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1 Democrats bash Lindsey Graham over claims he pressured Georgia to discard ballots: ‘Morally reprehensible’
2 Fact check: Claim about Sen. Lindsey Graham's calls to state officials is misleading
3 South Carolina Republican Lindsey Graham wins 4th Senate bid
4 Lindsey Graham may have won the award for worst 2020 election take
5 READ: Formal request to Senate Ethics Committee to investigate Sen. Lindsey Graham
6 Lindsey Graham and other Republicans want Joe Biden to get classified briefings like Trump
7 Lindsey Graham's the Law-and-Disorder Senator
8 GOP ground game, Supreme Court shift: How SC’s Graham had another US Senate victory
9 Lindsey Graham: Possible ballot harvesting in Pennsylvania involving 25,000 nursing home residents
10 Lindsey Graham is ripe for a takedown. Jaime Harrison could give it to him.
11 Letters to the Editor: Sen. Lindsey Graham disappoints with post-election actions
12 Lou Dobbs goes after Lindsey Graham: 'I don't know why anyone' would vote for him | TheHill
13 Lindsey Graham flip flops after calling swing state election officials to ask about ballots
14 US may never elect another Republican president, Senator Graham warns
15 Senator Lindsey Graham addresses re-election
16 Lindsey Graham giving $1 million to Georgia senators
17 Statements released by Sen. Lindsey Graham (R), Rep. Jeff Duncan (R) and Rep. Jim Clyburn (D), all of SC, after Joe Biden projected as the President-Elect
18 Republican Lindsey Graham Keeps His Seat, but Control of the Senate Remains Uncertain
19 Trump’s lackey, Lindsey Graham
20 Senator Lindsey Graham pressured Georgia’s secretary of state about legally cast ballots, report says
21 South Carolina Senate Results: Lindsey Graham Defeats Jaime Harrison
22 'The View' Questions Lindsey Graham's Motives As Conflicting Reports on Election Integrity Surface
