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1 Biden team to meet with Latino lawmakers amid calls for diverse cabinet picks
2 Op-Ed: The relationship between Latinos and 'Latinx'? It's complicated
3 Newsom urged to pick Latino lawmaker for Harris' Senate seat
4 Latinos, Long Dismissed in Hollywood, Push to Make Voices Heard
5 Philly Latinos call on community to get involved in fight against gun violence
6 Appointing a Latino or Latina senator would fulfill Newsom’s commitment
7 Who are the Latinos who could be in Biden's Cabinet?
8 CT Board of Education approves new course in Black and Latino studies
9 Why Joe Biden Saw Mixed Success With Latinos
10 Garcia, Santiago featured in PBS ‘Latinos Are Essential’ Series
11 CASA works to educate Maryland's communities of color on coronavirus vaccine
12 Covid-19 is sending Black, Latino and Native American people to the hospital at about 4 times the rate of others
13 John Leguizamo: When it comes to Latinos, there's a wall 'in American culture'
14 What We Know About How White and Latino Americans Voted In 2020
15 Coronavirus vaccines face trust gap in Black and Latino communities, study finds
16 Rise in reports of hate crimes against Latinos pushes overall number to 11-year high
17 How Latinos in the U.S. can reinvent their careers post Covid-19
18 How Madison’s Latino community is pulling together to survive COVID
19 Black and Latino students in California are suffering most from the pandemic, a lawsuit says.
20 Hard-hit by Covid-19, Latinos bear mental health burden 8 months into pandemic
21 To court Latinos, Democrats have to expand strategy in 2022
22 Trump Didn’t Win the Latino Vote in Texas. He Won the Tejano Vote.
23 University Researchers Develop Software To Address Mental Health Challenges In Latino Community
24 How outreach to Latino voters helped drive turnout for the 2020 election
25 'There's no such thing as the Latino vote.' 2020 results reveal a complex electorate
26 Congressional Hispanic Caucus pushes for more Latino representation in President-elect Biden's cabinet
27 Push for a national Latino museum takes step forward at Senate hearing
28 Confounding Democrats, Trump makes inroads with Latinos
29 Why It's a Mistake to Simplify the 'Latino Vote'
30 Links: Trump and Latinos, religious liberty and conservatives, Jesuit liturgists
31 Young Latinos mobilized, voted and were pivotal in 2020. Organizers want to keep it going.
32 Latinos in L.A.'s San Fernando Valley staggered by COVID
33 What the 2020 election reveals about Latino voters
34 3 Latinos among first chosen for Biden White House senior staff
35 An early glimpse at how Hispanics, Latinos may have voted in the 2020 election
36 'Latinos' and the Election
37 Trump exploited status anxiety within the Latino community
38 Coronavirus Today: The toll on Latino neighborhoods
39 Could a Latino senator change 170 years of California history? It's up to the governor.
40 Culture wars fuel Trump’s blue-collar Latino gains
41 Why did the Florida Latino community swing to Trump? It’s complicated.
42 Ayala: U.S. Latinos may disagree on presidential politics, but not about a Latino museum on the National Mall
43 Why polls get the ‘Latino vote’ so wrong
44 More than half of Black, Latino, Native American workers hold jobs that require in-person contact
45 Latinos gain a Senate seat with Ben Ray Lujan's win in New Mexico
46 We can't win on immigration alone: Latinos helped elect Biden, but Democrats can do better
47 No, The 'Latino Vote' Does Not Define A Complex Electorate
48 The importance of understanding Latino voters in battleground states
49 Election 2020: How Latinos Around the US Voted
50 Dec. 3
51 Can Biden Regain Lost Ground With Latinos?
52 Latino Voters Drifted From Democrats in Florida and Texas
53 The Myth of the Latino Vote and What Newsrooms Must Learn From 2020
54 The Fight to Win Latino Voters for the G.O.P.
55 Yes, social justice and discrimination were driving issues for Latino voters in 2020
56 New ‘Selena’ series explores family relationships, life for Latinos in South Texas
57 A New PBS Series Follows Latinos on the Frontlines of COVID
58 False News Targeting Latinos Trails the Election
59 Busting the ‘Latino vote’ myth is one silver lining of this hellacious election | Helen Ubiñas
60 Arizona just showed the right way to harness the power of Latino voters
61 'Building for the last four years': Pennsylvania Latinos were pivotal for Biden
62 Latino Leaders: Be involved, Dubon says
63 Blacks and Latinos for Trump
64 Jesse Williams Invests in Banking Platform for Black and Latino People
65 ‘We started weeping in April, and we haven’t stopped’: Baltimore’s Latino community racked by coronavirus
66 Inequalities in US Areas With High Alzheimer's Among Blacks, Latinos
67 Latinos offer lukewarm enthusiasm for Biden after Democrat fails to woo voters
68 Commentary: Dems must listen to Latinos to connect with them
69 Pharrell Williams launches Black Ambition initiative for Black and Latino entrepreneurs
70 'Latino Voices' Community Conversation: Election 2020
71 Some Latinos Voted for Trump. Get Over It.
72 Latinos were going to college more than ever but Covid-19 is forcing many to drop out
73 Trump cultivated the Latino vote in Florida, and it paid off
74 Research shows COVID-19 has hit Hispanic communities hard
75 Democrats Underperformed Among Voters of Color — Except in Arizona. Here's Why.
76 The broken pipeline for Latino executives
77 Latino Voters Of Diverse Backgrounds Were Influential For Both Presidential Candidates
78 What not to say to your Latinx friends about 'the Latino vote'
79 Some California housing policies hurt Black people, Latinos
80 Is It Time To Retire The Term 'The Latino Vote?'
81 Latino power is still growing — but not the way we expected
82 This Election, Latinos Sent a Warning Sign to Democrats
83 Why Democrats Lost So Many South Texas Latinos—the Economy
84 Alejandro Mayorkas, Biden's Pick For DHS Head, Would Be 1st Latino In Post
85 Where Is the Smithsonian Museum for American Latinos?
86 2020 Election: The impact of the Latino vote | Top Story
87 Disparities persist for NH's Latino communities
88 Liberals Envisioned a Multiracial Coalition. Voters of Color Had Other Ideas.
89 Ayudando Latinos A Sonar, ALAS, provides cultural and mental health resources to Bay Area farmworkers, Latino families
90 Latino Leadership Academy Creates Video Emphasizing Importance of Wearing Masks
91 California nursing facilities with more Black, Latino residents hit harder by coronavirus: Study
92 Latinos could swing Georgia. Don't repeat the mistakes of Florida and Texas
93 This student just became the first Latino DACA recipient to win the Rhodes Scholarship. He says it's all because of his elementary school teacher
94 The Myth Of The 'Latino Vote'
95 Surge in Latino support for Trump helps him win Florida
96 Some Latinos Supported President Donald Trump — That Shouldn’t Be A Surprise
97 Latino Voters Sway Elections, But Not Just for One Party
98 Latinos, Blacks Hardest Hit by COVID-19, More Resistant to Getting Vaccine, Studies Show
99 SAT math scores mirror and maintain racial inequity
100 Who is the 'Latino voter?' 2020 election showed Latino voters are diverse and vary region to region