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1 Biden campaign appears to walk back apology over condemning Linda Sarsour
2 Biden campaign: Linda Sarsour has 'no role whatsoever'
3 Louisville police arrest nearly 70, including Sarsour, ex-Women's March leader
4 Despite progressive gains, Democratic leaders stick to pro-Israel playbook
5 Linda Sarsour is a steadfast ally, Biden cannot afford to forget
6 Biden campaign's attacks on Linda Sarsour alienate Muslim voters, activists say
7 To beat Trump, the 'good Muslim, bad Muslim' messaging has to end
8 Progressive Jewish groups join new initiative to defeat Trump and the far-right
9 Sarsour Says 'Right-Wing Zionists' Are Aligning With White Nationalists to Smear Her
10 For Democrats, the pendulum has swung back on Israel
11 'Far from over': Breonna Taylor's mother speaks at Daniel Cameron's Louisville office
12 Anti-Israel Linda Sarsour Arrested at Louisville Protest
13 Democracy Now! — If Biden rejects progressive base, Trump wins
14 The UAE and the Democratic-CAIR partnership
15 Linda Sarsour, a Palestinian American activist, digs deep in new memoir
16 Activists Launch 'BreonnaCon' to Demand Justice for Breonna Taylor
17 In Linda Sarsour's new memoir, all activism is personal
18 ‘She Has No Role’: Biden Condemns Ousted Women’s March Organizer Linda Sarsour after Her DNC Appearance
