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Result Content Idea Research
1 ‘It makes us feel hopeful’: Iraqi Kurds watch as Israel befriends old Arab foes
2 Kurdish PKK leader tells ‘Post’ of ‘peaceful struggle’ against Turkey
3 Kurdish and Turkey-backed fighters clash in Syria, 18 killed
4 The heartbreaking video and the death of a Kurdish-Iranian family
5 Is Turkey gearing up for military move against Syrian Kurds?
6 Could Turkey's Kurdish peace process be back on track?
7 Biden presidency brings hope for the Kurds
8 Trump’s worst crime must not be forgotten
9 Syrian Kurds Optimistic About Continued US Support Under Biden Presidency
10 Source: Iranian Kurdish Activist Married Couple Defy Summons for Trial Based on Forced Confessions
11 Najmaldin Karim, ‘one-man lobby’ for Kurdish interests on Capitol Hill, dies at 71
12 Five years on, calls continue for justice over killing of Kurdish lawyer
13 In Turkey, life for Syrian refugees and Kurds is becoming increasingly violent
14 U.S. Push Against Kurdish PKK May Ease One Tension With Turkey
15 How Syria's Afrin became hell for Kurds
16 Turkish government's shaky strategy against Kurds goes on
17 Pipeline attack halts exports from Iraq's Kurdish region
18 What can Syrian Kurds expect from Biden?
19 Syrian Kurdish commander sees chance to ease tensions with Turkey under Biden
20 Erdogan's new appointment could help toward resolving Kurdish conflict
21 Book review: Water threatens to disrupt Iraqi-Kurdish-Turkish relations
22 Art as resistance: exiled Kurdish artist’s daring Istanbul show
23 Kurdish lawyer posthumously granted 'exceptional'...
24 Erdogan rejects ally's call for release of philanthropist and Kurdish leader
25 Islamic State regroups in Syrian Kurdish region
26 Turkey's Erdogan Targets Pro-Kurdish Party in Divide and Rule Strategy
27 'They destroyed our life': Iraqi Kurds fear Turkey's drones in PKK mountain war
28 Iraq – Attacks against the security forces in the Kurdish autonomous region
29 Kurdish Artist's Prison Works Make Debut in Turkey
30 'Part of me died when PKK stole my child': Kurdish father
31 Minister accuses Kurdish villagers allegedly tortured by Turkish soldiers of aiding terrorists: report
32 Is Turkey gearing up to attack the Syrian Kurds again?
33 Turkey expands crackdown on pro-Kurdish activists with dozens of raids
34 Erdogan slams jailed Kurdish leader, vows reforms with nationalist ally
35 Belgian policeman on trial over Kurdish toddler's death
36 Kurdish Ninjas take to the mountains
37 ISIS can regroup in Rojava camps as teens come of age: top Kurdish official
38 Kurdish political prisoners announce hunger strike and demand increased resistance during 42nd anniversary of PKK celebrations
39 Belgian policeman tried over fatal shooting of Kurdish toddler
40 Belgian policeman tried over death of Kurdish toddler
41 The shadowy Islamic State cell looking to free Western jihadi brides
42 Human rights groups call for release of Kurdish political leader in Turkey
43 Exiled Kurdish artist—who smuggled paintings from her Turkish jail cell—wins inaugural Carol Rama Award
44 Kurdish-Kiwi Impact Award winner underlines importance of education for refugees
45 Turkey Detains 72 Kurdish Lawyers and Rights Activists
46 Erdogan weighs new reality in US-Turkey ties under Biden
47 'No intention to kill': Belgian cop facing no immediate jail over death of Kurdish toddler
48 Kadhimi meets with deputy parliament speaker,...
49 Erdogan's attack on Kurds triggered indictment of major Turkish bank
50 From war to paradise: Kurdish refugees began new lives in Operation Pacific Haven
51 France to arrange aid conference for Lebanon by video on Dec. 2
52 Turkey hits record COVID-19 cases after change in reporting
53 Federalism is not about dividing Iraq | Ali Sarraf | AW
54 Kurdish shopkeeper killed by police gunfire in Hawraman
55 British-Australian academic freed in Iran prisoner swap hails end of 'traumatic ordeal'
56 Kurds Warn of Mounting Ethnic Tensions in Iraq
57 Founding member of AKP referred to disciplinary board after criticizing Ankara's treatment of Kurds
58 Turkey, Russia discuss involving other countries in Nagorno-Karabakh cease-fire efforts
59 The looming genocide against the Kurds: history should not repeat itself
60 The Gordian knot of Kurdish unity talks in Syria
61 Rattled by Protests, Iraqi Kurdish Leaders Punish Journalists
62 The Kurds: Betrayed again
63 Can US Help Achieve Unity for Syrian Kurds?
64 Iran's Kurdish Sufis Dash Into Iraq for Funeral, Exposing COVID Border Control Deficiencies
65 Focus
66 ISIS and the false dawn of Kurdish statehood
67 Iraq’s Kurdish region is not a model for free speech
68 Turkey begins offensive against Kurdish rebels in north Iraq
69 Who are the Kurds and why are they under attack?
70 Activists: Iraq’s Kurdish Region Becomes Less Safe for Iranian Dissidents
71 Kurdish officials say they foiled attack on diplomats in northern Iraq
72 German sentences member of Kurdish PKK group to prison
73 Iraqi Kurds fear Turkey’s military campaign aims beyond PKK
74 Who are the Kurds?
75 Iraqi Kurds go back to farming to make ends meet | | AW
76 Turkey Bans Kurdish Rendition of Italian Play, Saying It Promotes PKK
77 Coronavirus could cause US to lose Iraqi Kurdish region to China
78 'He calls me coach': Seven-year-old bonds with detained refugee over Taekwondo
79 Who Are the Kurds, and Why Is Turkey Attacking Them in Syria?
80 How Kurdish diaspora groups are pushing for unity over their divided homeland
81 Syria Kurds free more than 600 ISIL fighters as part of amnesty
82 Turkey bans Kurdish-language play in Istanbul
83 Iran: Two Kurds executed amid increasing use of death penalty as weapon of repression
84 US Troops Really Are in Syria to Protect the Oil—for the Kurds
85 The message is clear: Turkey is invading Kurdistan and killing Kurds
86 Kurdish political deal a major setback for Turkey
87 Turkey locks up Kurdish mayors
88 Stuck in the Middle in Syria
89 The Kurds Have Paid Dearly for Trump’s Recklessness
90 Turkey targets US-backed Syrian Kurdish peace talks
91 Turkey issues arrest warrants for 82 over pro-Kurdish protests
92 Eight Times the US Has Betrayed the Kurds
93 Translator Adds Two Kurdish Dialects for Text Translation
94 For many Kurds, the US is all they have left: Reporter's Notebook
95 In Tal Tamr, Syrian Kurds Seek Safety And Shelter From Turkish Attacks
96 In Turkey, Erdogan's crackdown on Kurds takes no coronavirus break
97 What Life Is Like for Kurds of Syria After US Pulls Back | Time
98 Turkey, Austria trade barbs over Kurdish-Turkish clashes in Vienna
99 The Kurds – a bitter history of betrayal
100 Russia's outreach to Syrian Kurds highlights dual-track approach