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1 Study finds lung impairment in recovering COVID-19 patients
2 Coronavirus autopsies: A story of 38 brains, 87 lungs and 42 hearts
3 Lung development may explain why some non-smokers get COPD and some heavy smokers do not
4 Study: Asymptomatic Cases Of COVID-19 Might Have Temporary Lung Damage : Goats and Soda
5 Coronavirus: Warning thousands could be left with lung damage
6 New Arizona concern: Study shows asymptomatic COVID patients could have long-term lung damage
7 20 Best Foods for Lung Health
8 The coronavirus is leaving some people with permanent lung damage
9 ‘Lungs’ Review: Claire Foy and Matt Smith Chase Love in the Dark
10 Could a common enzyme be key to protecting lungs from Covid-19?
11 Not just the lungs: Covid-19 attacks like no other 'respiratory' virus
12 COVID-19 asymptomatic cases may still develop lung damage
13 USC Stem Cell scientists use “mini-lungs” and lung models to understand COVID-19
14 Coronavirus Attacks the Lungs. A Federal Agency Just Halted Funding for New Lung Treatments.
15 Lung cancer symptoms: A sign of the deadly disease ‘you might not recognise’
16 COVID-19 damages lungs of asymptomatic and most severe patients alike, medical examiner says
17 NCH doctor not sold on study saying asymptomatic COVID-19 patients have abnormal lung findings
18 Immunotherapy shows potential in treating lung fibrosis | News Center | Stanford Medicine
19 Ask the Expert: COVID-19, my lungs and me
20 Robotic Detection of Lung Cancer at Texas Health Fort Worth
21 New Roswell Park tool can help diagnose lung cancer in earlier stages
22 Pain researchers may know why COVID-19 spreads quickly in patients' lungs
23 Covid-19 Patient Gets Double Lung Transplant, Offering Hope for Others
24 CBD Oil for COPD: How to Use This Cannabinoid Oil & Dosage
25 3 acupressure points for healthy lungs and immunity
26 It’s not just the lungs: COVID-19 can affect the brain and heart of those infected, researchers say
27 'I was given a lung transplant during lockdown'
28 Broadway actor Nick Cordero may need double lung transplant after COVID-19 battle
29 Read Reviews for Claire Foy and Matt Smith's Socially Distant (But In-Person) Lungs
30 Lifelong Lung Damage: A Serious COVID-19 Complication
31 Getting Answers: How COVID-19 could affect the lungs
32 Lab-grown mini-lungs could reveal why covid-19 kills
33 Coronavirus can cause lasting lung damage – but the effects may ease over time
34 THC Prevents Lethal Symptoms Of Lung Disease Associated With Viruses in Mice
35 In ‘Lungs,’ Claire Foy and Matt Smith chase love in the dark
36 COVID-19: Not just a lung condition
37 How Can Lung Cancer Screening Improve Early Detection of COPD?
38 Coronavirus: Radiologist demonstrates how lungs can be damaged
39 Coronavirus survivor in US receives double lung transplant
40 Covid-19 can damage lungs of victims beyond recognition, expert says
41 AI Learns from Lung CT Scans to Diagnose COVID-19
42 Autoimmune lung disease: Early recognition and treatment helps
43 Coronavirus complications: 4 ways to keep your lungs healthy amid COVID-19 pandemic
44 Covid-19 patients may suffer long-term lung damage even after recovery
45 Coronavirus affects the blood vessels as well as the lungs. Understanding this may be key to treating it
46 Fireworks Are Bad News for Your Lungs
47 Salk Scientists: 'Killer' Lung Immune Cells Could Be Potential Weapon Against Coronavirus
48 COVID-19 roundup: Developments regarding halted drug trials, poor lung function and more | Daily Sabah
49 Study Examines Community-based Lung Cancer Screening
50 Coprevalence and Incidence of Lung Cancer in Patients Screened for Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm
51 ‘Getting hit in the lungs with a baseball bat:’ Racine School Board member recounts COVID-19 diagnosis
