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1 Lawrence Livermore makes Glassdoor’s ‘best places to work’ in 2021 list, ranked top lab and government employer
2 Lawrence Livermore National Lab, ConserV to jointly develop universal coronavirus vaccine
3 National Ignition Facility conducts first-ever shot with explosives
4 Bay Area researchers developing COVID vaccine to protect against future variants
5 Scientists: State’s ‘fossil water’ is vanishing
6 Four Bay Area national labs to co-host innovation exploration event showcasing how partnering can benefit U.S. industry
7 Lawrence Livermore computer scientist heads award-winning computer vision research
8 Livermore Lab working on 'universal' coronavirus vaccine | Town Square | |
9 LLNL: Nuclear Security Enterprise Is Hiring Across The Nation
10 Lack of protest tees up smoother transition at Savannah River National Lab
11 New Member Joins Board of Lab Foundation | News |
12 ConserV Bioscience works on mutation-proof coronavirus shots with US lab
13 Construction Underway On Livermorium Plaza | Livermore, CA Patch
14 Laser Lab scientist honored for fusion and plasma research
15 We're Paying For Emissions We've Already Released
16 Sonoma State receives near $5 million from NASA to engage autistic learners in STEM
17 LLNL Develops New X-Ray Tool | Livermore News |
18 Change of course on the journey to the island of stability
19 Lab will co-lead NASA mission to study stars, planets
20 Carbon Nanotube Membranes can Enable Rapid Dialysis Processes
21 How to find mutated sperm? Just go FISH
22 Livermore delays council applicant interviews until next week
23 Thoughts on DOE Discovery Impact in 2020
24 Dale Common | Obituaries |
25 E-Fuel Corporation: “Rejected Energy” the Real Culprit Behind Climate Change and How to Stop It
26 British firm claims to have created COVID-19 vaccine that will work against all strains
27 Pre-demolition work starts at Lawrence Livermore reactor : Waste & Recycling
28 Air pollution levels depend on drizzle rates
29 Xolography—The Latest Innovation in 3D Printing
30 Livermore to interview all 21 applicants for council vacancy
31 Lawrence Livermore Announces Mammoth Cluster to Fight COVID-19
32 Printing a Brain Aneurysm in a Dish
33 Study: Warming already baked in will blow past climate goals
34 It's more than just solid
35 UC regents approve funding technology fellowship pilot program
36 Tweaking AI software to function like a human brain improves computer's learning ability
37 Jean Amerson BROOKINS Obituary
38 California Environmental Law & Policy Update
39 What's New in HPC Research: Galaxies, Fugaku, Electron Microscopes & More
40 Xendee, Lawrence Livermore Nat'l Lab to Create Microgrid-Based Energy Mgmt System for DOD
41 FISH technique can be used to probe sperm DNA for chromosomal defects
42 Large-scale environmental study planned at Lawrence Livermore Lab
43 Lawrence Livermore Lab to Co-host Bay Area Battery Summit
44 We may have caused 2 degrees of warming already
45 Lab team earns DOE Secretary Achievement Award
46 Relief Bill Includes Three of Rep. Swalwell's Proposals
47 DOE awarding more than $50M to 15 projects to advance critical material innovations
48 Rea J. Simpson, 62, Watertown
49 Gold's Many Uses
50 Lawrence Livermore and its partners provide researchers access to next-generation carbon dioxide storage simulator
51 NNSA administrator visits new facilities at Lawrence Livermore, Sandia labs
52 Head of Nuclear Defense Agency Visits Lawrence Livermore and Sandia Labs
53 Ellen Johnson Sirleaf joins the 2021 Doomsday Clock Announcement
54 Supermicro Systems Selected by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) for COVID-19 Research
55 Livermore Lab Director Bill Goldstein announces retirement | News | |
56 Lawrence Livermore National Security announces recipients of annual Community Gift Program
57 Other news to note for Jan. 19, 2021 | 2021-01-19
58 Georgia Tech Will Help Manage DOE's Savannah River Laboratory | Research Horizons
59 Lawrence Livermore National Lab Director Retires
60 US Department of Defense Selects Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and XENDEE to Develop a New Data Platform to Increase the Operational Efficiency of DoD Facilities
61 Supermicro Scalable Liquid-Cooled Supercomputing Cluster Deployed at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory for COVID-19 Research
62 Ten computer codes that transformed science News Feature | 20 JAN 2021
63 Judge Approves Benefits Settlement for Lawrence Livermore Retirees
64 Coronavirus: Lawrence Livermore Lab researchers examine virus in hopes of blocking, treating it
65 Lawrence Livermore Scientists Model Neural Activity from Living Human Cells on Brain-On-A-Chip Devices
66 Expand Electrical Distribution System at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory: Specialty Contracting
67 Lawrence Livermore’s ‘Versatile Cold Spray’ technology tabbed as one of the world’s top industrial inventions
68 Lawsuit alleges scientific misconduct at U.S. nuclear weapons lab
69 Virtual Lawrence Livermore Lab Protest Held On 75th Anniversary Of Hiroshima Bombing
70 Search Begins for Next Lab Director
71 Lawrence Livermore scientists part of three-institution team working to develop vaccine for tularemia
72 The Week of January 18, 2021
73 Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory opens new 3D printing manufacturing facility in public-private partnership
74 Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and Tyvak Nano-Satellite Systems Announce Agreement to Develop Innovative Telescopes for Nanosatellites
75 Lawrence Livermore Hooks Up With NASCAR Teams On Simple Respirator For Use By COVID-19 Patients
76 Materials Expand Volumetric 3D Printing
77 Laser fusion reactor approaches 'burning plasma' milestone
78 NNSA Announces Site-Wide Environmental Impact Statement For Lawrence Livermore National Lab
79 Scientists tap the power of high-performance computing to understand cancer growth
80 UC settles with retirees of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
81 LLNL Team Makes New Findings on Climate | News |
82 Lawrence Livermore's Innovation and Partnerships Office assists effort to combat the SARS-CoV2 virus on several fronts
83 Lawrence Livermore National Lab: The Smartest Square Mile on Earth
84 Intel’s Datacenter Decline Not As Bad As Expected
85 LLNL Gets Involved In Fight Against Coronavirus | Livermore, CA Patch
86 Blazing The Trail For Exascale Storage
87 Lawrence Livermore To Surpass 2 Exaflops With AMD Compute
88 Cooling Magma Is A Challenge That Lawrence Livermore Can Take On
89 Legal Basis for Naming New Livermore Director Cited by Former Lab Official
90 AI gets a boost via LLNL, SambaNova collaboration
91 Lawrence Livermore Lab Uses Artificial Intelligence and Supercomputers in Global Fight Against COVID-19
92 Biofuels pivot under Biden
93 LLNL's Jim Brase Explains How DOE Labs Are Fighting (and Coping with) COVID-19
94 Optimas 2019 General Excellence Winner: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
95 Lawrence Livermore to officially open $10 million Advanced Manufacturing Laboratory
96 Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Livermore Lab Foundation, ClimateWorks to unveil report on California’s road to carbon neutrality
97 Livermore Labs Avoiding Furloughs and Layoffs During Current Closures
98 LLNL Pairs Computer Chip From Cerebras with 'Lassen' Supercomputer to Accelerate AI Research
99 LLNL Tackles COVID-19 Research with 'Big Memory' Computing
100 Lawrence Livermore researchers release three-dimensional protein structure predictions for the novel coronavirus