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1 Latinos were going to college more than ever but Covid-19 is forcing many to drop out
2 Bay Area sees racial shift in coronavirus: Positive tests down for Latinos, up for whites
3 What We Know About How White and Latino Americans Voted In 2020
4 Reggaeton needed a racial reckoning. Afro-Latinos are leading it.
5 Many Latinos Liked Trump’s Antisocialism
6 Prominent Oregon Latinos condemn lawsuit that challenges state’s fund for Black Oregonians
7 Richfield's Latino residents say they face barriers in accessing city programs, services
8 'Familia is always first': Through youth sports, service, Emilio Lopez brought generations of the Milwaukee Latino community together
9 Culture wars fuel Trump’s blue-collar Latino gains
10 Hard-hit by Covid-19, Latinos bear mental health burden 8 months into pandemic
11 How Latinos in the U.S. can reinvent their careers post Covid-19
12 John Leguizamo: When it comes to Latinos, there's a wall 'in American culture'
13 A medical haven for Latino immigrants in rural Minnesota
14 Misinformation targeted Latino voters in the 2020 election
15 Tarrant Co. Representative Works to Represent Latinos
16 Could a Latino senator change 170 years of California history? It's up to the governor.
17 Who are the Latinos who could be in Biden's Cabinet?
18 How did Latino voters shift Arizona toward Biden? Their voices prove there's not one answer
19 Why Joe Biden Saw Mixed Success With Latinos
20 Virginia Latino voters excited for Biden presidency | Headlines
21 Some Latinos Supported President Donald Trump — That Shouldn’t Be A Surprise
22 Push for a national Latino museum takes step forward at Senate hearing
23 Latinos in Washington disproportionately hurt by COVID-19 pandemic
24 Rise in reports of hate crimes against Latinos pushes overall number to 11-year high
25 Northfield has long called itself the town of ‘cows, colleges, and contentment.’ After Election Day, it’s becoming something else: a model for rising Latino power in rural Minnesota.
26 County tries new strategy to cut number of Latinos getting COVID-19
27 Trump Didn’t Win the Latino Vote in Texas. He Won the Tejano Vote.
28 What the 2020 election reveals about Latino voters
29 A New PBS Series Follows Latinos on the Frontlines of COVID
30 As COVID-19 numbers surge, Latinos urged to call off celebrations like quinceañeras
31 This Election, Latinos Sent a Warning Sign to Democrats
32 Geraldo Cadava On The Latino Vote And Hispanic Republicans : Code Switch
33 How much support did Trump get among Washington Latinos?
34 Why did so many Latinos back Trump?
35 3 Latinos among first chosen for Biden White House senior staff
36 California's Latinos Grapple With COVID, And Extraordinary Grief
37 Why It's a Mistake to Simplify the 'Latino Vote'
38 Rural latino communities need internet access | TheHill
39 Latino Organizers Work to Mobilize Georgia Voters Ahead of Senate Runoffs
40 Covid-19 is sending Black, Latino and Native American people to the hospital at about 4 times the rate of others
41 Biden, Trump Focused on Florida and Arizona in Bids for Latino Votes
42 Where Is the Smithsonian Museum for American Latinos?
43 Some California housing policies hurt Black people, Latinos
44 Democrats assess efforts to engage Latinos after mixed election results
45 Yes, social justice and discrimination were driving issues for Latino voters in 2020
46 Gov. Newsom should appoint a Latino to the U.S. Senate
47 Many Latino Men Are Supporting President Trump This Election
48 Confounding Democrats, Trump makes inroads with Latinos
49 The Myth Of The 'Latino Vote'
50 What Liberals Don't Understand About Pro-Trump Latinos
51 Trump cultivated the Latino vote in Florida, and it paid off
52 'Years in the making': Established Latino groups helped Biden in Arizona, Nevada
53 Election could add Latinos to U.S. Senate, Congress, state houses
54 Among seniors, 72% of Latinos and 64% of Black Americans who live alone struggle to make ends meet
55 Latino voters in Georgia get attention in high-stakes Senate races
56 Trump Lost In Massachusetts, But Built Latino Support In Gateway Cities
57 How “the Latino Vote” Was Invented – Mother Jones
58 Latino voters' interest in presidential race is mixed, and about half are 'extremely motivated' to vote
59 Latinos could swing Georgia. Don't repeat the mistakes of Florida and Texas
60 The importance of understanding Latino voters in battleground states
61 Latino Groups See Harris’s Vacant Senate Seat as Key Prize
62 How Latinos Could Redefine the G.O.P. in Texas
63 Some Latinos Voted for Trump. Get Over It.
64 Favorites emerge as Latino leaders press Biden to appoint 5 Hispanics to Cabinet | TheHill
65 Why Texas’s overwhelmingly Latino Rio Grande Valley turned toward Trump
66 An early glimpse at how Hispanics, Latinos may have voted in the 2020 election
67 Latinos are 20% of the state yet they got 0% representation on N.J.’s redistricting panel | Opinion
68 Poll: Biden bests Trump with Latino voters by a 2-1 margin
69 Can Biden Regain Lost Ground With Latinos?
70 Biden Can Fix Latinos’ Disappointment With Democrats
71 In 2020 election, Some Latinos want other Latinos to vote for Trump
72 The Myth of the Latino Vote and What Newsrooms Must Learn From 2020
73 Ruben Navarrette: Win, lose, or draw, politics never works out for Latinos
74 Lines form as UCSF/Latino Taskforce start Covid testing at 24th St. BART
75 Differences in well-being amongst Somali, Latino and Hmong adolescents
76 Trump’s gains with Florida Latinos were hiding in plain sight
77 Latino voters overwhelmingly supported Biden in the election. Here’s why
78 Latinos for Trump, Arizona vote for Biden shows diversity of Hispanics in US
79 Latinos offer lukewarm enthusiasm for Biden after Democrat fails to woo voters
80 For Some Latino Voters, Trump's Appeal Helped Keep Election Close
81 Latinos gain a Senate seat with Ben Ray Lujan's win in New Mexico
82 Democratic concerns about Latino support linger in final days of campaign
83 Latinos are heading to the polls more than ever and Florida’s Latino vote will be key
84 Trump Support Grew Among Latinos in California and Nationally, Poll Finds
85 If Arizona Goes Blue, Look to the Latinos Who Organized Against Joe Arpaio
86 Editorial: Latino vote revealed its complexity
87 A Third Of The Latino Vote
88 Arizona just showed the right way to harness the power of Latino voters
89 Opinion: Newsom should appoint a Latino to replace Kamala Harrris
90 Latinos Helped Flip Arizona From Red To Blue
91 Going deeper on the battle for Hispanic voters
92 Governor Greg Abbott expresses support for the National Museum of the American Latino Act
93 False News Targeting Latinos Trails the Election
94 Ricky Hurtado: Meet the only Latino who will be serving in North Carolina state legislature next year
95 Latino voters targeted by abortion misinformation campaigns
96 Covid-19: U.S. Records 1 Million New Cases in a Week
97 4 Ways Trump's Tax Bill Left Behind the Latino Community
98 Paola Ramos Wants You To Pay Attention To The Latino Vote
99 Anglin: Filling the historical gaps with Latino Smithsonian
100 AP VoteCast: Trump makes inroads with Latinos in key states