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Result Content Idea Research
1 Neurological and neuropsychiatric complications of COVID-19 in 153 patients: a UK-wide surveillance study
2 The Lancet Psychiatry: First UK-wide study describes brain complications in some patients with severe COVID-19
3 Frontline nurses' burnout, anxiety, depression, and fear statuses and their associated factors during the COVID-19 outbreak in Wuhan, China: A large-scale cross-sectional study
4 Institutionalisation and deinstitutionalisation of children
5 Psychiatry and COVID-19: Important mental health updates
6 A comparison of electronically-delivered and face to face cognitive behavioural therapies in depressive disorders: A systematic review and meta-analysis
7 Treatment of Adolescents With Depression According to Symptom Clusters
8 New-Onset Brain Complications in Hospitalized COVID-19 Patients
9 Psychiatric and neuropsychiatric presentations associated with severe coronavirus infections: a systematic review and meta-analysis with comparison to the COVID-19 pandemic
10 Institutionalisation of millions of children worldwide should be gradually phased out in favour of family-based care
11 Multidisciplinary research priorities for the COVID-19 pandemic: a call for action for mental health science
12 Psychiatric symptoms caused by cannabis constituents: a systematic review and meta-analysis
13 Depressive symptoms and objectively measured physical activity and sedentary behaviour throughout adolescence: a prospective cohort study
14 Study Author Q&A: CBT for Patients With Dissociative Seizures
15 Stroke, confusion: Covid-19 often impacts the brain
16 Global variation in the prevalence of suicidal ideation, anxiety and their correlates among adolescents: A population based study of 82 countries
17 Effectiveness of a brief lay counsellor-delivered, problem-solving intervention for adolescent mental health problems in urban, low-income schools in India: a randomised controlled trial
18 Pandemic Perspectives: Jack Turban, MD, on LGBTQ Mental Health
19 Associations between life-course-persistent antisocial behaviour and brain structure in a population-representative longitudinal birth cohort
20 Association of neighbourhood migrant density and risk of non-affective psychosis: a national, longitudinal cohort study
21 The association between first abortion and first-time non-fatal suicide attempt: a longitudinal cohort study of Danish population registries
22 Cannabinoids for the treatment of mental disorders and symptoms of mental disorders: a systematic review and meta-analysis
23 About The Lancet Psychiatry
24 Severe Neurological Ailments Reported in COVID-19 Patients
25 COVID-19 causes mild disease in most children, fatalities rare: Lancet study
26 Cytokine concentrations throughout pregnancy and risk for psychosis in adult offspring: a longitudinal case-control study
27 HealthDay Reports: Altered Mental Status Not Uncommon in Severe COVID-19
28 Comparative effects of 18 antipsychotics on metabolic function in patients with schizophrenia, predictors of metabolic dysregulation, and association with psychopathology: a systematic review and network meta-analysis
29 HealthDay Reports: How Immune System Fights COVID-19 May Be Key to Vaccine Success
30 A blueprint for protecting physical health in people with mental illness
31 Risk of self-harm after the diagnosis of psychiatric disorders in Hong Kong, 2000–10: a nested case-control study
32 Suicide following presentation to hospital for non-fatal self-harm in the Multicentre Study of Self-harm: a long-term follow-up study
33 The clinical effectiveness of sertraline in primary care and the role of depression severity and duration (PANDA): a pragmatic, double-blind, placebo-controlled randomised trial
34 Long-term effects of rent supplements and mental health support services on housing and health outcomes of homeless adults with mental illness: extension study of the At Home/Chez Soi randomised controlled trial
35 Latest Podcast
36 HealthDay Reports: Family Members Can Safely Be Present Beside Dying Patients
37 The burden of mental ill health associated with childhood maltreatment in the UK, using The Health Improvement Network database: a population-based retrospective cohort study
38 HealthDay Reports: What's the Best DIY Face Mask Against COVID-19?
39 HealthDay Reports: Many Practice Unsafe Household Cleaning Against COVID-19
40 The psychological impact of quarantine and how to reduce it: rapid review of the evidence
41 The addition of fluoxetine to cognitive behavioural therapy for youth depression (YoDA-C): a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled, multicentre clinical trial
42 School-based interventions to prevent anxiety and depression in children and young people: a systematic review and network meta-analysis
43 Autistic doctors – we're not exactly as portrayed on TV
44 Efficacy of psychosocial interventions for mental health outcomes in low-income and middle-income countries: an umbrella review
45 Coronavirus updates Sunday: 3 new Lane County cases; 247 in Oregon, no new deaths
46 A novel digital intervention for actively reducing severity of paediatric ADHD (STARS-ADHD): a randomised controlled trial
47 A future for the world's children? A WHO-UNICEF-Lancet Commission
48 The Lancet Psychiatry: Study finds few immediate mental health effects of COVID-19, but longer-term impact must be considered
49 Watch: Deepika Padukone shares heartwarming film on mental health
50 The Lancet Regional Health
51 Association between socioeconomic status and the development of mental and physical health conditions in adulthood: a multi-cohort study
