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Result Content Idea Research
1 Capitalisn’t Is Back: Can Economists and Journalists Work Together to Improve Capitalism?
2 How the tech giants create “kill zones” in the competitive landscape
3 Capitalisn't: The Capitalisn't of vaccines
4 “Doubt is Their Product”: The Difference Between Research and Academic Lobbying
5 Vital Signs: 50 years ago Milton Friedman told us greed was good. He was half right
6 How Corporations Pillaged the Free Market Economy
7 How voter participation predicts adherence to social distancing
8 Milton Friedman’s Shareholder Primacy Stands the Test of Time and Helps Many Stakeholders 50 Years Later
9 Europe's Last Call, China's PR, and a New Role for the State: a Conversation Between Luis Garicano and Luigi Zingales
10 The U.S. political system is broken. How can we fix it?
11 How Google and Facebook are ruining capitalism: Big Brains
12 Economists are turning to culture to explain wealth and poverty
13 Milton Friedman told us greed was good -- he was half right
14 Shareholders v stakeholders: Was Milton Friedman wrong?
15 Webinar: Mehrsa Baradaran, Eli Cook, and Luigi Zingales on the Complicated Relationship Between Antimonopoly and Race
16 Captured Western Governments Are Failing the Coronavirus Test
17 “50 Years Later, It's Time to Reassess”: Raghuram Rajan on Milton Friedman and Maximizing Shareholder Value
18 Nigeria Eni/Shell corruption case: Future of Eni’s CEO at stake
19 Capitalisn't: The Capitalisn't of coronavirus
20 “The World Has Changed": the New York Times on Luigi Zingales, the "Chicago School," and the Threat of Tech Monopolies
21 The United States: An Exceptional Case? A Webinar With Stephen Haber, Richard R. John, and Luigi Zingales
22 Should the U.S. keep the economy closed during coronavirus outbreak?
23 Are Newspapers Captured by Banks? Evidence From Italy
24 Capitalisn't: Coronavirus—the risk of reopening
25 Postcrisis: A new role for the state
26 How culture can help explain economic development
27 Economist Luigi Zingales: To Limit Big Tech’s Power, Regulations Should Be Tailored
28 Market values
29 Democrats and Republicans became pro-business, at everyone's expense
30 A Challenge to Big Tech and Antitrust Thinking in a Surprising Place
31 Save Capitalism From the Cares Act
32 How has tax policy complemented the growth of inequality in the US?
33 No, we won't change the corporate world with divestment and boycotts
34 Capitalisn't: Too big to jail
35 Capitalisn't: Coronavirus—a cost-benefit analysis of the economic shutdown
36 Deaths of Despair and Covid-19: a Webinar With Angus Deaton and Luigi Zingales
37 How to rein in the power of Big Tech
38 A New Capitalisn’t Episode: Winners and Losers in the Stimulus Bill
39 Launching the New, Improved ProMarket
40 Luigi Zingales: Why I Decided to Invite Steve Bannon to Speak at the University of Chicago
41 Don’t trust CEOs who say they don’t care about shareholder value anymore
42 What Comes Next for Economic Policies to Combat Covid-19? A Conversation Between Six Booth Faculty
43 Should We Defund the Police? A New Capitalisn’t Reading List
44 What Is the Role of Antitrust in a Free-Market Economy?
45 Why big-tech mergers stifle innovation
46 Capitalisn't: Did economists ruin the economy?
47 A Special Capitalisn't Episode: A Cost-Benefit Analysis of the Economic Shutdown
48 Luigi Zingales Proposes Creation of Interdisciplinary Committee on Digital Platforms Regulation
49 A New Capitalisn’t Episode: Where Does the Money Come From? With Special Guest Eugene Fama
50 The EU must be forged in this crisis or it will die
51 Coronavirus: Update From Italy : The Indicator from Planet Money
52 Twitter Refused to Promote the New Capitalisn’t Episode: This Is a Problem for Free Speech (and for American Health Care)
53 A New Capitalisn’t Episode: How to Exit the Covid-19 Quarantine
54 Capitalisn't: Optimizing our health-care system
55 Prof Who Would've Talked to Bannon, "Early Hitler" Speaking at Convocation
56 Why an Antimonopoly Movement Is the Kind of Populism That Chile Needs
57 A New Capitalisn't Episode: The Risk Of Reopening
58 Should Small Businesses Consider Bankruptcy? A New Capitalisn’t Reading List
59 Have economists had too much influence on policy?
60 The Stimulus Package Is Too Expensive and Poorly Targeted: The Waste Contained in the CARES Act
61 High-Priced Acquisitions of Tech Startups Do Not Always Stimulate More Innovation
62 Paul Krugman on the Economic Impact of Coronavirus: "We Are Very Vulnerable, This Could Be Pretty Bad"
63 Socially responsible investors are making some key mistakes
64 Luigi Zingales Says There Is Still a Long Period Until Italy Forms Government
65 Data-Driven Ideology: The Problem With Economists' Takeover of Policymaking
66 Uber and the Sherlock Holmes Principle: How Control of Data Can Lead to Biased Academic Research
67 Do People Think Finance Benefits Society?
68 Has the US done enough to combat COVID-19's economic damage?
69 Dear Graduates, Here’s What You Can Do to Change Capitalism For the Better
70 Trump is changing American capitalism forever, economist says
71 Capitalisn't: The failure of Russian capitalism
72 What Netanyahu should learn from his economic guru Luigi Zingales
73 A New Capitalisn't Episode: The Controversial Tax Policies Of Emmanuel Saez
74 Too Big to Fail: The Entire Private Sector
75 Back to Work? The Political Preparation for "Phase 2" of the Pandemic Is a Matter of Trust
76 Over 60 Leading Finance Economists Ask SEC to Revise the Shareholder Voting Draft Reform
77 How and When to Restart the Economy: a Webinar with Nobel Laureate Paul Romer
78 How economists capture policymaking
79 Are big tech monopolies ruining American capitalism?
80 University of Chicago prof defends decision to invite Bannon to campus
81 Luigi Zingales: A crusader against 'crony capitalism'
82 Capitalisn't: How a spectrum auction cost taxpayers millions
83 When business and government are bedfellows
84 The Trump Administration Attacks the Stigler Report on Digital Platforms
85 Encouraging “purposeful” business
86 “The Digital Robber Barons Kill Innovation”: the Stigler Center's Report Enters the Senate
87 In Capitalisn’t Pilot, Zingales and Waldock Fret at Prospect of a Monopolist-in-Chief
88 The Case for Lockdown: in Italy's Lombardy, It Can Reduce Covid-19 Potential Fatalities from 160,000 to 25,000
89 Capitalisn't: Warrenomics
90 Zingales: Too Much Power in the Hands of Big Tech Could Distort American Democracy
91 Italy After COVID-19: Betrayal or Renewal?
92 Capitalisn't: Regulating Facebook and Google—Tyler Cowen rebuttals
93 Capitalisn't: Luigi submits a patent
94 Are Google and Facebook monopolies?
95 Confused About Economics? Listen to This Handy — and Yes, Fun — Podcast
96 Capitalisn't: The ups and downs of IPOs
97 The Non-Performing Assets of Wells Fargo
98 Bezos, Zuckerberg Are Taking Tech Wealth To A Whole New Level
99 Why a New Digital Authority Is Necessary
100 Public companies should prioritise shareholder welfare, not value