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1 The Libyan Government of Zoom
2 Libya rivals begin second round of talks on interim government
3 Libya talks pause without naming transitional government
4 Libyan PM al-Serraj takes back resignation
5 Libya's comeback continues to surprise oil markets
6 Tripoli Libyan government reverses decision on imports needing LCs |
7 Egypt accuses Qatar of undermining peace talks via support for Libyan government
8 Russia Now has a Position in Libya. What Next?
9 The CBL-NOC tug-of-war on authority over Libya's oil revenues continues |
10 Turkey launches probe into Germany's unlawful search of Libya-bound ship | Daily Sabah
11 Spotlight: Disagreement over selecting Libyan gov't threatens future dialogue
12 Libya COVID-19 response
13 Libyan sides agree plan on implementing ceasefire deal
14 Libya: UN Rights Council members must address widespread torture during periodic review
15 Alleged Torture Victims Target U.S. Property Assets of Libyan Commander
16 UN-backed Libyan Political Dialogue Forum kicks off
17 Libyan PM Sarraj welcomes election decision as UN says efforts underway to secure oil fields | Daily Sabah
18 Analysis: Libya's rival forces have stopped shooting, but they're not pulling back
19 Ceasefire fire holding in Libya but progress seen as fragile | | AW
20 New Libya Foreign Bank General Assembly meets to choose new Board of Directors – against CBL wishes |
21 Why is Khalifa Haftar mobilising troops in eastern Libya?
22 Turkey blocks EU inspection of cargo vessel travelling to Libya
23 US blacklists Libya militia tied to murders, torture
24 Prominent Libyan lawyer Hanan al-Barassi gunned down in Benghazi
25 Russia stops UN blacklisting of notorious Libyan militia
26 New mass grave found in Libya's Tarhuna
27 Libyan ceasefire agreement faces hurdles due to foreign intervention
28 Libyan authorities find new mass graves in city recaptured from Haftar | Daily Sabah
29 Life-saving evacuations from Libya to Rwanda resume after nearly a year
30 2 more mass graves found in Libya's Tarhouna
31 Libya's rivals urge Security Council to back cease-fire
32 Despite New Ceasefire in Libya, Justice for Atrocity Crime Victims Thwarted by Failure to Arrest Fugitives, International Criminal Court Prosecutor Warns Security Council
33 Libyan tribes delegation visit Anadolu Agency in Ankara
34 Political Talks among Libya's Military, Political Leaders Helping Chart Nation's Way Forward, Acting Special Representative Tells Security Council
35 Libyan parties meet in Morocco to unify stances and resume talks
36 US sanctions Kaniyat family-led militia for human rights abuses |
37 Sicilian fishermen’s capture escalates ‘red prawn war’ between Italy and Libya
38 Libya: Understanding Libya Since Gaddafi
39 FM Kuleba: 'Ukraine on same page with Turkey on Karabakh, Libya issues' | Daily Sabah
40 Cairo frets over workers in Libya as Tripoli struggles to establish security
41 Haftar mobilises troops in eastern Libya – Middle East Monitor
42 Lockerbie bomber appeal begins at Scotland’s High Court
43 Humanitarian Action for Children 2021
44 Libya Oil Comeback Has Legs
45 Libyan Convicted in Benghazi Pushes US for Retrial
46 US blacklists Haftar-affiliated armed groups for enforced disappearances, murder
47 Turkish, Libyan defense chiefs talk Libya developments
48 Libyan Activists demand Biden put an end to Haftar
49 Libyan soldiers complete Turkish army training
50 Ceasefire in Libya: joint statement
51 Al-Megrahi Lockerbie appeal: UK Government 'warned Libya away' from case
52 3 bodies recovered from mass graves in Libyan cities
53 Libya’s State Oil Firm Withholds Funds in Feud With Central Bank
54 Biden's national security adviser pick Jake Sullivan touted Hillary Clinton's Libya debacle
55 Libyan political dialogue kicks off in Tunisia with new government atop the agenda
56 Head of Libya's Tripoli government says he wants to quit by end of October
57 Libya army: 'Wagner, Janjaweed mercenaries dig trenches in Sirte'
58 Libya conflict: GNA regains full control of Tripoli from Gen Haftar
59 US, Libyan government discuss disbanding militias
60 Libyan government forces advance further against Haftar
61 36th Universal Periodic Review: UK closing statement
62 Libyan government announces cease-fire
63 Libyan government defies Russian warnings with plans to take eastern sites
64 Libyan Forces Aligned With Tripoli Government Take Key Base From Rivals
65 What exactly is happening in Libya?
66 Protesters set government building on fire in eastern Libya
67 After ousting a renegade warlord, Libya’s pro-government forces turn on one another
68 Meet the strongmen of Libya’s Government of National Accord
69 Libyan government welcomes initiatives to end conflict | Daily Sabah
70 Haftar in Libya not flexible for cease-fire talks: US
71 Libya’s UN-recognised government announces immediate ceasefire
72 Libyan forces loyal to Tripoli government try to build on military momentum
73 Foreign Powers Face Off in Libyan Civil War, Risking Wider Conflict
74 Libya’s government regains control of western Libya
75 Libyan government exposes Haftar's financial corruption
76 Libyan government to move from defense 'to attack', minister says
77 Libyan government forces attack Haftar militias
78 Libyan government, UN reestablish security cooperation | Daily Sabah
79 Tripoli government rejects rebel general's ceasefire offer in Libya
80 The Libyan conflict explained
81 Libyan Army inflicts severe losses on Haftar militias
82 Libyan government retakes more areas of capital
83 Libya plagued by war decade after U.S.-backed forces toppled Gadhafi
84 Libya's eastern government resigns amid protests
85 It’s a mess. It’s a strategic conflict. It’s Libya, and it could get much worse.
86 Libyan government discovers 2 mass graves in Tarhuna left behind by Haftar forces | Daily Sabah
87 Tunisia confirms support for Libyan government – Middle East Monitor
88 Libya’s war becomes a global scramble for power and prestige
89 Libyan government gathers war crimes evidence against Haftar
90 Macron's Selective Indignation over Libya
91 Russia raises stakes with 'brazen' military intervention in Libyan conflict
92 UN condemns clashes in Libya capital, urges security reforms
93 Interim Government of Libya appreciates Egypt's role in preserving unity of Libyan soil
94 Libya is a victim of migration, not its reason, says GNA President Serraj
95 Libya: World reaction to Haftar’s termination of unity gov’t deal
96 Libyan government activates cooperation accord with Turkey
97 What does Libya’s ceasefire deal contain?
98 Rival Libyan administrations hold talks in Morocco
99 Erdogan to Boost Libya Aid as Military Alliance Secures Tripoli
100 Pentagon Says Turkey Sent 3,500 Syrian Fighters To Back Libyan Government