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1 The 35 most reckless lines from Donald Trump's interview with Laura Ingraham
2 Laura Ingraham alleges Democrats trying to keep Americans from 'pursuit of happiness'
3 Laura Ingraham calls Trump’s town hall an “ambush” after he takes questions from undecided voters
4 CNN host John King calls Fox News "state TV" after Laura Ingraham rushes to defend Trump
5 Ingraham: Biden 'propped up' by 'unholy alliance of Billionaires and 'Bolsheviks'
6 Laura Ingraham Peddles Debunked Conspiracy That 'Antifa' Is Behind Wildfires
7 Trump was so unhinged on Fox News, Laura Ingraham tried (and failed) to coach him through it
8 Ingraham praises federal judge's 'phenomenal ruling' finding PA's COVID shutdown 'unconstitutional'
9 Trump to join Laura Ingraham for exclusive interview Monday night
10 Laura Ingraham sees Democrats 'drowning' in 'riptide of radicalism': 'They have nothing to offer the voters'
11 Laura Ingraham claims antifa arsonists are responsible for California wildfires
12 ‘Cuties’ Pile-On Adds Ted Cruz, Laura Ingraham; Netflix Defends Film As “Social Commentary” – Update
13 Laura Ingraham: Trump laid urban violence at Democrats' feet in 'incredible and electric' RNC speech
14 Laura Ingraham's panel reacts to the second night of the GOP convention
15 Laura Ingraham warns 'the whole country is going to look like Portland' under President Biden
16 Laura Ingraham: RNC's 'positive, upbeat messages' capped off 'a bad day for the Democrats'
17 Fox News mocked for claims Trump was 'ambushed' at perfectly normal town hall
18 Laura Ingraham Utterly Deflates Donald Trump Jr. by Saying Biden 'Beat Expectations'
19 Laura Ingraham wraps up Democratic convention, says party 'has learned nothing since 2016'
20 Laura Ingraham: Obama's star power can't carry Joe Biden
21 Trump suggests 'some very stupid rich people' are funding protest groups, rioters at RNC and across US
22 Trump's Ingraham interview conspiracy theory could help him with these 2020 voters
23 Rep. McCarthy: Dems want to inflict 'more pain' under COVID-19 just because 'they despise' Trump
24 Laura Ingraham Bursts Donald Trump Jr.'s Bubble By Saying Joe Biden 'Beat Expectations'
25 Ex-WH stenographer characterizes Joe Biden as 'shell of his former self'
26 New book reveals extent of internal unease at Fox
27 Laura Ingraham's panel reacts to first night of the Republican National Convention
28 Laura Ingraham bashes Biden, says Dem nominee 'failed to present clear, specific policies' in DNC speech
29 President Trump joins Laura Ingraham to discuss violence in Democrat-run cities, planned visit to Kenosha
30 Ingraham rips Biden for 'pathetic drive-by smear' of Trump after career of 'rubber stamping' foreign wars
31 Donald Trump Jr and Laura Ingraham falsely claim California law change ‘normalises paedophilia’
32 Fox hosts attack network's own reporting confirming Trump's troop insults
33 Former national security official Michael Anton debunks ‘The Atlantic’s’ anti-Trump smears
34 Laura Ingraham's panel reacts to night three of the Democratic National Convention
35 Commentary: Let celebrities have their say | The Blade
36 Fox News announces layoffs as it undergoes corporate restructuring with record ratings
37 Joe Rogan repeats debunked claim that ‘left-wing people’ are starting Oregon wildfires
38 With election interest keen, Fox’s Carlson strong in ratings
39 Laura Ingraham and Dinesh D’Souza Slam Biden Over Family Dealings with China, Never Once Mention Ivanka’s Chinese Trademarks, Trump Org’s Overseas Businesses
40 Watch: CNN’s John King slams Fox News as ‘state TV’ after Laura Ingraham calls ABC Trump townhall an ‘ambush’
41 Hannity, Ingraham among 13 monitored by Kiev embassy for Twitter posts about Ukraine, documents show
42 Rep. McCarthy: What has Pelosi, Democrat majority solved in the House?
43 Ingraham lauds RNC opening night as 'breath of fresh air' after DNC's 'America is racist nightmare'
44 'Thank you for your 24 hours of sacrifice'- Laura Ingraham mocks LeBron James for NBA...
