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Result Content Idea Research
1 Turkey launches major attack on Kurdish militants in Iraq
2 Can US Help Achieve Unity for Syrian Kurds?
3 The Kurds: Betrayed again
4 German Kurds push for Kurdish-language learning, despite limited class offerings
5 Family films moment Turkish air strike hits Iraq's Kurdish population
6 Changes afoot for Middle East's Kurds
7 Turkey, Austria trade barbs over Kurdish-Turkish clashes in Vienna
8 Vienna Police Brace for Violence After Kurdish Demo Attacked
9 Turkey mum as Syrian Kurds take 'historical step' in unity talks
10 Death of Young Kurdish Man Sparks Hate Crime Debate in Turkey
11 US-backed Syrian Kurdish militia offers rare apology to rivals amid unity talks
12 StrongPity APT Back with Kurdish-Aimed Watering Hole Attacks
13 Syrian Kurds say Turkish charity dwarfed by stolen produce
14 New book documents Kurdish struggle against the Islamic State
15 Online bookstore in Turkey helps Kurds reconnect with their roots
16 Kurdish YouTuber Shinya: 'Spontaneous, creative and real'
17 Party rivalries are driving Kurds to lose in Baghdad: MPs
18 Kurdish Iranian politician survives assassination attempt in the Netherlands: Local media
19 'I'm Kurdish and proud': Fauda actor on his Kurdish roots
20 Journey to jihad: Iran's Sunni Kurds fighting a holy war in Idlib
21 After catching COVID-19, famed Kurdish singer calls on public to follow health guidelines
22 Kurdish Rebel Leader: Don't Holiday In Turkey, It's A War Zone And Your Safety Is Not Guaranteed
23 New dam in Turkey damages Kurdish farmers' produce, causing economic desperation
24 Iran: UN Rights Experts Condemn Secret Execution Of Kurdish Political Prisoner
25 Iran Silent on Kurdish Activist’s Execution
26 Thousands in Kurdish border towns fear advance of Turkish incursion: officials
27 Kurdish actress plays mother of girls who join ISIS in new Swedish TV series
28 UN Condemns Iran's Secret Execution of Kurdish Political Prisoner
29 PENNED BY FERİD DEMİREL: 'Ez kevok im' ...a song in Kurdish that has gone beyond borders
30 Amnesty appeals for Syrian Kurdish man tortured in Iran
31 Turkey cuts water flow to Rojava again, hampering services to locals: Kurdish officials
32 Syrian Kurdish unity talks to 'serve all of Syria': opposition leader
33 What We're Watching: Turkey targets Iraqi Kurds, virus back in NZ, Irish government deal
34 Erdogan links antifa to Kurdish groups
35 Turkish ultranationalists attack Kurdish rallies in Vienna
36 Syria Kurdish-led force launches new anti-Daesh campaign
37 Human rights groups decry Turkish 'war crimes' in NE Syria
38 Kurdish sisters identified among women held at illegal Turkish-backed militia prison in Afrin
39 Iraq sets up border posts to try to prevent Turkish advance
40 Turkish Drone Strike Leaves Civilian Casualties
41 Iran claims it 'cleared' border area of Kurdish fighters as violent clashes continue
42 Daniel Burke: Terror charges dropped against British ex-soldier who fought against Isis in Syria
43 “A Good Kurd is a Dead Kurd” – According to Erdogan – Beyond the Matrix [audio]
44 Kurdish family finds murdered relative among...
45 Growing offensive: Turkey’s adventurism expands into northern Iraq
46 Do all lives matter in Turkey? | Daily Sabah
47 Racism is not the preserve of any single race
48 Turkey, Erdogan's arc of destabilization in the Middle East
49 Euphrates in Northeastern Syria Turns into 'River of Death'
50 Who are the Kurds, and why is Turkey attacking them?
51 All about Kurdish unity talks
52 PODCAST: How the Palestinian Authority undermines resistance to annexation
53 Killing of Kurd in Turkey sparks discrimination accusations
54 Relatives of Kurdish coronavirus victim blame...
55 Who Are the Kurds?
56 'Where there is persecution you express your reactions with culture'
57 Leyla Guven warns of Turkey's increasing authoritarianism in letter to European leaders
58 Why there is no Kurdish nation
59 ISIS and the false dawn of Kurdish statehood
60 Five myths about Kurds
61 When we were footballers — Deniz Naki: when the fight comes before the career
62 Kurdish politician survives assassination attempt in the Netherlands
63 Turkey challenges allies and enemies alike in quest for ‘larger role on world stage’
64 Trump appears to confuse the Kurds of Syria and Iraq in a meeting with the president of Iraqi Kurdistan
65 Community
66 Activists: Iraq’s Kurdish Region Becomes Less Safe for Iranian Dissidents
67 Who Are the Kurds, and Why Is Turkey Attacking Them in Syria?
68 An Introduction To The Kurds
69 'No friends but the mountains': U.S. Syria pullout follows years of Kurdish struggle
70 The Betrayal of the Kurds
71 What Life Is Like for Kurds of Syria After US Pulls Back | Time
72 A 100-year struggle: the Kurdish fight for land and identity
73 How Kurdish diaspora groups are pushing for unity over their divided homeland
74 The Kurds – a bitter history of betrayal
75 Erbil and Baghdad kick talks to fill security vacuum in disputed areas into high gear
76 A Look At The History Of The U.S. Alliance With The Kurds
77 In Tal Tamr, Syrian Kurds Seek Safety And Shelter From Turkish Attacks
78 Kurds In Syria Make A Deal With Russia
79 UAE-Turkey Rivalry Wreaks Havoc in Libya and Syria
80 Kurds’ Sense of Betrayal Compounded by Empowerment of Unsavory Rivals
81 Iraqi Kurd leader welcomes premier-designate Allawi
82 Erdoğan's Adviser Threatens Greece With War (VIDEO)
83 The Secret Origins of the U.S.-Kurdish Relationship Explain Today's Disaster
84 Commentary: Five myths about the Kurds
85 The UK is easing travel restrictions. Here’s why you shouldn’t book that holiday to Turkey
86 Turkey v Syria's Kurds: The short, medium and long story
87 Kurds Speak Out On President Trump's Decisions For Syria
88 Where Standing Up for Kurdish Rights Is a Crime
89 I am a Kurd in Syria. The U.S. should not abandon us.
90 Syrian Kurdish Refugees Say Kurdish Forces Tried To Prevent Them From Fleeing To Iraq
91 9 questions about Turkey, Syria, and the Kurds you were too embarrassed to ask
92 At Tennessee Titans Games, the Fiercest Tailgaters Are Kurds
93 Turkey targets US-backed Syrian Kurdish peace talks
94 The many misconceptions about the Kurds
95 Will anything ever change for the Kurds? | Illinois
96 Journalists Jailed Covering Kurdish Protests
97 Kurdish humanitarian groups left to fend for themselves as Northern Syria goes from refuge to frontline
98 Turkey ups base presence in Kurdistan Region by 50 percent in two weeks: Kurdish intelligence source
99 Draft UN resolution urges reopening of Iraq-Syria border crossing
100 For many Kurds, the US is all they have left: Reporter's Notebook