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Result Content Idea Research
1 Why is Greece courting Haftar's militia in Libya?
2 The next steps in Libya
3 Russia to reopen embassy in Libya
4 Libya Is a European Emergency
5 France-Turkey spat over Libya arms exposes NATO's limits
6 How Turkey got Libya through ‘crisis of the month’ strategy
7 Egypt and Libya’s tumultuous relationship since 1969
8 Libya’s proxy sponsors face a dilemma
9 Libya: Haftar's forces mobilise mercenaries for Sirte battle
10 Libyan Mufti calls for resisting Russian 'invasion'
11 Libya – Joint Statement by France, Germany and Italy (25 Jun. 2020)
12 UNHCR Update Libya (3 July 2020)
13 Libya: Clearing Russian mercenaries becomes compulsory
14 Can Libya be saved from partition?
15 Libya: Apparent War Crimes in Tripoli
16 Libya: Aguila Saleh urges Egypt to intervene if Sirte attacked
17 Al-Mishri rejects Tunisian leader's remarks on Libya
18 Sisi's plan to arm Libyan tribes in Egypt to backfire
19 Libya: Mapping areas of military control |
20 Women, Peace and Security in Libyan context
21 NATO shows signs of change in its Libya policy
22 Libya reports 71 new COVID-19 cases, 989 in total
23 Libya's al-Sarraj calls for international support
24 Can Sisi win Haftar’s war in Libya? Not likely
25 UNHCR Libya: Support to COVID-19 Response, 16 March
26 Libyan spy who worked for Colonel Gaddafi's regime in legal battle to remain in UK
27 Can Tunisia stay out of Libya war?
28 Libya’s Future Hinges on a Proxy Standoff in Qaddafi’s Home Town
29 Libyan marks liberation of Gharyan from Haftar
30 UN-backed Libyan forces oust renegade general from Tripoli
31 AFRICOM underlines strong cooperation with Libya gov't
32 Libya: UN Establishes Fact Finding Body
33 UN Warns of Risk to Civilians in Libya
34 Algeria steps up diplomacy in hopes of ending Libya's war
35 These Syrian militiamen were foes in their civil war. Now they are battling each other in Libya.
36 Egypt Warns Forces Fighting for Libya's Tripoli Government to Stay Out of Sirte
37 EU chief urges bloc to increase support for Libya mission
38 I survived the bombing of a migrant detention centre in Libya a year ago
39 Turkey Seeks Diplomatic Gains After Risky Libya Military Intervention
40 At least six migrants died, 93 rescued off Libya's coast
41 UNSMIL Statement on Recent Developments in Libya
42 Russia raises stakes with 'brazen' military intervention in Libyan conflict
43 Second Libyan oil field restarts, potentially complicating OPEC+ deal
44 Turkey, Russia continue to work together for Libya ceasefire
45 Libya: 2 civilians killed by mines in Tripoli
46 Libyan army gears up to regain oil fields
47 Libya: Haftar's landmines kill 7 people
48 Cypriot President: Turkey Wants To Turn Cyprus In Another Syria Or Libya
49 Italy, Germany, US seek Libya cease-fire after Egypt threat
50 In Libyan Quagmire, Front Shifts East From Tripoli to Sirte
51 'France is complicit in Libya's mass graves crime,' says Turkish official
52 Turkey says Libya's GNA demands Haftar withdraw from Sirte, Jufra
53 How Libya’s war is poisoning Tunisia’s politics
54 Libya: COVID-19 erodes livelihoods already hard-hit by war
55 Reading terror suspect came to UK as refugee from Libyan civil war
56 Israel: Haftar's behind-the-scenes backer in Libya | Daily Sabah
57 Libyan government reveals new details on Russian spies
58 UN Human Rights Council 43: interactive dialogue on Libya
59 US Africa Command: 2000 Russian Wagner mercenaries fighting for Haftar in Libya
60 Command of Libyan Armed Forces praises Egypt's historic stance in support of Libya
61 Civil War in Libya | Global Conflict Tracker
62 Joint statement on Libya
63 War in Libya: how did it start, who is involved and what happens next?
64 Libya in chaos as endless war rumbles on
65 Interpreting Haftar's gambit in Libya
66 Prospects for Peace in Libya Are Bleak
67 Libya and its migrants confront new threats
68 Libya civil war: UN envoy Salamé says foreign intervention must end
69 Libya: Video captures Haftar attack on civilians
70 Libya conflict: Haftar forces threaten to target civilian planes
71 Libya conflict: Turkey confirms first soldiers killed
72 Libya: Annual report 2019
73 In Stunning Reversal, Turkey Emerges as Libya Kingmaker
74 Turkey risks falling deeper into Libya conflict as it deploys troops
75 Haftar in Libya not flexible for cease-fire talks: US
76 Stabilization facility for Libya
77 Libya conflict: GNA and Gen Haftar's LNA ceasefire 'broken'
78 ‘Our Hearts Are Dead.’ After 9 Years of Civil War, Libyans Are Tired of Being Pawns in a Geopolitical Game of Chess
79 Libya conflict: Tripoli rocket attacks halt peace talks
80 By Air and Sea, Mercenaries Landed in Libya. Then the Plan Went South.
81 Libya: Tripoli gov't retakes three cities from Haftar's forces
82 Libya: A rally for hope | Sport
83 What's at Stake in Libya's War?
84 US says Russia sent jets to Libya 'mercenaries'
85 The battle for Libya's al-Watiya airbase explained
86 Libya: humanitarian crisis worsening amid deepening conflict and COVID-19 threat
87 Libya’s Warring Factions Resume Fighting in Threat to Cease-Fire
88 Libya conflict: Turkey troop deployment bill sent to MPs
89 Libya Situation Report, 17 March 2020
90 What's behind the fight for Libya?
91 Libya: Landmines Left After Armed Group Withdraws
92 Suspected military supplies pour into Libya as UN flounders
93 Libya: Facts and figures, January–December 2019
94 How Africa has been frozen out of Libya peace efforts
95 Libya conflict: Opposition forces 'seize strategic city Sirte'
96 NATO Secretary General, Libyan Prime Minister discuss situation in Libya
97 A Police State With an Islamist Twist: Inside Hifter’s Libya
98 Remembering Libya’s revolutionary prime minister, Mahmoud Jibril
99 Haftar dismisses UN Libya unity deal as 'thing of the past'
100 Libya's War of the Many