45 ‘Cuties’: French Cinema Org UniFrance Condemns “Violent Reaction” To Netflix Film & Voices Support For Director Maïmouna Doucouré
46 When Black athletes protest, they’re doing emotional labor
47 Victor Davis Hanson: Biden can't criticize violence because he's being held hostage by elements of his base
48 Gold Statue of Donald Trump in Golf Cart Was in Manhattan
49 Why would Trump submit to the public's questions?
50 Herschel Walker explains he spoke at RNC because 'people don't really know Donald Trump'
51 Byron York: Vindman, not whistleblower, driving force behind Trump impeachment
52 Joe Biden Gets Hometown Hero Welcome At CNN Town Hall; Putting Putin On Notice, Ex-VP Offers Preview Of First Debate With Trump
53 Sean Hannity and Lou Dobbs to be deposed in Seth Rich lawsuit: report | TheHill
54 Country star John Rich slams Nashville mayor as 'de Blasio of the South' over COVID controversy
55 Fox News dominated primetime ratings for COVID summer — not just on cable, but all of TV.
56 Newt Gingrich: Rep. Kevin McCarthy and the House GOP's 'Commitment to America'
57 Laura Ingraham: Second night of RNC showed GOP 'believes in liberty' and Dems believe 'in lockdowns'
58 How Fox News Became a Language
59 Navy Vet Tweets Image of Soldiers Holding Casket After Fox News Segment: 'What Happens After an Ambush'
60 Ben Shapiro on moving news operation out of California: 'Bad governance has consequences'
61 Taking the Next Knee … Is This Athletic Revolt For Real?
62 Laura Ingraham's Descent Into Despair
63 After four years, during the worst health crisis in a century, the unkept promise of ‘a great health plan’ may be catching up to President Trump
64 Trump moves closer to Pelosi in economic aid talks, and House speaker must decide next move
65 Mandela, Gorbachev, Trump? A Disruptive President Plays Peacemaker
66 How Trump exposed his own "record of extraordinary failure" by venturing outside his Fox News bubble
67 LeBron James calls out Fox News host Laura Ingraham for defense of Drew Brees
68 The mirage of Trump’s ‘peace’ deals
69 William Barr is the poster child for politicized law enforcement officials
70 Biography, photos of controversial Fox News host Laura Ingraham
71 OPINION: What is antifa? Mostly a myth
72 Fox News host Laura Ingraham battles geography, facts
73 Twitter Requires Fox News’ Laura Ingraham to Delete Post With ‘Misleading’ Coronavirus Claims
74 PADILLA presses DEJOY on mail votes — NEWSOM signs FAMILY LEAVE, COVID COMP bills — AB 5 preemption in CONGRESS — CANNABIS vote punted
75 Comedy Supporting Actress: Analyzing Emmy pros and cons of all 8 nominees
76 How Fox News' 'low-quality information' fuels Trump
77 Laura Ingraham is now the top pusher of COVID misinformation on Fox Ne
78 Laura Ingraham lays out her 'new normal' for GOP: 'Anti-leftist ... pro-American ... pro-worker'
79 Bill O’Reilly accuses Biden of cheating in town hall after solid performance
80 Grace Community Church Pastor John MacArthur says 'bring it on' after LA threatens jail time
81 Fox News host Laura Ingraham famously told LeBron James to ‘shut up and dribble’ — so what’s her take on Drew Brees?
82 Why Did Fox News's Laura Ingraham Relentlessly Push Hydroxychloroquine?
83 Department of Education to investigate University following Eisgruber's letter on racism
84 Laura Ingraham implores schools to reopen as normal this fall or 'expect a difficult situation to get worse'
85 Laura Ingraham bashes 'Marxist' demonstrators, says 'they want you to think that all hope is lost'
86 Laura Ingraham on the 'real COVID record': Media and the left are rewriting history
87 As she eyes a new job, Laura Ingraham reportedly says: "We have to be prepared for Trump losing"
88 ASU College Republicans Club Leaders Have Started an Unofficial Student News Site
89 Fox's Laura Ingraham mocks 'The Medical Deep State' and 'science'
90 Ingraham sends message to parents: 'They are lying to you when they say it's too dangerous to reopen schools'
91 CBP chief has no evidence of black-clad Antifa protesters taking planes to protests, says spokesman
92 Laura Ingraham: Recent weeks have shown us 'America has an intense spiritual and family problem'
93 Who Said What –
94 Fox News host Laura Ingraham’s interview with Anthony Fauci goes sideways
95 Laura Ingraham Tells Viewers to 'Suit Up' for Battle: 'It Is Time to Do or Die'
96 Wounded Army veteran wants people to stop using his image for propaganda purposes
97 Ingraham tells Americans they must 'demand to see all of the science' behind lockdowns, distancing and masks
98 Laura Ingraham looks back on the week that showed Democrats 'have gone totally nuts'
99 Laura Ingraham knocks teachers unions for 'ludicrous,' 'reckless' demands for reopening schools
100 Laura Ingraham rips the media and the left for lockdowns: They 'don't want us to move on'