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1 UN welcomes Libyan Prime Minister's decision to step down
2 UNHCR Update Libya (18 September 2020) [EN/AR]
3 Khalifa Haftar's rival Libya government resigns after Benghazi protests
4 Protesters set government building on fire in eastern Libya
5 Two dozen migrants feared drowned off Libya's coast
6 UN chief to appoint special envoy to mediate Libya conflict
7 Libya: a glimmer of hope
8 Oil falls as Libya plans to resume exports; still set for weekly rise
9 EU to help draft Libya's strategy on border security
10 Oil flat as Libya developments counter OPEC+ boost
11 Libya's eastern-based government resigns amid protests
12 Russian Attack Jets Back Mercenaries Fighting in Libya
13 Libyan Rivals Call for Peace Talks. It May Be Wishful Thinking.
14 Libyan army seizes Haftar's helicopter
15 Libya's Haftar says army has decided to resume output of oil
16 Libya General in Deal With Deputy PM to End Oil-Export Block
17 UNHCR Libya Response in 2020 (18 September 2020) [EN/AR]
18 Libya (21 Aug. 20)
19 Libya civil war: 10,000 people missing, rights group says
20 Libya's UN-recognised government announces immediate ceasefire
21 Arab Media Reports Some Key Breakthroughs in Moroccan Libya Talks
22 Egypt seeks support of Libya tribes amid threat of intervention
23 Libya's Haftar to announce end of oil blockade, source close to him says
24 Russia to send 1,000 mercenaries from Syria to Libya
25 Libya: Armed Groups Violently Quell Protests
26 Families sue Libyan warlord Khalifa Haftar in U.S. court for death of relatives
27 Libya: Heavy weaponry used to disperse peaceful protesters demanding economic rights
28 Experts: Libya rivals UAE, Russia, Turkey violate UN embargo
29 Another electricity blackout in western Libya |
30 Ceasefire announced in Libya after nine years of political crisis
31 Libya peace-building efforts in doubt amid government infighting
32 Libya: COVID-19 and conflict collide in Libya, deepening the humanitarian crisis
33 UNHCR Update Libya (11 September 2020) [EN/AR]
34 Libyan leaders call for ceasefire
35 Libyan warlord faces legal action in US for alleged war crimes
36 Libya: UK response to calls for ceasefire
37 Committing to a lasting ceasefire in Libya
38 No Quick End to Libya Strife After Haftar Derides Cease-Fire
39 Dozens of migrants die in shipwreck off Libya
40 The EU should learn from its role in Libya’s chaos before getting too involved in Belarus ǀ View
41 Bodies of 22 migrants and refugees retrieved off Libya's coast
42 Libya: Health Sector Flash Update | Monitoring violence against healthcare (September 10, 2020)
43 Libya deadly war and di role wey UAE drones play inside am
44 Libya: Humanitarian Access Snapshot (June 2020)
45 Libyan Army: Haftar moves air defense system towards Sirte
46 The next steps in Libya
47 Who's Who in Libya's War?
48 Libya’s proxy sponsors face a dilemma
49 More than 100 civilians killed in Libya between April and June
50 Libya: Mapping areas of military control |
51 Libya conflict: GNA regains full control of Tripoli from Gen Haftar
52 War in Libya: how did it start, who is involved and what happens next?
53 Libya plagued by war decade after U.S.-backed forces toppled Gadhafi
54 'Dangerous adventure': Turkey warns Egypt over Libya invasion
55 Libya: Apparent War Crimes in Tripoli
56 Joint statement on Libya
57 Can Libya be saved from partition?
58 U.S. remains on the sidelines in Libya’s conflict as Russia extends its reach
59 Russia, Wagner Group Continue Military Involvement in Libya
60 Seeking a ceasefire in Libya
61 Libya conflict: Why Egypt might send troops to back Gen Haftar
62 In Stunning Reversal, Turkey Emerges as Libya Kingmaker
63 Libya and its migrants confront new threats
64 The White House Blessed a War in Libya, but Russia Won It
65 Prospects for Peace in Libya Are Bleak
66 Libya Situation Report, 8 July 2020
67 Interpreting Haftar's gambit in Libya
68 Egypt's parliament approves troop deployment to Libya
69 Statement from National Security Adviser Robert C. O'Brien Regarding Libya
70 Libya gov't vows response after base hit by 'foreign air force'
71 Libya: GNA fighters head for front as battle for Sirte looms
72 Russian Mercenaries in Libya Leave Mines as Deadly Calling Cards, Observers Say
73 Libya: Video captures Haftar attack on civilians
74 Eastern parliament seeks Egypt's direct intervention in Libya war
75 'Libya, Turkey made clear deal to repel Haftar attacks'
76 Libya: UN Establishes Fact Finding Body
77 Libya's Haftar calls for support amid military losses
78 Libya: Landmines Left After Armed Group Withdraws
79 Joining the conflict in Libya, Turkey sees economic gains
80 Libya crisis: France suspends Nato mission role amid Turkey row
81 Pentagon report: Turkey sent up to 3,800 fighters to Libya
82 By Air and Sea, Mercenaries Landed in Libya. Then the Plan Went South.
83 Macron's Selective Indignation over Libya
84 Russia raises stakes with 'brazen' military intervention in Libyan conflict
85 U.S. Accuses Russia of Sending Warplanes to Libya
86 Russia Reinforces Foothold in Libya as Militia Leader Retreats
87 Libya's High Council condemns attack on airbase
88 Analysis | What's Behind Nine Years of Turmoil in Libya
89 Libya: Reveal Missing Politician's Whereabouts
90 As Libya Descends Into Chaos, Foreign Powers Look for a Way Out
91 Libya: US Ambassador, Turkish officials talk ways to end war
92 UNHCR helps re-open health centre during lockdown in Libya
93 Libya: GNA calls Egypt's military threat 'declaration of war'
94 Libyan authorities shot dead three Sudanese migrants: UN
95 Despite Covid-19, Libya War Rages, with Civilians at Risk
96 The Berlin Conference on Libya: Will hypocrisy undermine results?
97 Trump steps back from involving himself in Libya's bloody civil war
98 Libyan Rivals Announce a Truce in the Battle for Tripoli
99 Libya: Civilian killed in shelling by Haftar forces
100 Peace in Libya war: Misrata security allowing for investment