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1 How The United States Got Hold Of Nazi Germany's Most Ferocious Multi-Role Warplane
2 The Luftwaffe Won’t Be Flying the F-35 Anytime Soon
3 Marlow author pens book about the Battle of Britain and the Luftwaffe aces
4 The Amazing Story Of How This Nazi Recon Plane Ended Up Being Tested In The US During WWII
5 A wartime Thanksgiving in Cairo: A lesson for our COVID era | TheHill
6 Germany Orders More Eurofighter Typhoon Fighters
7 Germany Confirms Acquisition Of 38 New Tranche 4 Eurofighter Combat Aircraft
8 Germany approves 'Quadriga' Eurofighters
9 This 1940 Hawker Hurricane Was Shot Down and Lost for 50 Years, Back in the Air
10 Hollis C. Dorr, 89, of Dexter
11 Swindle: The power of gratitude | Archives |
12 The scars of WW2 air raids remain on Pembroke Dock's streets
13 Leicester City In The Second World War: Filbert Street Bombed
14 Local News: Cape couple helps customers 'keep' time (11/27/20)
15 Stocks to buy: 4 aerospace picks to take off in 2021: Morgan Stanley
16 ‘Merkel Force Two’ – 2nd German VIP A350 Completes First Flight
17 FG 42 Rifle: Hitler's Super Rifle the Allies Feared
18 8 Reasons Why The Luftwaffe Couldn't Defeat The RAF
19 BYGONE Salisbury: A lucky escape in Fisherton Street
20 Squaring the Circle: The Replacement of the German Luftwaffe's Tornado
21 Germany Set to Order U.S. F/A-18 Fighters for Luftwaffe
22 What Should a COVID-19 Memorial Be?
23 Hunt still on for a Van Gogh self-portrait lost deep in a salt mine during the Second World War
24 Son's emotional tribute to Brighton WW2 hero Fredrick Glover
25 Mass grave of WWII German paratroopers found in field
26 Luftwaffe, Israeli Air Force conduct first joint exercise in Germany
27 The International Brigades of Spain
28 Why is there a war grave in an asylum cemetery?
29 To be exterminated, or 'disappeared'
30 Israeli fighter aircraft to fly over Germany in joint manouvres with Luftwaffe
31 Israeli Air Force Jets Touch Down In Germany For Historic Air Combat Exercise
32 Israel Air Force prepares to train with Luftwaffe over Germany for first time
33 Why are Duterte and his allies agitated with VP Leni?
34 How Hitler's Stuka Bomber Became The Luftwaffe's Perfect Propaganda Piece
35 Why the P-47 Thunderbolt, a World War II Beast of the Airways, Ruled the Skies
36 Opinion: For Donald Trump to Claim Victory, 'Fair Is Foul, and Foul Is Fair'
37 Targeting the Luftwaffe
38 Luftwaffe’s ‘Merkel One’ Airbus arrives in Germany
39 Never-before-seen snaps of Hitler and Goebbels taken by a Luftwaffe pilot at a Nazi airfield
40 Operation Argument ('Big Week'): The beginning of the end of the German Luftwaffe
41 Opinion | Did American Democracy Really Hold? Maybe Not.
42 Germany's Luftwaffe takes A350, to retire A340s in 2022
43 Statistics show how the Luftwaffe could have won the Battle of Britain
44 German Luftwaffe Sends Airbus A310 To Assist In Medical Response
45 Sunday Nostalgia: Manchester's devastating Christmas Blitz
46 The Battle of Britain Guide: Facts, When It Happened And Who Won?
47 IAF and Luftwaffe aircraft perform historic joint flyby at Dachau concentration camp and Olympic Village in Munich
48 Luftwaffe to add two A321neo(LR)s in 2022
49 Despite Claims From Protestors And Peers Cycleways Do Not Damage U.K. Cities More Than Luftwaffe Bombs
50 Lufthansa Technik Orders Two A321LRs For The German Air Force
51 Germany to purchase 93 Eurofighters, 45 F-18s to replace Tornado bombers, AKK says
52 German Luftwaffe Converts An Airbus A319 Into Flying Intensive Care
53 The story of Werner Mölders, the Luftwaffe fighter pilot who conceived the Finger-Four Formation
