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Result Content Idea Research
1 Want to run Windows apps on Linux? Wine just got this huge update
2 Wine Developers Are Working On A New Linux Kernel Sync API To Succeed ESYNC/FSYNC
3 Here’s why the Termux app is no longer receiving updates on Google Play
4 How a Linux migration led to the creation of Amazon Web Services
5 TeamTNT actors advance Linux-targeting trend with new memory loader
6 2020 Was Another Interesting Year For Microsoft Around Open-Source/Linux
7 Wine 6.0 Released With A Plethora Of Improvements For Windows Software On Linux
8 Writing Firebase Apps on Windows, Mac, and Linux Using Electron
9 Wine 6.0 is out with better Direct3D support and other improvements
10 Intel Media VA-API Driver Update Adds EU Fused Dispatch For 8K Video Processing
11 Google Chrome 88 will not allow you to access FTP content
12 The Best Bitcoin Mining Software for 2021
13 Proton Experimental Update Brings Performance Work, MS Flight Simulator VR Mode
14 Sr. DevOps Engineer –
15 Pebble founder launches Beeper, a universal chat app that works with iMessage and others
16 Managing Edge IoT Linux Devices Closely, Remotely, Securely
17 January – 2021
18 How to install Couchpotato on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Linux
19 Here's a One-Stop Shop for .NET 5 Improvements
20 Wine 6.0 now available to download
21 Microsoft's latest Windows 10 20H2 previews bring a big pile of fixes
22 news digest: GridGain 8.8 released, Aerospike Connect for Presto, and LLVM 11.0.1 released
23 New Linux malware uses Dogecoin API to find C&C server addresses
24 Sync and other features may stop working in some Chromium browsers in March 2021
25 Linux Foundation Public Health projects first focused on Google-Apple Exposure Notification API
26 Syscall User Dispatch Appears Destined For Linux 5.11 To Help Windows Games On Linux
27 Khronos Group and LunarG—Vulkan SDK Ported to Apple Platforms
28 Vulkan SDK Now Formally Available For Apple Platforms
29 Flush with funds, rising DevSecOps vendor reveals roadmap
30 Firefox 80 To Support VA-API Acceleration On X11
31 Open source's Eric Raymond: Windows 10 will soon be just an emulation layer on Linux kernel
32 news digest: Linux Foundation to host Servo web engine, Postman public workspaces beta launched, and split diffs added in GitHub Desktop
33 How To Install Postman On Linux?
34 Linux Syscall User Dispatch Close To Mainline For Better Handling Windows Games
35 "core/entry" Is Exciting For Linux 5.11 With Two Big Changes
36 NVIDIA Vulkan Beta Driver Moves To 455 Series For Linux
37 Azure Hybrid Benefit now generally available for Linux
38 Global Cloud Application Programming Interface Market 2020: Analysis by Drivers & Strains, Size and Share, Technology, New Innovations, Future Road-map to 2025
39 Firefox 84 Rolling Out With WebRender By Default Appearing For Some Linux Setups
40 Linus Torvalds wants an M1 Mac… but running Linux, obviously
41 Part 1 – Rancher Kubernetes Engine (RKE) Security Best Practices for Cluster Setup
42 Firefox 80 Available With VA-API On X11, WebGL Parallel Shader Compile Support
43 GRVK Allows AMD's Deprecated Mantle API To Run Atop Vulkan
44 What Is an API? Application Programming Interfaces Explained
45 FFmpeg Adds H.265 Tile Encoding Support For VA-API With Intel Icelake+
46 Who is calling? CDRThief targets Linux VoIP softswitches
47 Linux's Stateless H.264 Decode Interface Ready To Be Deemed Stable
48 Microsoft Engineer Proposes "TRAMPFD" For Improving Linux Security