52 Nanotechnology shown to slow spread of COVID-19 virus in lung and white blood cells, study shows
53 Is Covid-19 leaving a long-term scar on the lungs?
54 How Covid-19 can damage the brain
55 Shining light on a malignant lung cancer: A near-infrared light treatment could help manage a rare form of lung cancer
56 Lung Development May Explain Who Is at Higher Risk for COPD
57 World-first lung repair shows promise | The Lighthouse
58 9 Foods That Can Help In Improving Lung Function
59 Mini organs reveal how the coronavirus ravages the body
60 Improving Lung Capacity Pre- and Post-COVID-19
61 Smoking and vaping harm the lungs — greater risk for severe COVID-19 illness if infected
62 Lung association, Laura Dern, CVS raising COVID-19 funds
63 A mapping study of ensemble classification methods in lung cancer decision support systems
64 Hang Lung Young Architects Program Graduation Ceremony
65 Moffitt develops tool to identify lung cancer patients at high risk for poorer outcomes
66 Lung cancer survivor encourages people to stay safe and active during pandemic
67 Scientists are growing 3D lungs to infect them and research diseases like coronavirus
68 Coronavirus: asymptomatic people can still develop lung damage
69 Lung parasite infects native Florida snakes, expands north
70 'Every breath felt like glass in my lungs': Daughter of NFL great Jerry Rice tests positive for COVID-19
71 Single Lung Transplants Increase Lung Cancer Risk, Study Shows
72 Transplanting a Type of Lung Cells Halts Fibrosis in IPF Rat Model
73 Can Inhaled Corticosteroids Slow COPD Lung Function Decline?
74 TNF deficiency dysregulates inflammatory cytokine production, leading to lung pathology and death during respiratory poxvirus infection
75 Immunotherapy/Chemotherapy Regimen Improves Lung Cancer Outcomes, Regardless of Biomarker Status
76 Surgeons sticking it to lung disease
77 Inhaled Vasodilator Promising for Lung Disease With Pulmonary Hypertension
78 The Association Between Extracellular Water-to-Total Body Water Ratio and Therapeutic Durability for Advanced Lung Cancer
79 New Study Finds Lung Development Connection to COPD in Smokers Versus Non-Smokers
80 Clinical Challenges: COVID-19 a Threat, but Lung Cancer Remains More Deadly
81 Interstitial lung disease exacerbates rheumatoid arthritis activity, related conditions
82 The Doctor Is In: New Research – Lung Cancer
83 The Promising Treatment Schedule of Concurrent Chemoradiotherapy for Stage III Non-small Cell Lung Cancer: Alternative for Conventional Fractionation Using Mathematical Analysis
84 Lung Patients Improve in UK Lockdown, Spurs Call to Lower Air Pollution
85 Estrogen's Regulation of ACE2 Expression in Lungs Could Explain COVID-19 Sex Differences
86 Transplant patient recovers from COVID-19 after receiving donated plasma
87 Lungs in Vitro Market 2020 Opportunities, Growth Analysis, Trends and Forecast by 2024 | ATCC, Lonza, Epithelix
88 Darryl's fight to the end: Plastering job takes a toll on lungs
89 Fears Londoners with damaged hearts, lungs and kidneys got no health checks after leaving hospital
90 FDA Approves New Option for Small-Cell Lung Cancer
91 Shocking scan reveals first case of vaping-related lung disease in UK
92 Arizona's largest health system reaches capacity on ECMO lung machines as COVID-19 cases in the state continue to climb
93 Detection of human papillomavirus distinguishes second primary tumors from lung metastases in patients with squamous cell carcinoma of the cervix
94 Asymptomatic Covid-19 patients can still develop lung damage
95 Cork consultant: Patients already presenting in need of lung transplants after surviving Covid
96 Four Best Ways to keep your Lungs Strong amid the COVID-19 pandemic
97 COVID-19 research roundup: Blood cell damage, poor lung function, underreporting in the US,
98 A lung physio is the secret weapon in this 65-year-old widower's coronavirus recovery
99 COVID-19 and lung damage
100 Researchers Can Now 3D-Print Sensors on a Live Lung