54 Battle of Britain Day: 80 years ago, the RAF and Luftwaffe clashed in our skies
55 Why Hitler planned to spare Blackpool in an invasion of Britain
56 Coronavirus: inside German military's Airbus A310 'Medevac' transport
57 How a Luftwaffe Sharkmouthed Me 110 inspired Flying Tigers’ legendary tiger mouth insignia
58 German Platform Decisions: Selecting the Tornado Replacement and the Nuclear Mission
59 Here’s why Luftwaffe lost 20% of its Ju 87 Stuka dive bombers during the Battle of Britain even though they were escorted by fighters
60 Germany’s Luftwaffe refuses delivery of two Airbus A400M transport aircraft
61 Luftwaffe bombing raid 80 years ago left top north-east golf course with 'Hitler's Bunker'
62 Former RAF pilot 'lucky to be alive' after crashing replica German WW2 Luftwaffe plane
63 Luftwaffe Receives First Airbus ACJ350 XWB
64 Harrowing destruction, limited military impact: The Blitz, 80 years on
65 General of the Luftwaffe accused of sexual assault.
66 Man attends service for uncle killed by Luftwaffe
67 Legends of 'forgotten' aircraft who took on Luftwaffe and saved Dunkirk against all odds
68 Airbus Wins Order for Luftwaffe A321 Corporate Jets
69 The day the German Luftwaffe dropped a 'bouncing bomb' on Yeovil
70 How the Air Force Turned the Tables on Nazi Germany's Luftwaffe
71 Germany Axes Plan To Buy Either Sikorsky CH-53K Or Boeing CH-47 Helicopters
72 Family discover identity of Luftwaffe pilot who shot down North Curry PC
73 Luftwaffe flies Holocaust survivor to Germany for exhibition
74 Sun, Nov 22
75 3 most successful operations of the ‘Black Death’ marines
76 Luftwaffe ‘could have won Battle of Britain if they attacked earlier,’ new study suggests
77 German military launches space junk tracking system
78 German F-35 decision sacrifices NATO capability for Franco-German industrial cooperation
79 How a WWII Disaster—and Cover-up—Led to a Cancer Treatment Breakthrough
80 Airbus wins orders for A321neo business jet, Boeing loses one
81 Germany could have WON the Battle of Britain if they started earlier, study finds
82 German air force to use A321LRs for troop and medevac roles
83 The night the Luftwaffe bombed Derry
84 From Debenhams to Woolworths
85 The strange tale of how Durham Cathedral was saved from the Luftwaffe by the mist – and St Cuthbert
86 This is why the most successful fighter pilots in history are all Nazis
87 Plotting air raids on Britain: Map shows devastating impact of WWII Luftwaffe strikes
88 How the U.S. Air Force Crushed Hitler's Luftwaffe Once and For All
89 Germany Readying a Split Fighter Purchase for Tornado Replacement
90 The epic story of the Luftwaffe Bf 109 pilot who saved the lives of the crew of a badly damaged American B-17 by escorting the crippled bomber over the North Sea
91 German Defense Minister Makes Tornado Replacement Plans Official
92 Germany won't be buying US planes to replace aging Tornados before 2022, official says
93 Last surviving Battle of Britain fighter pilot ‘ace’ who fought Luftwaffe in WW2 dies aged 101
94 Germany approves Super Hornet/Growler buy to replace Luftwaffe Tornado Fighter Bombers
95 Novel revives true story of gutsy Jew who survived Nazis to marry German soldier
96 Former Advertiser reporter examines legend that Luftwaffe spared Rugby because it was home to Hitler's ex-lover
97 Mathematicians put famous Battle of Britain 'what if' scenarios to the test
98 Is Germany's Air Force Doomed? Inside the Sorry State of the Luftwaffe.
99 German air force contingent starts NATO air policing duties
100 The story behind the luftwaffe's attack on New Mills