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1 Campus seismometers illustrate compliance with the stay-at-home order
2 Zimmerman wins 2020 Eppendorf and Science Prize
3 Six faculty members named 2020 AAAS Fellows Read more
4 What caused the ice ages? Tiny ocean fossils offer key evidence
5 Astrophysicist Adam Burrows wins international prize for brown dwarf and exoplanet research
6 Kang finds keys to control the 'driver of cancer's aggressiveness'
7 Mohamed Abou Donia wins Vilcek Prize in biomedical science
8 Princeton team develops 'poisoned arrow' to defeat antibiotic-resistant bacteria
9 Mathematician Logunov wins New Horizons Prize
10 Astrophysicist Jo Dunkley wins Tomassoni Chisesi Prize Read more
11 Quantum chemist Leslie Schoop wins 2020 Packard Fellowship
12 Mathematician Codá Marques named 2020 Simons Investigator
13 Levine receives prestigious ecological research award Read more
14 Princeton and Mpala scholars link obesity and disease to dramatic dietary changes
15 Princeton study suggests that monkeys, like humans, may have 'self-domesticated'
16 Basketball on the brain: Neuroscientists use sports to study surprise
17 Climate modeling at Princeton Read more
18 Online biophysics summer school draws interest from around the world
19 Geoscientists find new fallout from 'the collision that changed the world'
20 Mathematics Ph.D. alumnus Furstenberg receives Abel Prize Read more
21 Three Princeton faculty members named 2020 Sloan Research Fellows
22 Human-caused warming will cause more slow-moving hurricanes, warn climatologists
23 'She Roars' podcast talks with Jo Dunkley about taking the universe's baby picture
24 Understand the past to understand the future: Climate science at Princeton
25 Massive underground instrument finds final secret of our sun's fusion
26 FDA approves ventilator designed by particle physics community
27 Loners help society survive, say Princeton ecologists Read more
28 Baby and adult brains 'sync up' during play, finds Princeton Baby Lab Read more
29 Artificial intelligence predicts which planetary systems will survive
30 Princeton geoscientists find new fallout from 'the collision that changed the world'
31 To study invasive predators, watch the prey | Newsroom
32 Princeton scientist solves air quality puzzle: Why is ozone pollution persisting in Europe despite environmental laws banning it?
33 University of Southern Maine dean's list | Lewiston Sun Journal
34 Sea level rise is speeding up, says Princeton climatologist Michael Oppenheimer
35 Particle physicists design simplified ventilator for COVID-19 patients
36 How a chemist and a physicist solved a 50-year-old puzzle — with help from the Princeton Catalysis Initiative
37 Graduate School reimagines professional development for students
38 Griffiths receives Troland prize from the National Academy of Sciences
39 Princeton University will open COVID-19 testing laboratory for campus community
40 Achievement amid hardship: Maury County Public Schools celebrates striving students
41 Cosmology, research and teaching with Nobel laureate Jim Peebles
42 University of Maine names Maine students to dean's list
43 'She Roars' podcast: Chai Vasarhelyi talks about making a difference through film — and winning an Oscar
44 Avalos wins teacher-scholar award Read more
45 Barry Jacobs, renowned neuroscientist and serotonin researcher, is dead at 77
46 Of ants and men: Ant behavior might mirror political polarization, say Princeton researchers
47 Devourer of planets? Princeton researchers dub star 'Kronos' Read more
48 Murphy and Petry win awards for excellence in cell biology Read more
49 Chirik wins 2019 Eni energy innovation award for greener catalysis
50 Massive 1994 Bolivian earthquake reveals mountains 660 kilometers below our feet
51 Microbes linked to cancer in threatened California foxes, report Princeton researchers
52 Bhargava and Scholes elected to Royal Society Read more
53 Atlanta's 500 Most Powerful Leaders in 2021: Religion, Nonprofits, & Advocacy
54 How do new predators change an ecosystem? Watch the prey, say Princeton researchers
55 Sarnak wins Royal Society medal for 'transformational contributions' to mathematics
56 Wieschaus named fellow of the American Association for Cancer Research
57 New view of nature's oldest light adds fresh twist to debate over universe's age
58 'Dynamic incubator space' for science-based innovation formally opens
59 'Physics of Life' summer school brings students to Princeton for biophysics explorations
60 Chemist Car wins DOE funding for computational chemistry center
61 Google AI lab formally opens in downtown Princeton, bolstering innovation and invention
62 Seyedsayamdost wins chemistry teacher-scholar award Read more
63 Levine and Pinsky receive ecological research awards Read more
64 Planet WASP-12b is on a death spiral, say Princeton scientists
65 Takahashi named Schmidt Science Fellow for study of complex human diseases
66 Yelp ratings get better when they cost something — like time, say Princeton researchers
67 Physicist Marlow wins DOE funding for high energy physics Read more
68 Quantum chemist Schoop wins Beckman Young Investigator Award
69 Eviction Lab examines the intersection of poverty and housing Read more
70 Princeton in space: Meet ISʘIS, heading to touch the sun Research
71 Princeton scientists bioengineer a cellular speedometer Read more
72 Princeton astrophysicists are closing in on the Hubble constant
73 Stone wins Brouwer Award for contributions to dynamical astronomy
74 Brangwynne receives HHMI technology award for super-high-resolution microscopes
75 Uhlenbeck receives Abel Prize for geometric analysis Read more
76 Alabama Softball Opens Spring Season Friday In Texas Classic
77 Bassler receives Schering Prize for discovering bacterial communication
78 Princeton Catalysis Initiative fosters research innovation Read more
79 Astronomy on Tap brings astrophysicists and the community together at a Trenton pub
80 Department of Energy honors Nat Fisch for plasma breakthrough
81 Princeton chemists share science with local kids at 'Chemistry Rocks!'
82 Simons Foundation commits $20 million in quest to understand universe's beginning
83 Vanderbilt kicker Sarah Fuller becomes first woman to play in Power 5
84 At Hooding, faculty honor 'tremendous' advanced degree recipients
85 Researchers reverse engineer the 'fireworks of life' Read more
86 Thatchers cider: cider sales after Covid-19 lockdown
87 Goro Shimura, a 'giant' of number theory, dies at 89 Read more
88 Astronomers discover 83 supermassive black holes in the early universe
89 Physics major Sommers named Goldwater Scholar Read more
90 Maldacena wins inaugural Galileo Medal for theoretical physics Award
91 Mathematics major Ryan Chen named Goldwater Scholar Read more
92 Syukuro Manabe wins Crafoord Prize for fundamental contributions to climate change research
93 Biologist Stoddard wins Packard Fellowship for early-career scientists
94 The spotlight of attention is more like a strobe, say researchers Read more
95 Two Princeton astrophysicists receive funding to study merging neutron stars
96 Translating the 'language of behavior' with artificially intelligent motion capture
97 The 'blowfish effect': Children learn new words like adults do, say Princeton researchers
98 Seismologist Jessica Irving uses massive earthquakes to unlock secrets of the outer core
99 Princeton chemists teach an enzyme a new trick, with potential for building new molecules
100 Princeton researcher selected for French climate initiative Read more