52 Depression and post-traumatic stress during major social unrest in Hong Kong: a 10-year prospective cohort study
53 Coronavirus: What does Covid-19 do to the brain?
54 Compensatory strategies below the behavioural surface in autism: a qualitative study
55 Long-term outcomes of childhood sexual abuse: an umbrella review
56 Updates: US reports another day of record high cases; bars 'one of the most dangerous spreaders,' Texas governor says
57 RETRACTED: Hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine with or without a macrolide for treatment of COVID-19: a multinational registry analysis
58 Clinical impact of COVID-19 on patients with cancer (CCC19): a cohort study
59 Pancreatic cancer
60 The contribution of cannabis use to variation in the incidence of psychotic disorder across Europe (EU-GEI): a multicentre case-control study
61 Comparative Effectiveness
62 HealthDay Reports: In Early Trial, an Ancient Drug Shows Promise Against Severe COVID-19
63 HealthDay Reports: Asymptomatic Coronavirus Carriers Can Shed Virus on Surfaces — Study
64 The Lancet Regional Health
65 Disabilities or Developmental Delays in Kids Linked to Higher Asthma Risk
66 The experiences of health-care providers during the COVID-19 crisis in China: a qualitative study
67 Dynamic ElecTronic hEalth reCord deTection (DETECT) of individuals at risk of a first episode of psychosis: a case-control development and validation study
68 Second-generation antipsychotic drugs and short-term somatic serious adverse events: a systematic review and meta-analysis
69 Medicines associated with dependence or withdrawal: a mixed-methods public health review and national database study in England
70 Investigation of a COVID-19 outbreak in Germany resulting from a single travel-associated primary case: a case series
71 Gender-concordant identity documents and mental health among transgender adults in the USA: a cross-sectional study
72 The Lancet Psychiatry: US study reports rate of suicidal ideation in children, and risk and protective factors
73 HealthDay Reports: COVID-19 Can Start With Neurological Symptoms
74 Professor Tom Arie, psychiatrist whose work transformed medical treatment of old people – obituary
75 Clinical course and risk factors for mortality of adult inpatients with COVID-19 in Wuhan, China: a retrospective cohort study
76 Genotype–phenotype associations in children with copy number variants associated with high neuropsychiatric risk in the UK (IMAGINE-ID): a case-control cohort study
77 Association between physical exercise and mental health in 1·2 million individuals in the USA between 2011 and 2015: a cross-sectional study
78 Academic oversight in policy research: questions arising from the Sex Offender Treatment Programme study
79 The Lancet Psychiatry: Single dose of psychoactive component in cannabis could induce psychotic, depressive, and anxiety symptoms in healthy people
80 The health of adolescents in detention: a global scoping review
81 Mortality in children and adolescents following presentation to hospital after non-fatal self-harm in the Multicentre Study of Self-harm: a prospective observational cohort study
82 Start as we mean to go on
83 Homelessness and police-recorded crime victimisation: a nationwide, register-based cohort study
84 Preparedness and vulnerability of African countries against importations of COVID-19: a modelling study
85 The Lancet Psychiatry: Insufficient evidence that medicinal cannabinoids improve mental health
86 Diabetes and brain health
87 Methylphenidate and the risk of psychosis in adolescents and young adults: a population-based cohort study
88 Safety, tolerability, and immunogenicity of a recombinant adenovirus type-5 vectored COVID-19 vaccine: a dose-escalation, open-label, non-randomised, first-in-human trial
89 Investigation of three clusters of COVID-19 in Singapore: implications for surveillance and response measures
90 Epidemiology and transmission of COVID-19 in 391 cases and 1286 of their close contacts in Shenzhen, China: a retrospective cohort study
91 Smoking cessation for people with severe mental illness (SCIMITAR+): a pragmatic randomised controlled trial
92 Clinical characteristics and intrauterine vertical transmission potential of COVID-19 infection in nine pregnant women: a retrospective review of medical records
93 The Lancet Commission on global mental health and sustainable development
94 Compliance with legal requirement to report clinical trial results on a cohort study
95 The immunology of COVID-19: is immune modulation an option for treatment?
96 Accumulated environmental risk in young refugees – A prospective evaluation
97 An outbreak of severe Kawasaki-like disease at the Italian epicentre of the SARS-CoV-2 epidemic: an observational cohort study
98 Impact of school closures for COVID-19 on the US health-care workforce and net mortality: a modelling study
99 Anakinra for severe forms of COVID-19: a cohort study
100 Mental health and suicidal problems likely to last beyond pandemic: Lancet Psychiatry