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1 Covid vaccine passports are being considered. And health experts and rights groups are deeply concerned
2 Should we criminalize COVID-19 vaccine disinformation?
3 David Jessop | Vaccine passports may hold the key to tourism's safe return
4 US life expectancy fell by a year in the first half of 2020, CDC report finds
5 Vaccine passports are a technical and ethical minefield
6 Demographic shifts: How will COVID impact European populations?
7 Deliberate vaccine misinformation should be held to account—but better information is essential
8 The Race To Create a Global Digital COVID-19 Passport Is On
9 Vaccine passports ‘feasible’ but ethical and privacy concerns remain, experts conclude
10 Oxford study estimates over 60,000 excess deaths during pandemic
11 As more governments mull vaccine passports, critics raise discrimination fears
12 Oxford University launches Covid-19 hotspot dashboard
13 University announces record low 5 cases this week
14 Covid-19 dashboard forecasts local 'pressure points' across UK
15 When can I travel in England? Date restrictions for UK and international travel could be lifted after lockdown
16 Vaccine passport talks ongoing with foreign nations as hopes rise for UK trips | ITV News
17 Online tool: Find out how your London area might fare in a second wave of coronavirus
18 When can I travel in Scotland? What we know about when staycations may be allowed after restrictions are lifted
19 Map reveals potential coronavirus hotspots in Oxfordshire
20 Oxford launches new COVID-19 hotspot tool
21 Face masks and coverings work, says Oxford COVID-19 study
22 COVID-19 study: face masks and coverings work – act now
23 Neanderthals and Homo sapiens used identical Nubian technology
24 Map shows how Powys could be affected if there is a second wave of coronavirus
25 The challenges of distributing COVID-19 vaccinations
26 Salisbury areas 'at highest risk of infection' identified by new study
27 The collateral damage to children's education during lockdown | VOX, CEPR Policy Portal
28 The Columns » Tracking Patterns in the Pandemic »
29 Genetic determinants of fertility and ongoing natural selection in humans
30 63,000 extra deaths and a year off life expectancy: COVID in 2020 in England & Wales
31 Teenagers can 'catch' moods from friends, study finds
32 Easyjet to hold investor calls for potential seven-year euro bond
33 COVID-19 Research Update
34 ‘Worst case scenarios’ at Sturgis rally could link event to 266,000 coronavirus cases, study says
35 As Americans prepare to gather for Thanksgiving, the world watches with dread and disbelief
36 Study proposes new strategies for social distancing
37 Italian coronavirus pressures and flattening the curve – an epidemiology expert explains
38 Africa ready to take on COVID-19
39 Why we still don't know what the death rate is for covid-19
40 Oxford study declares face masks effective and calls for action
41 New map reveals the parts of Cambs that would be worst affected by a second wave
42 Oxford coronavirus study calls universal face mask wearing
43 New map shows how badly areas in England could be hit by second Covid-19 wave
44 New map reveals potential coronavirus hotspots in Braintree and Witham
45 Spreading anti-vaxx myths 'should be made a criminal offence'
46 Coronavirus: University research names Isle of Wight as potential second wave hotspot
47 African countries battle-ready to take on COVID-19
48 Do homemade face masks work? This is what a study by Oxford University found
49 Coronavirus: As Bay Area reopens, counties turn to ‘social bubbles’ to slow the spread
50 New map reveals potential coronavirus hotspots in Maldon and Burnham
51 Teenagers can ‘catch’ moods, study reveals
52 SIG Combibloc Group AG: Strong 2020 performance demonstrates business resilience
53 Brighton and Hove: Map shows potential coronavirus hotspots
54 Health Experts Want People To Know Face Covers Can Protect The Wearer Too
55 Did The Sturgis Rally Cause 250,000 Coronavirus Cases? Here's Why Experts Are Skeptical
56 Social bubbles proposed for route out of lockdown
57 Map reveals potential coronavirus hotspots in south London
58 Life expectancy in England and Wales drops by more than a year due to Covid-19
59 Why social distancing might last for some time
60 Why the Coronavirus Hit Italy So Hard
61 Coronavirus: Will face masks reduce transmission?
62 Havering coronavirus hotpots revealed
63 View mask refusers like drink drivers: leading scientist
64 Coronavirus: UK's 'hospital deserts' that could be overwhelmed by cases
65 Why You Should Approach The Stock Market's Rally With Caution
66 Effects of coronavirus in children adds to list of Covid-19 unknowns
67 Why are we not wearing masks in the UK?
68 Coronavirus hotspots in Bolton predicted in new study
69 Covid-19: An open letter to the UK's chief medical officers
70 Map reveals potential coronavirus hotspots in Watford, Hertsmere and Three Rivers
71 'White' artificial intelligence risks exacerbating racial inequality, study suggests
72 Countries with older populations are more likely to be hit the hardest by coronavirus
73 The Lurking Mystery of the Pandemic: Why Is It Gentler on Children?
74 Dorset: map shows potential coronavirus hotspots
75 With 120 countries making masks compulsory in public, shouldn’t England?
76 Under coronavirus, Britain is now a nation of mask‑lovers
77 Coronavirus in Scotland LIVE: Fourth day in a row with no Covid-19 deaths recorded in Scotland
78 Essex coronavirus map shows parts of county which could be worst-hit by second wave
79 New tool reveals expected coronavirus hotspots in Dorset
80 SOLIDARITY WITH BOĞAZİÇİ UNIVERSITY: 3317 academics from around the world call on Turkey to respect university autonomy
81 What is Pillar 2 Covid-19 testing and why do I need to know about it?
82 Should you wear a face mask outdoors? The science is far from clear
83 Covid-19 map shows Cumbria could be hit badly if there is a second wave
84 New map shows the parts of Leicestershire that would be affected worst by a second Covid-19 wave
85 Why we know face masks don’t cause lung cancer, despite what you’ve seen on Facebook
86 Opinion: The University must enforce its face mask rules
87 Why Masks Are Unlikely To Be Made Mandatory Outdoors In The UK
88 UK must do more to tackle vaccine hesitancy, report warns
89 Is the Introduction of Compulsory Face Masks Too Little Too Late?
90 Guest Post- Pandemic Ethics: Your Freedom Really Matters. So What? | Practical Ethics
91 New map shows how Poynton and the surrounding area could be hit by a second wave of coronavirus
92 Nationwide Lockdowns Can Begin To Halt The Spread Of Coronavirus In A Matter Of Weeks
93 Democracies' Covid-19 cures could be worse than the disease
94 New map shows how parts of Nottinghamshire would be affected by second Covid-19 spike
95 What are the different face coverings and which is most effective
97 New coronavirus map shows how badly Lancashire could be hit by a second wave
98 Map shows how Coventry and Warwickshire would be hit by second coronavirus wave
99 Rural 'hospital deserts' at most risk of being overwhelmed