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1 Lenka Koloma believes being anti-mask is a righteous cause. Who can convince her otherwise?
2 California anti-masker in spotlight again after store video
3 Anti-Mask Activists Intimidating Essential Workers as Fake Federal Agents Likely Violated Federal Law
4 A group spread face mask exemption cards on Facebook. The DOJ says they are fraudulent
5 FTC warns against COVID-19 mask exemption cards
6 Face mask exempt cards: are they real?
7 Maskless Karens Tried to Intimidate a Courteous Manager. It Didn't Work
8 Two Women Arrested During Anti-Mask Rally in California's Orange County
9 ‘Civil rights’ organization creating ‘mask exemption cards’ responds to accusations of fraud after 19 News inv
10 International Best-Selling Author Lenka Koloma Introduces New Program That Inspires Others to Beat All Odds
11 Don't fall for a face mask exemption card
12 Lenka Koloma's “Unleash the Supernatural”
13 Kane: Phony 'mask exemption' cards make the rounds
14 Anti-Mask "Agency" Threatens Grocery Store Worker With Litigation
15 Viral video shows employee trying to enforce mask-wearing in a grocery store. It doesn't go well.
16 Better Business Bureau warns of 'fake mask exempt cards'
17 COVID-19 and Masks: Doctor, May I Be Excused?
18 'Karens' Made Up a Fake Government Agency to Get Out of Wearing Face Masks
19 People who oppose wearing face masks have created fraudulent government 'exempt' cards
20 Disabled ex-firefighter says civil rights violated by hospital's refusal to treat him without mask
21 VERIFY: Face mask exemption cards are fake
22 BBB: Are fake mask exempt cards valid?
23 Coronavirus Live Updates: Global Deaths Pass 500,000
24 Mask exemption cards from the 'Freedom to Breathe Agency'? They're fake
25 BBB warns of fake mask exempt cards
26 Face mask ‘exemption’ cards are fakes, DOJ warns
27 Coeur d'Alene Press
28 U.S. sets single-day record for new coronavirus cases for fifth consecutive day
29 Have you seen this face mask exemption card? It's fake, Department of Justice says
30 'It's killing us': How anti-maskers in America's worst-hit states are fighting face covering orders
31 The glitz and absurdity of Las Vegas's gun playgrounds
32 UCI Podcast: At the intersection of economics and political philosophy
33 Pack of Karens accuse Costa Mesa grocery store of war crimes for denying entry without face masks