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1 US Border Patrol Seizes Over $6.9 B Worth of Cocaine at Laredo Port of Entry
2 Over $2.1 million worth of heroin and meth found at Laredo port of entry
3 Mexican truckers set to block Texas bridge Saturday
4 Laredo Port Authorities Seize Narcotics Worth $10.1 Million
5 Customs and Border Protection officers seize more than $6.9 million in Laredo cocaine busts
6 Texas border leaders say restrictions at ports of entry should be lifted
7 Laredo Border Patrol Agents Capture American Drug Traffickers in $2.2 Million Bust
8 CBP officers seize more than $3-million in meth at Texas border crossing
9 CBP: Cookie shipment turned out to be meth
10 US-Mexico border infrastructure upgrades on the way
11 CBP seizes $1.4M in liquid meth
12 CBP seizes $10M in narcotics in separate enforcement actions at WTB
13 CBP finds $2.7 million in marijuana in shipment of toilets
14 Acting CBP Commissioner visits Laredo port of entry
15 CBP names Andrew Douglas as Acting Port Director for Laredo Port of Entry
16 CBP finds $3M worth of meth in cookie shipment
17 Laredo, a key Texas border crossing, uses strict coronavirus measures as it fears spread to rest of U.S.
18 US-Mexico border trading hubs continue to struggle
19 Port of Laredo Announces Temporary Modifications to Vehicular Traffic at the Gateway to the Americas Bridge
20 Over Six Tons of Hidden Marijuana Found at Laredo Port of Entry, CBP Says
21 CBP officers seize 201 pounds of pork hidden in truck’s engine at Laredo Port of Entry
22 Texas man accused of using tacos to smuggle meth into US
23 Nearly $10 million in methamphetamine seized in single day at south Texas ports of entry
24 Officials record second-largest meth bust at Otay Mesa Port of Entry
25 Around 200 CBP agents coming to Laredo for ‘surge operation’
26 CBP's Laredo Port of Entry Announces Modifications to SENTRI-Only Vehicular Traffic Processing Times
27 Customs officers find $347K worth of cocaine hidden in Chevy Impala at Laredo Port of Entry
28 Border Patrol: Hand-dug tunnel found near border in Nogales
29 Darling doubts border bridges will be reopened this month
30 CBP refutes rumor of Laredo international bridge closures due to coronavirus
31 Laredo CBP Officers apprehend fugitives sought for sexual offenses
32 CBP debunks bridge closure rumors
33 Laredo Falls To 4th Busiest U.S. Port As Auto Trade Slows
34 Authorities find 3,100 pounds of meth and other drugs hidden in truckload of medical supplies
35 Laredo CBP issues response to border restrictions due to coronavirus
36 Border Patrol agents announce traffic adjustments to ensure safety amid COVID-19 outbreak
37 CBP to Launch Paperless I-94 Process for Holy Week at Laredo Port of Entry
38 CBP Partnership with South Texas Assets Consortium, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley Yields Paid Agriculture Internships at RGV Ports of Entry
39 $8M worth of narcotics intercepted in shipments from Mexico
40 Travel restriction extended, Cuellar encouraged by DHS support
41 Laredo, Texas: Luis Jesus Hernandez Sanchez sentenced for importing meth
42 CBP, Mexico take steps to speed up border trade at Laredo ports of entry
43 Border Patrol officers seize over $18M worth of meth in Laredo
44 CBP officers seize foil two drug smuggling attempts at port of entry
45 Best Government/Public Building: Laredo 1 & 2 Ports of Entry
46 CBP: Agents at World Trade Bridge in Laredo seize over $11 million in narcotics
47 City starts random testing at port of entry
48 Feds find 'more than commodes' hidden in truckload of toilets
49 Truck's manifest said it was hauling cookies -- but a dog sniffed out $3 MILLION worth of meth
50 CBP officers seize over a million dollars worth of meth at port of entry
51 CBP seizes $1.3M in narcotics at Laredo bridges
52 3 busts in 3 days: Border Patrol officers in Texas seize methamphetamine worth $4.5M
53 Man captured at Laredo port for multiple warrants for indecency with a child
54 Customs discovers almost $2 million worth of meth
55 CBP integrates facial biometrics at Laredo Port of Entry pedestrian lanes
56 Border agents seize more than $1.3 million of alleged meth hidden in van
57 CBP seizes over two million dollars of narcotics
58 Border Patrol agents seized $652,000 worth of marijuana
59 Ports in Laredo, Texas, Briefly Surpass L.A. as No. 1 for Incoming Goods
60 Amid coronavirus pandemic, Texas border agents see human smuggling on the rise
61 Federal agents confiscate nearly 30 million dollars of meth
62 The View from Laredo
63 Border Patrol seizes nearly $37 mil in meth hidden inside tomato shipment
64 CBP Introduces Biometric Facial Comparison at Laredo Port of Entry
65 Life On The U.S.-Mexico Frontier Dramatically Altered By Partial Border Shutdown
66 CBP seizes more than $45K on way to Mexico
67 U.S. Downgrades Advisory Against Travel To Mexico, But Border Restrictions Remain For Now
68 Opposite Sides Of Border Closure: Laredo, Texas, Nuevo Laredo, Mexico
69 Temporary hours changes now in effect for certain South Texas International Bridges
70 CBP officers find illegal narcotics hidden inside luggage
71 $9.7 million in meth seized at 2 Laredo international bridges
72 Border Patrol officers reportedly find $3.3 million of meth in Laredo
73 Border Patrol agents seize 576 pounds of alleged marijuana found hidden in trailer
74 More than $11M in meth seized at World Trade Bridge
75 Ahead Of Fall Shopping Season, Laredo Business Leaders Renew Calls To Ease Border Restrictions
76 CBP: Brownsville ports of entry to reduce hours, Anzalduas traffic to be adjusted
77 Border Patrol agents seize more than half a million dollars worth of marijuana
78 Laredo becomes No. 1 trade port in the US
79 Officers seize over $920K in marijuana within commercial shipment at World Trade Bridge
80 Customs seizes over $1M in cocaine, $55K in cash at Laredo bridge
81 Customs and Border Protection seizes over half a million dollars of drugs
82 CBP officers seize 2.4 million dollars of meth at port of entry
83 CBP officers seize a load of drugs at World Trade Bridge
84 CBP officers seize over eight-million dollars worth of drugs
85 Man wanted for homicide caught at Laredo port of entry
86 Borderlands: Volkswagen Taos starts production in Mexico; Lalamove launches delivery services in Dallas
87 Laredo CBP seizes hard narcotics worth over $3.3 million
88 Federal agents seize over three million dollars of drugs
89 Two Texas fugitives wanted on child sex crimes charges arrested at Laredo border crossing
90 Trucker allegedly tried to smuggle $11.5M of meth through Laredo bridge
91 Belgium busts big cocaine ring that relied on corrupt police
92 CBP officers seize nearly a million dollars worth of narcotics
93 More than $18 million worth of drugs seized
94 "Business As Usual" Along Texas-Mexico Border
95 U.S. lawmakers raise concerns as border restrictions turn transit hubs into 'ghost towns'
96 Border patrol enforcement, security at Mexico crossing sends migrants back to cartel country to await asylum cases
97 CBP officers seize 1.3 million dollars of meth at Laredo port of entry
98 Nearly $2 million worth of meth seized at Laredo border
99 Why More Traffic From Mexico than Canada in the Face of Wuhan Coronavirus Restrictions?
100 Border Patrol agents seize over $2.5 million in marijuana