49 Direct3D 12 Support For APITrace Pursued To Help VKD3D-Proton
50 Kernel Patch Revved For Syscall User Redirection To Help Newer Windows Games On Wine
51 Standing by developers through Google v. Oracle
52 Apple Open Sources System, Swift Library Interfacing with System-Level API
53 AWS launches CloudShell, a web-based shell for command-line access to AWS
54 Radeon ROCm 3.10 Released With Data Center Tool Improvements, New APIs
55 Vulkan Portability Extension 1.0 Now Shipping For Expanding Vulkan's Reach
56 Microsoft Announces Direct3D 12 For Linux / WSL2
57 Vulkan Comes To Apple Silicon GPUs / M1 By Means Of MoltenVK 1.1.1
58 Five Things To Know About Bottlerocket, AWS' New Container-Optimized Linux
59 AMD Provides A CPU-Based HIP Implementation For When Lacking A GPU
60 LibIIO – Library for interfacing Linux industrial I/O devices
61 Linux 5.10 To See Static Calls For Helping Cases Where Retpolines Are Used
62 Linux Fu: The Linux Android Convergence
63 Linux 5.8 Formally Adds The Inclusive Terminology Guidelines
64 Watch Live TV on Linux With Hypnotix: A New IPTV Application Being Developed by Linux Mint Team
65 eBPF
66 Linux Foundation: We'll host Mozilla's Rust programming language-based Servo web engine
67 Microsoft's Linux embrace continues with DirectX-tend
68 VALLIUM Merged Into Mesa 20.3 As Vulkan Front-End To Gallium3D
69 Torvalds hails the removal of a relic from Linux's early days
70 Enough with the Linux security FUD
71 How to Choose Linux Kernel Live Patching Software
72 Valve Is Working On Another Extension To Help In Direct3D-Over-Vulkan
73 Firefox 75 On Wayland Now To Have Full WebGL, Working VA-API Acceleration
74 A New Kernel Patch Is Being Discussed That's Needed For Newer Windows Games On Wine
75 NetBSD Has Some Wayland Support But X11 Is Far More Mature
76 Linux winning battle against Windows
77 Linux 5.10 Media Changes Bring A New "Vidtv" Virtual Driver
78 "Microsoft Wants To Create A Complete Virtualization Stack With Linux"
79 Chrome 84 Beta Brings Better Web Animations API, Experimental WebAssembly SIMD
80 Wine for running Windows 10 apps on Linux gets big upgrade
81 Microsoft Brings GUI Support and GPU Acceleration to Windows Subsystem for Linux
82 Microsoft just gave Linux on Windows 10 a major upgrade
83 Where CentOS Linux users can go from here
84 How to Install Microsoft's VS Code Source Code Editor On Mac or Linux
85 Vulkan 1.2.149 Released With Another Extension For Helping The Likes Of DXVK
86 GIMP 2.99.2 Released With GTK3 UI, Working Wayland Support, Other Big Changes
87 Watching activity on Linux with watch and tail commands
88 Announcing .NET 5.0 | .NET Blog
89 Intel's IWD 1.8 Wireless Daemon Released With WiFi P2P Support
90 Google Finally Begins Their Open-Source Dance Around Linux User-Space Threading
91 Arcan Focuses In On Surpassing Feature Parity With X.Org, Releases Durden 0.6 Desktop
92 Firefox Is Seeing Work On Wayland VA-API Video Acceleration
93 Firefox 79 Is Ready To Ship With Safeguard On "_blank" Links, More Wayland VA-API Work
94 Chrome 87 Released With More Performance Improvements
95 Intel oneAPI 1.0 Officially Released
96 Intel Adds VA-API Acceleration For HEVC REXT To FFmpeg
97 Misconfigured Docker API Ports Targeted by Kinsing Malware
98 The Android 11 interview: Googlers answer our burning questions
99 Windows 10 Linux subsystem: You get GPU acceleration – with Intel, AMD, Nvidia drivers
100 LibTraceFS 1.0 Released For Interacting With Linux's Tracing File-System