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1 Ecuador's president calls on UN to bolster multilateralism amid pandemic
2 Ecuador registers 1,375 COVID-19 cases, total reaches 190,909
3 Ecuador, Colombia coordinate reopening border to reactivate economy amid pandemic
4 In Lenín Moreno's Ecuador, Democracy Is in Danger
5 More than 12,000 health workers to receive final appointments, Lenín Moreno announced
6 Ecuador's palm oil law a boon for producers, but not people and planet, groups say
7 Ecuador's president apologizes for saying women only "target" ugly men for harassment claims
8 What to Know in Washington: Stimulus Optimism is On the Rise
9 Ecuador's Government Is Persecuting the Man Who Doubled Health Care Spending
10 Statement from the Press Secretary Regarding the Visit of His Excellency Lenin Moreno Garcés, President of the Republic of Ecuador
11 Live COVID-19 updates: S. Africa tightens regional restriction to curb
12 Ecuador Plans to Start Vaccination Against COVID-19 in January
13 For Lenin Moreno, Ecuador’s Economy Is a Key to Staying in Power
14 Trump Receives Ecuadorian President Lenín Moreno
15 A Conversation with Lenín Moreno, President of Ecuador
16 Lenín Moreno Has Betrayed Ecuador. Now the Country Is in Revolt.
17 FIFA President meets Ecuador President Lenin Moreno at the Home of FIFA
18 Ten years since WikiLeaks published the US diplomatic cables
19 Correa hits out at Lenin Moreno after Interpol file closed
20 Ecuador's Moreno says IMF board approves $6.5 billion loan
21 Lenin Moreno and the struggle for the soul of Ecuador's (and Latin America's) left
22 Ecuador president slashes cabinet members' salaries in pandemic response
23 President Xi Jinping Speaks by Phone with Ecuadorian President Lenín Moreno
24 We denounce the renegotiation of the debt by Lenín Moreno's government
25 As Ecuador protests grow, president moves government out of the capital
26 Ecuador Indigenous group sues president over protest crackdown
27 Lenín Moreno's Betrayal
28 Sexual harassment: Ecuador president says women tend to accuse ugly people
29 Ecuador protests: Ecuadoran President Lenin Moreno, indigenous leaders reach deal to end protests that left 7 dead
30 Trump sending Ecuador 'desperately needed' ventilators
31 'This is a real world war': Ecuador's president on the virus
32 Ecuador probes 'fake news' campaign criticizing coronavirus response
33 The first South American in Congress receives Ecuador’s second-highest honor
34 Ecuador's president names new emergency management chief amid COVID-19 outbreak
35 Ecuadorian court upholds former president's conviction
36 Remarks by Vice President Pence and President Lenin Moreno of the Republic Of Ecuador in Joint Press Statements
37 The crisis narrative of Ecuador's Lenin Moreno has obscured the real winners and losers of recent economic policy | LSE Latin America and Caribbean
38 Ecuador's Government Departs Capital Amid Deepening Violence And Unrest
39 Ecuador’s Ruling Party Chooses Lenin Moreno as Presidential Candidate
40 Ecuador’s Lenín Moreno opens country to private enterprise
41 Readout of the Vice President's Phone Call with President Lenin Moreno of the Republic of Ecuador
42 Ecuador cuts public spending by $4 billion in face of new debt crisis
43 Ecuador president leaves Quito amid unrest
44 Ecuador's Moreno calls for probe into handling of corpses in coronavirus outbreak
45 Ecuador President Moreno Issues New Early Tax Payment Decree
46 From Rafael Correa to Lenín Moreno: Ecuador's Swing to the Right
47 Ecuador's former president Rafael Correa slams successor Lenin Moreno for stripping Julian Assange's asylum status
48 Lenín Moreno unpicks Ecuador’s leftwing legacy
49 Protesters in Ecuador march against Covid-19 job and wage cuts
