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1 Schweiger Dermatology Group Acquires the New York Dermatology Practices of Lillian Graf, MD and Leopold Laufer, MD
2 Zeblok Computational Partners with Laufer Center, CEWIT to Assist in COVID-19 Drug Discovery
3 What's New in Computing vs. COVID-19: Frontera, KISTI, Folding@home & More
4 Public Notices –
5 Lorain County Purged Voters
6 Who sold a home recently? Deed transfers from September 2018
7 Rijeka 2020: Largest Culture Party in Europe Begins!
8 Two Classes of Broadly Neutralizing Antibodies within a Single Lineage Directed to the High-Mannose Patch of HIV Envelope
9 Erie County Real Estate Transactions | Business Local |
10 Theatre Out, Orange County’s LGBT theater, will close April 1
11 Hidden biodiversity in an ancient lake: phylogenetic congruence between Lake Tanganyika tropheine cichlids and their monogenean flatworm parasites
12 Article Index for Family Historians
13 One secretive agency supplies America's worst music managers
14 In it to win it: A comprehensive guide to the 2015 election
15 Photos: College of Staten Island confers degrees on more than 2400 graduates of the Class of 2013
16 On Preps: Stevens Point to host Softball All-Star Games Tuesday
17 Stock-dumping GOP senator faces swift backlash for claiming ‘total exoneration’ after DOJ drops probe
18 Donald Trump is now openly campaigning against following the science during a pandemic
19 Trump’s law-and-order hardline message is flopping with suburban voters — here’s why
20 ‘Lara Trump cited a fake Abraham Lincoln quote’: CNN’s fact-checker counts Republican lies during night three
21 CNN fact-checker debunks Pence’s ‘bonkers’ lie about Obama and job creation
22 George, Kellyanne and Claudia Conway announce they’re stepping back and getting offline for ‘family’
23 WATCH: Texas ‘blue lives matter’ rally ends with Democratic campaign manager being assaulted
24 Trump ‘has been institutionalized for most of his adult life’ — and 5 other shocking revelations from Mary Trump’s book
25 Trump to speak at West Point graduation despite NY Gov. Cuomo’s coronavirus orders, infections on campus
26 Right-wing activist killed in police raid becomes a martyr for anti-lockdown protesters
27 Global COVID-19 cases top 10 million as HHS secretary warns ‘window is closing’ to get disease back under control in US