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1 Bobby Rubio And Krissy Cababa From Disney's "Float" | KSON-FM | 103.7
2 Pixar's Bobby Rubio & Krissy Cababa on Float & Autism Representation
3 Why Pixar's groundbreaking short 'Float' with Filipino lead characters almost didn't happen
4 Father Learns to Celebrate Son's Difference in Pixar Short "Float"
5 Pixar’s new Bay Area-inspired short ‘Loop’ will look familiar if you’ve ever been to Berkeley
6 'Float,' Pixar's first-ever short featuring Filipino characters, earns Peabody nod —
7 Loop's Director & Producers Discuss Creating Pixar's First Autistic Character
8 Pixar's 'Loop' gives an autistic lead character a powerful voice
9 Exclusive BTS Video of SparkShorts 'Loop' & Q&A with Director Erica Milsom
10 Disney+: Why Pixar's First Non-Verbal Character Was A Completely New Experience For Animators In Loop
11 9 Reasons You Should Watch Pixar's 'Loop'
12 'Float,' Pixar's first animated short with Filipino characters, lands on Disney+ Nov. 12 —
13 ‘Float’ Director Bobby Rubio on Unconscious Bias and Pixar’s First Filipino American Character
14 ‘Float’ Is Breaking New Ground on Disney+
15 How this Pixar storyboard artist made 'Float,' a Disney+ short about his autistic son
16 Fil-Am Bobby Rubio directs his first Pixar short about a Filipino dad and his son
17 Pixar animated short to depict Filipino-American in leading role
18 A New Pixar Short On Disney Plus Features A Nonverbal Teen Girl With Autism