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1 The history behind the latest LGBTQ rights case at the Supreme Court
2 Jonathan Bennett on starring in Hallmark's first LGBTQ holiday movie
3 LGBTQ News: Homosexuality Makes You Enemy of State in Poland
4 For the LGBTQ community, family brings extra benefits and costs
5 Most Americans want protections for LGBTQ people. Biden could finally make that happen
6 Trump Judges Strike Down Bans On LGBTQ ‘Conversion Therapy’
7 The promise of LGBTQ equality under the Biden administration
8 Ground broken for Detroit development to assist LGBTQ youth
9 Trump’s Anti-LGBTQ Agenda Has Been Hidden in Plain Sight
10 Pandemic puts added strain on LGBTQ mental health
11 LGBTQ town hall hears concerns about 'legislative attacks' on equality
12 Life House lifts up LGBTQ youth
13 Gay athletes: LGBTQ researcher has 2 theories for lack of gay players
14 Atlanta's mayor just appointed the city's first LGBTQ affairs director
15 Ruth Ellis Center breaks ground on housing development and health clinic for LGBTQ youth
16 'A win for all of us': Over 220 LGBTQ candidates celebrate election victories
17 Congress will have record number of LGBTQ lawmakers next session
18 L.G.B.T.Q. Youths Struggle More in Foster Care in N.Y.C., Survey Finds
19 New Texas sex ed policy still doesn’t cover LGBTQ students or consent
20 LGBTQ people of color keep breaking election barriers. And it 'feels amazing.'
21 Anti-LGBTQ attack ads ramp up ahead of Election Day
22 LGBTQ rights may be safe at the Supreme Court -- for now
23 Doctors worry coronavirus pandemic may hit LGBTQ people harder than most
24 Joe Biden's victory is the victory of the LGBTQ community as well
25 LGBTQ support lends 'new taste' to Thai politics
26 Ritz takes a bite out of holiday ad space with LGBTQ-inclusive commercial
27 Most Americans believe LGBTQ people are legally protected from discrimination. They're not.
28 Taiwan hosts biggest in-person LGBTQ Pride event of post-Covid 2020
29 Biden vows to pass LGBTQ rights legislation in first 100 days
30 LGBTQ Retirement: Looking Back to Look Forward
31 What's At Stake For LGBTQ Voters This Election?
32 Why LGBTQ families like mine are scared and scrambling
33 LGBTQ groups say Trump order limiting diversity training is unconstitutional
34 2020 election brought notable firsts for LGBTQ candidates
35 What It’s Like to Be Queer in Trump’s America
36 HRC & Partners Release Guide to Help Educators and Parents Advocate for LGBTQ Students with Disabilities
37 ‘Someone who is fighting for me’: Delaware’s LGBTQ community reacts to new political representation
38 Here how the LGBTQ community has been impacted by the pandemic
39 European Union launches LGBTQ protection strategy as homophobia rises in east
40 LGBTQ Community Makes Big Strides in Local Elections
41 Trump's last-ditch effort to recruit LGBTQ voters continues in Minnesota
42 More conservative Supreme Court faces major dispute pitting religious freedom against LGBTQ rights
43 'Stop Killing Us': Trans Awareness Week shines light on violence toward LGBTQ community
44 The pandemic is hurting gay and lesbian bars. The consequences for the community could be devastating
45 Titan Table Talk: Issues Facing the LGBTQ Community | CSUF News
46 LGBTQ-serving health care group expands key service in Walnut Hills
47 Gainesville LGBTQ Advocacy Groups Hold Transgender Day Of Remembrance Vigil
48 Barrett’s evasiveness alarms LGBTQ advocates fearful Supreme Court may roll back protections
49 Meet the company supporting the LGBTQ community through CBD
50 Melania Trump posts video that misleads on the President's LGBTQ policies
51 Texas reverses decision that allowed social workers to deny LGBTQ, disabled clients