50 Ecuador Shows How Hard It Is to Recover From a Populist Autocrat’s Rule
51 UPDATE 1-Ecuador's Moreno says IMF board approves $6.5 billion loan
52 Ecuador president Lenin Moreno congratulates Marlon 'Chito' Vera on UFC 252 win over Sean O'Malley
53 Lenin Moreno: It is necessary to establish a new ideology
54 Ecuador's vice president resigns after leading state COVID-19 response
55 For Ecuador's Lenín Moreno, Evicting Julian Assange Is Only the Beginning
56 Socialist Lenin Moreno sworn in as Ecuador president
57 Coronavirus outbreak boosts pressure on Ecuador to default on foreign debt
58 Ecuadorian electoral primary deadline arrives amid mounting political frustration
59 Leftist Lenin Moreno Declared Winner of Ecuador's Presidential Election
60 Ecuador: Lenin Moreno's government sacrifices the poor to satisfy the IMF
61 Ecuador's President Lenín Moreno faces party revolt
62 Ecuador’s trial of the century opens
63 Correa’s trial is an attack on Ecuador’s democracy
64 Profile: Lenin Moreno, Ecuador's president-elect to continue Citizens Revolution
65 President Russell M. Nelson meets with Ecuador’s President Lenín Moreno
66 In Ecuador, Lawfare Marches on Despite Coronavirus
67 Moreno Is Breaking Ranks with the Correa Administration
68 Ecuador's Moreno Orders Military-Backed Curfew Starting in Quito
69 Protesters Force Ecuador Government to Flee Capital
70 Ecuador's President Lenín Moreno “Jokes” Women Report Rape Only When Assailants Are Ugly
71 Profile: Ecuadorian President Lenin Moreno Garces
72 Coronavirus: Ecuador to collect from businesses, residents in drastic economic plan
73 Ecuadorian Court Convicts Former President Rafael Correa Of Bribery
74 Official In Ecuador Says Thousands More People May Have Died Than Government Has Reported
75 Ecuador’s President Lenín Moreno tries to bury the legacy of his predecessor
76 After Correa, Ecuador's Moreno Is Struggling to Offer His Own Vision
77 Ecuadorian President apologizes for saying women “only accuse ugly men” of harassment
78 Correa Spurns IMF-Ecuador Deal That Allowed Debt Restructuring
79 Ecuador indigenous groups, workers keep pressure on Moreno
80 Ecuador Update: Lenin Moreno's First 100 Days as President
81 As Lenín Moreno takes power in Ecuador, is his “hand outstretched” towards continuity or change?
82 Ecuador's Paraplegic Vice President Lenin Moreno a Major Force for Disability Rights
83 WikiLeaks' Julian Assange smeared "his faeces on our embassy's walls," Ecuador's president Lenin Moreno says
84 Ecuador president apologizes for offensive sexual harassment comments
85 How Ecuador's Moreno Is Undoing Correa's Legacy, and Not Just With Assange
86 Lenín Moreno’s new economic policy
87 IMF confirms $643 million in aid for Ecuador, says more support needed
88 Ecuador imposes curfew after protests push government out of capital
89 Coronavirus Ravages Ecuador’s Largest City
90 Political Risk Analysis: What’s Ahead For Ecuador’s Economy In 2021?
91 Lenin Moreno, Rafael Correa and the bull in the China shop
92 Ecuador's Moreno announces tax reform after rolling back fuel price hike
93 Ecuador president seeks personal intervention from Xi Jinping in shrimp saga
94 Assange, Ecuador had relationship akin to a testy telenovela
95 Ecuador's Lenin Moreno scraps fuel subsidy cuts in big win for indigenous groups
96 Ecuador's Moreno Scraps Fuel Subsidy Cuts in Big Win for Indigenous Groups
97 Just 120 days into his term, Ecuador's new president is already undoing his own party's legacy
98 Ex-Ecuador president Correa denies planning coup attempt from exile
99 Ecuador: Lessons from the 2019 Protests
100 Leftist candidate Lenin Moreno leads Ecuador's presidential vote, but may face a runoff