs In There
30 Google: Take our free Kotlin programming language courses to build Android apps
31 Kotlin 1.3.60 updates Java-to-Kotlin converter
32 A Bottom-Up View of Kotlin Coroutines
33 Kotlin vs Scala: The Right JVM Language for App Developers
34 Programming languages: Kotlin rises fastest but JavaScript lures millions more developers
35 JetBrains provides insights into Kotlin 1.4 and beyond
36 Kotlin-logging wraps SLF4J for better native Kotlin support
37 Tutorial: Writing Microservices in Kotlin with Ktor—a Multiplatform Framework for Connected Systems
38 Kotlin 1.4 will debut a faster compiler
39 Kotlin vs Flutter: Who Will Rule the Cross-Platform App Market?
40 Javalin Framework for Kotlin and Java Updated -- ADTmag
41 Kotlin vs. Swift: An open source programming language face-off
42 Better Than BASH: Scripting Kotlin
43 Google Keeps Trying to Tell Us Wear OS Isn't Dead
44 Kotlin 1.4 to improve null-check capabilities
45 Write Less Code with Kotlin and Spring Boot
46 Google Rolls Out New Kotlin App-Building Lessons
47 Kotlin 1.4 Coming with NPE Optimization -- ADTmag
48 Kotlin vs Java: Which programming language to choose for your Android application
49 R language rises with Covid-19 research
50 Google Announces Free Android/Kotlin Developer Courses
51 Why every developer should know multiple programming languages
52 Kotlin Versus Java
53 news digest: Kotlin 1.3.70, Google Play developer updates, and Crystal 0.34
54 Google offers pairing of gRPC and Kotlin in new open-source project
55 Android Programming In Kotlin: Layouts
56 Kotlin's approach to data science
57 Kotlin or Java: Which Do Android Developers Prefer?
58 Kotlin Benefits For Android App Development
59 Kotlin: New Programming Language For Android Apps Announced By Google
60 Kotlin 1.3.60 released with Kotlin Worksheets, support for the new Kotlin/Native targets and other updates
61 news digest: Kotlin 1.3.60 released, the Apple Developer App, and Google's Advanced Android in Kotlin free online course
62 The rise of Kotlin
63 Google Reaffirms Commitment To Kotlin Programming Language For Android
64 Free Course
65 What you need to know about the Kotlin programming language
66 Clean, concise code considerations for Kotlin and Java
67 Kotlin: How (and Why) Tech Professionals Use It
68 The Programmers Guide To Kotlin
69 Android Programming In Kotlin: More Controls
70 Google Introduces Free Kotlin Courses for Android Developers
71 Android Programming In Kotlin: Activity & UI
72 Senior Software Engineer- Android/Kotlin
73 Google and Udacity Launch Free Advanced Kotlin Class
74 Top 10 Java stories of August: Kotlin, Java, Julia & Quarkus
75 Kotlin is now Google’s preferred language for Android app development
76 Kotlin 1.3.50: New APIs and improved Java to Kotlin converter
77 Kotlin's emergence: Common coding mistakes to watch for
78 Open Source Kotlin Continues to Climb -- ADTmag
79 What are the benefits and drawbacks of Kotlin over Java in Android application development?
80 Kotlin 1.3.50 released with ‘duration and time Measurement’ API preview, Dukat for npm dependencies, and much more!
81 The State of Kotlin Support in Spring
82 How two junior Intuit engineers helped their team adopt Kotlin within a month
83 Google and Udacity Rework Courses to Learn Kotlin, the Language for Android Apps
84 AWS Announces General Availability of Amazon CodeGuru
85 Kotlin 1.3 Adds Duration And Time API
86 Spring Boot with Kotlin, Kofu and Coroutines
87 Kotlin Flows and Coroutines. Kotlin Flows are sequential while… | by Roman Elizarov
88 Flutter Boosts Web Support, Defaults to Swift, Kotlin for Native Mobile
89 10 Fastest-Growing Programming Languages on GitHub
90 Kotlin gnaws at Java's throne
91 7 Programming Languages Vital to Learn in 2020
92 New programming language rankings: Python now as popular as Java, as TypeScript climbs
93 Java Developers Prefer Kotlin Over Scala & Clojure
94 Google: If you're building a new Android app, use the Kotlin programming language
95 Venkat Subramaniam: Kotlin And Python Are Fun, But Java Developers Are Semantically Aligned With The Future
96 Android Programming In Kotlin: A First App
97 8 Programming Languages Technologists Really Want to Learn
98 How Swift and Kotlin Destroyed Dropbox's Terrible C++ Pipe Dream
99 Jaded by Java? Android now supports Kotlin programming language
100 Should Android devs switch from Java to Kotlin? Here's Google's advice on swapping programming languages