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1 McDonald’s debuts new menu item — three times over
2 McDonald’s enters the chicken sandwich wars started by Popeyes
3 Customers band together virtually to bring back fan favorites
4 How to get McDonald’s new Crispy Chicken Sandwich free this week
5 Look Who's Latest Fast-Food Chain To Add Fried Chicken Sandwich To Menu
6 You Can Try McDonald's New & Improved Chicken Sandwich for Free via DoorDash
7 Here’s how to score McDonald’s newest menu items for free
8 McRib is coming back Wednesday and McDonald’s is giving away 10,000 of them
9 McDonald's Sweetens Up Breakfast With New Nationwide McCafé® Bakery Lineup
10 McRib is back: McDonald’s fan-favorite available nationwide for first time since 2012
11 McDonald's adds to breakfast menu
12 McDonald's makes its first flavor addition to McNuggets in 37 years
13 McDonald's shuffles senior leadership team
14 Take a closer look at McDonald's three new fried chicken sandwiches
15 McDonald's Is Bringing Back Its Cult Favorite McRib Sandwich (Made of Zero Ribs)
16 Shamrock Shakes will return to McDonald's in mid-February
17 McRib is returning to McDonald’s nationwide next month
18 McDonald’s is bringing back cult favorite McRib sandwich in all its 70-ingredient, highly processed glory
19 McDonald's debuts Double Big Mac with four beef patties
20 McDonald’s officially joins the chicken sandwich wars
21 McDonalds McRib returns to Reno for the first time since 2012
22 Jersey Shore McDonalds Will Soon Offer 3 New Chicken Sandwiches
23 McDonald's Employee Shows How McRib Is Made in Viral "Nasty" TikTok
24 Food Finds: McDonalds has new breakfast offerings
25 McDonald's Fans Can't Get Enough of the New Spicy McNuggets
26 McDonald's McRib Is Back Today, December 2, 2020
27 McDonald's introduces new crispy Chicken sandwich
28 Slideshow: The chicken sandwich wars rage on | 2021-01-13
29 McDonald’s introducing Little Mac and Double Big Mac
30 McDonald's adds new bakery items for the first time in almost a decade
31 McDonald's Spicy Chicken McNuggets Are Coming Back on Feb. 1
32 McDonald's Releases Its First New McNugget Flavor in 40 Years, and Wendy's Cries Fowl
33 Products & Promotions McDonald's Adding Warm Pastries to the Menu
34 McDonalds Announces Donut Sticks Will Be Added To Their Breakfast Menu For A Limited Time Starting February 20th
35 McDonald's Spicy McNuggets Are Coming Back
36 McDonald's Celebrates 50th Anniversary of the Shamrock Shake® by Taking the Legendary Treat National and Introducing a New, Delicious Shamrock Dessert
37 Shake Shack Enters Chicken-Sandwich Wars With New Offering
38 McDonald’s Looks to Step Up Chicken Offerings at Breakfast
39 McDonald’s brings mozzarella and special international menu to Staten Island
40 McDonald’s Just Made This HUGE Change To Its Menu–WHAT Is Happening
41 McDonald's Menu Shakeup: New Bakery Items, J Balvin Meal
42 McDonald’s debuts new Spicy Chicken McNuggets, first new flavor in nearly 40 years
43 McDonald’s rolling out new menu items, including Spicy McNuggets
44 McDonalds Introducing New Spicy McNuggets
45 McDonalds introduces new bakery menu with cinnamon rolls
46 The McRib is Coming Back Very Soon
47 Wendy's Mocks McDonald's New Spicy Chicken McNuggets in Viral Tweet
48 Shamrock Shakes back: McDonald’s fan favorite returns Feb. 19
49 McDonald's adds spicy chicken nuggets to menu in September
50 Breakfast McChicken made for when the rooster crows
51 McDonald's offering "Spicesurance" for new Spicy McNuggets
52 Donut Fries: McDonald's adding donut sticks to restaurant menus nationwide
53 McDonald's is fighting the breakfast war with chicken sandwiches
54 McDonald's Brings Back the Shamrock Shake
55 McDonald's joins the breakfast war with chicken sandwiches
56 When does the McDonald’s Shamrock Shake return?
57 McDonald's offers free sandwich for 'National Egg McMuffin Day' as Wendy's launches breakfast menu
58 McDonald's adding massive breakfast sandwich to menu
59 Fast Food Breakfast Battles
60 McDonald’s adds McChicken to breakfast menu
61 Slideshow: New menu items from Taco Bell, McDonald's, Taco John's
62 McDonald's bringing 4 worldwide favorite items to the U.S. starting today
63 McDonald's introducing 'Little Mac' and 'Double Big Mac' to menu
64 McDonald's unveils two chicken breakfast sandwiches to compete with Chick-fil-A
65 Shamrock Shake and OREO Shamrock McFlurry Return to Summerville's McDonald's
66 McDonald's heats up breakfast war with new chicken sandwiches
67 Coca-Cola adds McDonald's to 'exclusive drink' crowd (Video)
68 4 Beef Patties? McDonald's Is Adding Single and Double Big Macs to the Menu
69 McDonald's launches a game of 'Chicken' in breakfast daypart
70 McDonald’s is rolling out 2 new chicken sandwiches – for breakfast
71 McDonald’s wants to win breakfast by selling the best part of the muffin
72 McDonald's is giving away free Egg McMuffins just as Wendy's launches breakfast
73 McDonald's Refreshes McCafé Brand and Logo
74 McDonald's serving new Snickerdoodle McFlurry | 2019-11-11
75 McDonald's flips to fresh beef Quarter Pounders in 3,500 U.S. restaurants
76 McDonald’s adds chicken sandwiches to its breakfast menu
77 Slideshow: New menu items from McDonald's, Papa John's, Sonic
78 Here's The Beef: McDonald's Debuts Two New Types Of Big Macs
79 McDonald's Adds Double And Little Big Macs
80 McDonald’s, in need of a morning jolt, is giving away coffee
81 McDonald's Goes Bigger on Breakfast by Adding the McChicken to Its Morning Menu Nationwide
82 McDonald's CEO Earned Nearly Double in 2016
83 McDonald’s Snickerdoodle McFlurry is the ultimate holiday gift
84 McDonald’s is now offering Chicken McGriddles and McChicken Biscuit sandwiches to menus nationwide
85 Did McDonald's Columbus the churro for their Donut Sticks?
86 McDonald's Adding Sweet N' Spicy Honey BBQ Glazed Tenders to Menus Nationwide
87 McDonald's Shamrock Shake is officially back with brand new Oreo Shamrock McFlurry
88 McDonald's removes artificial ingredients from hamburgers
89 McDonald's now has chicken sandwiches for breakfast
90 McDonald's Adds McChicken to Breakfast Lineup
91 McDonald's will offer samples of new Donut Sticks at participating South Jersey sites
92 McDonald’s is testing made-to-order chicken
93 McDonald’s newest sandwich, the Triple Breakfast Stack, is a whopper
94 McDonald's to offer new chicken sandwiches next month
95 McDonald's is testing a chicken sandwich that definitely is targeting Chick-Fil-A
96 McDonald's New McFlurry Will Hit Stores Soon
97 McDonald's Takes Cues From Customers for New Breakfast Sandwich
98 McDonald's adds its first new breakfast sandwich in 5 years
99 The McDonald's International Currency Exchange Will Help You Score Worldwide Faves
100 McDonald’s introduces new Snickerdoodle McFlurry for the holidays