23 Ocasio-Cortez responds to Lindsey Graham debate swipe: You folded 'like a wet napkin' | TheHill
24 The Latest: Aide says Biden will appoint 'COVID coordinator'
25 Lindsey Graham Is the Worst
26 Lindsey Graham Fist-Bumps Kamala Harris on the Senate Floor After Supporting Trump's Election Challenge
27 Lindsey Graham Fires Back at Progressives Calling for His Resignation, 'I'm Going to Bury Your Agenda'
28 ZACHARY: Lindsey Graham not wanted, needed here
29 Lindsey Graham, Jim Clyburn react to Joe Biden's potential win
30 Facing ethics allegations, Lindsey Graham doesn't appear to care
31 Lindsey Graham’s curious and conspiratorial argument for why Trump should fight election results
32 Top congressional Republicans still haven't acknowledged Biden's victory
33 Commentary: Lindsey Graham means jobs for South Carolina. He deserves our votes.
34 Sen. Lindsey Graham says he'll donate $500,000 to Trump's legal defense fund
35 WATCH: Sen. Lindsey Graham votes in Seneca
36 Sen. Lindsey Graham donates $500K toward President Trump’s legal fund
37 Commentary: Lindsey Graham betrayed SC with Supreme Court nomination process
38 Joy Behar: Lindsey Graham Pressured Georgia Sec. of State Because 'Trump Has Something on Him'
39 WATCH: Sen. Lindsey Graham holds media availability
40 Sen. Graham Complains That 3 Blue States Get a Third of ACA Funding
41 Lindsey Graham talks Trump, Amy Coney Barrett at Aiken rally
42 Lindsey Graham supports Joseph Dawson's nomination to federal bench
43 Senators Graham, Scott support review of presidential election
44 Sen. Lindsey Graham giving $1M to help Georgia's GOP senators
45 Out of excuses, Lindsey Graham's metamorphosis is complete
46 Republican Lindsey Graham wins reelection to U.S. Senate from South Carolina
47 Watch: Lindsey Graham, Jaime Harrison meet for final debate
48 Congress Must Investigate Senator Lindsey Graham's Conduct
49 BATTLEGROUND BLOG: Raffensperger to Lindsey Graham: 'Well, Great; Now He Understands Our Law'
50 Lindsey Graham gets more money from donors lacking disclosure than anyone else
51 Barack Obama Has A Damning Description Of Lindsey Graham In His New Book
52 Lindsey Graham predicts Hunter Biden scandal could swing the election
53 AP: Lindsey Graham wins South Carolina, holding off challenger Jaime Harrison
54 Awful People Can Still Win Elections in Far Too Much of This Country
55 Laura Ingraham Scolds Lindsey Graham On Live TV Over His Constant Money Pleas
56 Lindsey Graham: Joe Biden Not President-Elect Until Court Cases Dismissed, States Certify Election
57 Lindsey Graham Explains Why He Fist Bumped Kamala Harris Despite Refusing to Acknowledge Biden's Victory
58 Trump Defends Drivers Who Surrounded Biden Bus as ‘Patriots’
59 Top Republicans defend Trump on baseless voter fraud claims as concerns grow in the ranks
60 Lindsey Graham Faces Jaime Harrison, With Moderate Voters Key
61 Why everyone should have seen this coming from Lindsey Graham
62 How you know Lindsey Graham is starting to panic
63 How Did Lindsey Graham End Up In Such A Close Race?
64 Protesters ‘wake up’ GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham at his home after he says he’ll confirm Trump SCOTUS pick
65 Lindsey Graham is facing his toughest re-election yet. Could a SCOTUS fight help?
66 Is Lindsey Graham in trouble?
67 Is Lindsey Graham Actually in Trouble in South Carolina?
68 Has Lindsey Graham Become Too Trumpy for South Carolina? Not So Fast
69 Graham's $28M sets quarterly fundraise record for Senate GOP
70 A new ad makes the case against Lindsey Graham with Graham doing all the talking
71 Lindsey Graham's challenger is spending far more on Facebook than any other Senate candidate
72 Senate Tracker: Polls Tighten In Challenge To South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham
73 Lindsey Graham: Trump 'very focused' on confirming Barrett to Supreme Court despite his coronavirus diagnosis
74 Lindsey Graham Faces Unexpectedly Competitive Re-Election Race
75 Lindsey Graham continues to weigh in on Georgia election after being accused of interference
76 Sen. Lindsey Graham encourages senior judges to step aside ahead of election
77 Sen. Lindsey Graham doesn't buy the idea that Donald Trump has divided the country
78 Lindsey Graham isn’t even pretending to be the good guy anymore
79 Sen. Lindsey Graham clash with critics at DC airport about Amy Coney Barrett nomination.
80 Lindsey Graham Says 'We've Got the Votes' to Approve Court Pick
81 Anti-Lindsey Graham super PAC launching first TV ad in 2020 as polls show tight South Carolina Senate race
82 Graham, facing tough reelection, breaks with Trump
83 Lindsey Graham wants new probe into Russia investigation to be wrapped before election
84 Lindsey Graham: Donald Trump's most important friend
85 Former Lindsey Graham donor backs his Democratic challenger after questioning Graham's principles
86 Lindsey Graham wins Republican nomination for U.S. Senate
87 Graham commits to supporting Trump 'in any effort to move forward' in filling Ginsburg's seat
88 Sen. Lindsey Graham, a Trump ally, faces toughest reelection challenge in S.C.
89 Lindsey Graham, Jaime Harrison tout bipartisanship in S.C. debate
90 'I feel a little sad for' Sen. Lindsey Graham: Jaime Harrison on 'Powerhouse Politics' podcast
91 Lindsey Graham backs top general's apology for appearing with Trump after force used on protesters
92 Graham shown soliciting campaign donations inside what appears to be a federal building
93 Protests Mount at Lindsey Graham's Home About Filling Supreme Court Vacancy
94 Graham in 2018: Senate Won’t Vote on SCOTUS Pick in Last Year of Trump’s Term
95 “Save Lindsey” Ad Mocks Lindsey Graham's Plea For Campaign Donations On “Hannity”
96 Wait, Lindsey Graham wants someone to release tax returns?
97 Harrison says he's running against a different Lindsey Graham than in the past | TheHill
98 Graham — an institutionalist turned Trump loyalist — will play a central role in Supreme Court battle
99 Protesters To Lindsey Graham: No Confirmation Before Inauguration
100 Lindsey Graham outraised by Democratic challenger in first quarter