52 ‘I still cry’: Joel Burns reflects on viral 2010 anti-bullying speech for LGBTQ youth
53 “I just don't think shelters work”
54 New York State Bar Association gives more prominence to issues facing LGBTQ community
55 LGBTQ foster kids have a harder time finding permanent homes
56 Faith, LGBTQ Rights Collide At Supreme Court
57 'Rainbow wave' of LGBTQ candidates run and win in 2020 election
58 Census Changes For MENA Groups, LGBTQ People On Biden Agenda
59 Malik Brown named Atlanta's first director of LGBTQ Affairs (Video)
60 The small but mighty power of Black LGBTQ voters
61 Number of LGBTQ Candidates This Year Shatters Records
62 Being seen: LGBTQ people in Battle Creek on Commissioner Kate Flores coming out
63 LGBTQ and Black groups prepare for Nov. 3
64 There's Not Enough Research About The LGBTQ Community. Here's Why It Matters
65 Portland LGBTQ+ marriage-athon stands for equality in face of Supreme Court uncertainty
66 Evansville faith leaders offer help to LGBTQ couples scared of losing marriage rights
67 LGBTQ civil rights: I could have been barred from adopting my daughter because of who I am
68 Lena Waithe talks Black LGBTQ representation, 'bittersweet' election win for Kamala Harris
69 This week’s LGBTQ sports winners and losers celebrate Stan Musial
70 LGBTQ representation in the House could double on Election Day
71 O.C. Fair's LGBTQ pride flags cause a flap among some who consider them ‘non-inclusive’
72 What Biden's win means: The rights of LGBTQ people
73 What would a Biden or Trump presidency mean for LGBTQ people?
74 Meet the gay Republican who helped defeat every anti-LGBTQ bill in Wyoming
75 LGBTQ Agenda: Health expert sounds off on new numbers revealing COVID's impact
76 Texas State Board of Education makes changes to Sex-Ed classes, excluding LGBTQ youth
77 State Board of Education OKs new sex ed curriculum excluding LGBTQ youth, consent
78 LGBTQ Group Creates Safe Space Approaching Transgender Day Of Remembrance
79 European Union Tries to Counter Anti-L.G.B.T.Q. Wave in Hungary and Poland
80 Case preview: Court will tackle dispute involving religious foster-care agency, LGBTQ rights
81 LGBTQ community relieved at Biden win, but worry SCOTUS could jeopardize rights
82 LGBTQ activists around the world fear Trump second term
83 In two Pa. towns, two very different results for LGBTQ equality
84 Janelle Monáe, Rachel Maddow, Mary Trump featured on annual Out100 list of LGBTQ celebrities
85 Here’s what the results of Election Day could mean for LGBTQ sports
86 With just days to go, a critical election for LGBTQ Americans
87 Political Notes: LGBTQ Bay Area election winners ready for virtual swearing-ins
88 Openly LGBTQ candidates are running in record numbers — again
89 Supreme Court: Amy Coney Barrett considers if religion excuses LGBTQ discrimination in Fulton v. City of Phil…
90 How to Create a Welcoming Environment for LGBTQ Patients
91 Don't Let the Supreme Court Open the Door to More Discrimination Against LGBTQ People
92 Colorado's First Trans Lawmaker Targeted With Anti-LGBTQ Campaign Ads
93 Surprise! One of Trump's legal eagles is a raving anti-LGBTQ activist
94 LGBTQ hopefuls await appointments amid Biden transition
95 Reading LGBT Center leader to serve on Pennsylvania commission for LGBTQ Affairs
96 Black, Latinx and LGBTQ biz leaders on what the 2020 election's winner could mean for their communities
97 How to Find LGBTQ New Releases
98 Seattle LGBTQ Commission calls on mayor to resign
99 History, law on side of LGBTQ Americans in SCOTUS religious exemption case, law expert says
100 NYSBA Launches LGBTQ Section, Aiming to Increase Membership, Resources | New York Law Journal