19 Howie Carr: The DNC stands for ‘Did Not See!’
20 Palestinians should not have to leave our dignity at the door to enter the Democrats 'big tent'
21 A Palestinian American activist, fearless in the face of hate
22 Why I will not vote for Joe Biden
23 Is Linda Sarsour anti-Israel? Her book says something else
24 Activist Linda Sarsour on New Memoir ‘We Are Not Here to Be Bystanders'
25 Democratic convention fell flat with viewers. Republican convention may do the same.
26 Hosting Linda Sarsour, Engel challenger rails against congressman's 'uncritical' support of Israel
27 The History and Experiences of Muslims in Brooklyn Come to Life With Launch of New Website
28 2020 XXL Freshman Class Discuss Their Responsibility in Society
29 Jussie Smollett, reigning queen of the gaslight
30 Tunkel '19: Before her visit to campus, students should know about Linda Sarsour's history of anti-Semitism
31 Sarsour, Other Left-Wing Activists Accuse Chicago Police of Framing Jussie Smollett
32 Bernie Sanders’ Alliance With Linda Sarsour Is An Insult To Jews
33 Young: Anti-Semitism's new visibility
34 Linda Sarsour and David Duke Are Kindred Spirits of Worst Kind
35 It's Time for Israel's Leaders to Take Responsibility
36 We Can't Afford to Be Bystanders During a Pandemic, Says Activist Linda Sarsour
37 Equality, Freedom and Justice for All, But Not for Palestinians!
38 Call to Muslim leaders to drop Emgage USA – Mondoweiss
39 Zionist Group Condemns Biden's Sarsour Apology
40 Donald Trump Is the Most Pro-Jewish, Pro-Israel President in History | Opinion
41 2020 XXL Freshman Class Discuss Protesting With Until Freedom
42 2020 XXL Freshman Class Discuss Police Brutality, Racism
43 Linda Sarsour on Life Under Bloomberg and Fighting for Bernie
44 Lies, Damned Lies and The Washington Post's Review of Linda Sarsour's Memoir
45 Biden vows to end Trump travel ban, 'Islamicphobia' in call with Linda Sarsour
46 Linda Sarsour reflects on the power — and risks — of being a Muslim activist
47 Activist Linda Sarsour Tells Her Story in 'We Are Not Here to Be Bystanders'
48 Oh, Linda Sarsour!Impossible to be a Zionist and a feminist?
49 Sarsour Organization Promoted Juneteenth Rally as Open to Everyone 'Minus Cops and Zionists'
50 ViacomCBS to host BDS advocate Linda Sarsour as part of Women's History Month
51 Women’s March replaces three original leaders, after anti-Semitism accusations, with 16 board members
52 ViacomCBS Cancels Linda Sarsour Women's History Month Event
53 Controversial activist Linda Sarsour to headline Fresno's CAIR banquet
54 Pressure growing for Bernie Sanders to dump 'virulent' Linda Sarsour
55 Letter: Linda Sarsour is a progressive advocate, not an anti-Semite
56 Linda Sarsour and Tamika Mallory Pen Tributes to Late Nation of Islam Leader
57 Linda Sarsour to speak at Islamic Center of South Florida
58 Linda Sarsour: We Can't Afford To be Bystanders During Covid-19
59 Why was a leading anti-Israel activist invited to 'inclusion' event?
60 Palestinian-American activist Sarsour draws protesters, standing ovation in Hillsborough
61 Activist Linda Sarsour discusses 'Islam and Intersectionality' at Monday event
62 'Elle' Magazine slammed for including Linda Sarsour in top 20 people list
63 Defund the Police: Linda Sarsour & Mychal Denzel Smith on What Meaningful Change Would Look Like
64 Activist Linda Sarsour named a surrogate for Bernie Sanders' 2020 campaign
65 US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 'Advocate for Equality and Reason,' Dead at 87
66 Linda Sarsour Smears Israel as Marc Lamont Hill Applauds
67 ViacomCBS cancels event with Linda Sarsour as part of Women's History Month
68 American Jewish Congress blasts Bernie Sanders surrogate Linda Sarsour
69 Women's March leader Linda Sarsour: Stop telling me to go back to my country. I'm from Brooklyn
70 Bernie Sanders chose Linda Sarsour: Can Jews overlook her views?
71 Linda Sarsour Thinks You Can't Hear or Read
72 Peter Beinart's One-State Call Earns Praise of Israel-Hater Linda Sarsour
73 Linda Sarsour Is a Brooklyn Homegirl in a Hijab
74 Democratic congressman faces accusations of Islamophobia over anti-BDS flyer
75 Elle Magazine Promotes Linda Sarsour as 'Woman to Watch'
76 Column: Sarsour has got to go! • Brooklyn Paper
77 OMG, Just Shut Up: An Open Letter to Linda Sarsour
78 NYU Invites Anti-Semitic Speakers to Promote Progressive Agenda
79 Linda Sarsour apologizes to Woman's March Jewish members for slow response to anti-Semitism
80 Sarsour Saga Shows Sanders’s Continued Struggles With Jewish Voters
81 Sarsour: Jamaal Bowman should follow orders from The Squad
82 Linda Sarsour's Pal Wins Democratic Nomination in Missouri Primary
83 Linda Sarsour under fire for suggesting Jewish progressives have divided loyalties
84 Sarsour Group Says 'No Zionists' at Civil Rights Rally
85 Why Palestinian-American activist Linda Sarsour is controversial
86 Linda Sarsour claims ‘disgusting’ Zionists, Confederates protested her
87 At anti-Semitism panel, Linda Sarsour asks, 'I am the biggest problem of the Jewish community?'
88 Orange County posts Sarsour speech, cost to Human Relations
89 Yes, Women of Color Support Bernie Sanders. It’s Time to Stop Erasing Our Voices.
90 Orange County wanted a courageous female speaker. Was Sarsour an ‘insensitive’ choice?
91 Linda Sarsour: New Generation of Muslim Activists
92 Bernie Sanders’s Anti-Semitic Surrogate
93 Women's March Organizer Linda Sarsour Spoke of 'Jihad.' But She Wasn't Talking About Violence
94 Linda Sarsour Tweets That Jesus Was Palestinian And Twitter Goes Crazy
95 Protesters converge on Daniel Cameron's Louisville home to demand justice for Breonna Taylor
96 Sarsour Is Too Antisemitic For The Women's March, But Not For Sanders
97 Political Activist Sarsour Will Speak at Local CAIR Banquet
98 Setting the bar for barring a speaker: Controversy follows Linda Sarsour to Winnipeg
99 Pro-Israel Democratic Group Slams Bernie Sanders for Failing to Disassociate Himself From Campaign Surrogate Linda Sarsour After Latest Antisemitic Outburst
100 Linda Sarsour gets backlash for 'Jesus was Palestinian' tweet