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Result Content Idea Research
1 Eiger Announces Results of Investigator Sponsored Study in Outpatients with Mild and Uncomplicated COVID-19
2 Serverless Architecture: Lambda Triggers and Design Patterns [Part 2]
3 C# 9: Minor Improvements for Lambdas
4 AWS Toolkit in JetBrains Rider
5 The Right Way of Tracing AWS Lambda Functions
6 Lambda School’s Misleading Promises
7 How to Overcome Challenges With AWS Lambda Logging
8 Report: AWS Lambda Is Big Serverless Computing Hit, Especially with Containers
9 Forget AWS Lambda, Kubernetes AND Fargate
10 Rockset Releases Query Lambdas for Developers Building Real-Time Data Applications
11 How to use lambda expressions in C#
12 Accelerate Your Applications with ROCm
13 The Programmers Guide To Kotlin
14 An overview of how AWS changed Lambda for the enterprise market
15 Report: AWS Lambda Dominates as Serverless Adoption Grows
16 AWS warms Lambda devs' hearts, promises end to cold starts
17 Fugue offers Zim, an open source monorepo caching build system
18 Java Devs
19 Lambdas For C — Sort Of
20 Ahead of re:Invent, Amazon Updates AWS Lambda
21 Eiger BioPharmaceuticals Announces First COVID-19 Patients Dosed with Peginterferon Lambda
22 Java 8 functional interfaces – O'Reilly
23 The benefits of Continuous Integration and Delivery
24 Rockset brings Query Lambdas to real-time database
25 What is Amazon cloud’s Lambda and why is it a big deal?
26 Fraternity Suspended After Racist Messages Leaked Amid Nationwide Anti-Racist Protests
27 Change to AWS Lambda Networking Reduces Cold Start Time for VPC Customers
28 Cloud developers are falling in love with serverless computing
29 Understanding the Disambiguation of functional expressions in Lambda Leftovers [Tutorial]
30 Connection UX improvements in the AWS Toolkit for JetBrains
31 Lambda Theta Phi becomes first Greek fraternity on UNG's Gainesville Campus
32 Securing Serverless: Attacking an AWS Account via a ...
33 7 open source tools that make AWS Lambda better
34 Ahead of Its Time: This 1925 Lancia Lambda Torpédo Is Deceptively Modern
35 Deploying an AWS Lambda function with the serverless framework and Tekton
36 Introducing launch configurations support for SAM debugging in the AWS Toolkit for VS Code
37 Guest Column by Lillian Weng | Anti-Blackness in Asian American communities
38 Using lambda expressions in Java 11 [Tutorial]
39 Java Lambdas, SAMs And Events
40 Java 8: Lambda Functions—Usage and Examples
41 Java 10 Could Bring Upgraded Lambdas
42 AWS Lambda (Amazon Web Services Lambda)
43 How Lambdas And Anonymous Inner Classes Work
44 AWS Lambda v Amazon ECS – two paths to one goal, which is best?
45 Penn's Lambda Phi Epsilon banned indefinitely after 'significant' evidence of hazing
46 How AWS Lambda Serverless Works
47 Amazon Lambda bridges functional programming and the cloud
48 Forget AWS Lambda, so long Kubernetes
49 C++ Programming
50 Lambdas and Delegates
51 IN PHOTOS: Lambda's Drag Show 2019
52 JDK 8: Lessons Learnt with Lambdas and Streams
53 Lambdas and Streams in Java 8 Libraries | Dr Dobb's
54 Provision AWS infrastructure using Terraform (By HashiCorp): an example of web application logging customer data
55 How AWS Lambda’s serverless functions work
56 Monitoring serverless applications
57 Do more with less: Lambda expressions in Java 8
58 What is a lambda expression and from where did the term 'lambda' elute?
59 Java 8 Lambda Limitations: Closures
60 Testing and creating CI/CD pipelines for AWS Step Functions
61 Lambda Expressions in Java 8
62 Using Lambda Expressions for Shorter, More Readable C++ Code
63 Lambdas and Streams in Java 8
64 How AWS Lambda enables sharing common code between functions
65 Benefits of lambda expressions in Java makes the move to a newer JDK worthwhile
66 Serverless and multi-cloud: Hype or reality?
67 “Fine grain” tracing with Thundra
68 A hands-on tutorial on how to test against 12 different JVM's using TestContainers
69 Why the JVM is a Good Choice for Serverless Computing: John Chapin Discusses AWS Lambda at QCon NY
70 Creational patterns with Java 8 lambdas
71 Raising awareness of Asian culture with sticky rice and UNC Lambda Phi Epsilon
72 Towards More Functional Java Using Streams and Lambdas
73 Building Well-Architected Serverless Applications with Thundra (Part 3)
74 From Java Anonymous Class to Single Line Lambda in 3 Steps
75 Java 14 – "It feels like the early days of Java."
76 Why Asian Americans should care about Black Lives Matter
77 C# Futures: Lambda Attributes
78 Top 5 things to know about serverless computing
79 AWS promises everyone their 15 minutes of....Lambda execution
80 More Python for Beginners
81 Microsoft answers AWS Lambda’s event-triggered serverless apps with Azure Functions
82 “Poetry in Motion”: Associate Chapter of Lambda Theta Phi Latin Fraternity, Inc. Presents Founding Line
83 Lambda Phi Epsilon disaffiliated for hazing: bloodied knuckles, water submersion & alcohol
84 JDK 8: Lessons Learned With Lambdas and Streams [Video]
85 What I learned about building serverless apps
86 WU | Exploring Instagram Activism
87 Charm Quarks Offer Clues to Confinement | Berkeley Lab
88 Uprooting anti-Blackness in Asian America
89 Apache Wicket Java 8 upgrade only partially supports lambdas
90 Talking Serverless And AWS Lambda Security With Jeff Forristal
91 How Can You Profit From C# 7.0 Local Functions in Your Game?
92 Java Holiday Calendar 2016 (Day 12): Avoid Overloading With Lambdas
93 The Power of Java 8 Lambdas for REST API Development
94 AWS Lambda For The Impatient Part 1
95 A Push to Make Chinatown's Shopkeepers Say 'Black Lives Matter'
96 REST With Lambdas and Wicket 8
97 How to securely provide database credentials to Lambda functions by using AWS Secrets Manager
98 My Journey to Face the Lambda Expressions in Java
99 Introducing .NET Core Support for AWS Amplify Backend Functions
100 Measuring the Serialization Performance of Lambdas with JMH