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1 Evidence suggests an animal that roamed with the dinosaurs went into a hibernation-like state to survive
2 Weathering the tough times: Fossil evidence of 'hibernation-like' state in 250-million-year-old Antarctic animal
3 Tusks from this mammal ancestor may show the oldest signs of a hibernation-like state
4 Fossil evidence of 'hibernation-like' state in 250-million-year-old Antarctic animal
5 Ancient creature might've been the first to hibernate
6 Lystrosaurus: Evidence suggests an animal that roamed with the dinosaurs went into a hibernation-like state to survive
7 Evidence of Hibernation-Like State Discovered in Tusks of Strange 250-Million-Year-Old Antarctic Creature
8 Fossil suggests animals have been hibernating for 250 million years
9 Discovery of Lystrosaurus and a scientific revolution
10 Evidence: Species that roamed with dinosaur survived mass extinction due to hibernation
11 How to survive extinction: Live fast, die young
12 Jurassic World 3 Movie Image Shows New Baby Dinosaur
13 In Earth's largest extinction, land die-offs began long before ocean turnover
14 Mass extinction due to global warming triggered the rise of dinosaurs and modern tetrapods
15 Breaking News | Burning Fossil Fuels Helped Drive Earth's Most Massive Extinction
16 Land Animals Began Dying in Earth's Greatest Extinction Long Before Marine Life
17 ‘ARK: Survival Evolved’ Guide: Lystrosaurus Taming And Use
18 Op-Ed: A spark of hope in Venus' hellish skies
19 In Earth's Greatest Extinction, Land Animals Began Dying Off Long Before Marine Life
20 Top 10 Creatures To Tame First In Ark: Survival Evolved
21 Is the Venusian phosphine a spark of joy in a hellish sky?
22 Therapsids adapted to drastic climate change by having shorter life expectancies: Scientists now know why some animals thrived in aftermath of mass extinction
23 The Triassic Period: the rise of the dinosaurs
24 Bat-winged dinosaurs were clumsy fliers
25 This ichthyosaur died after devouring a creature nearly as long as itself
26 In Earth's largest extinction, land animal die-offs began long before marine extinction: New dates for fossils indicate land animal turnover extended for hundreds of thousands of years
27 In Venus' clouds there's phosphine. Phosphine stinks. But its discovery lifts my heart
28 Mass extinctions 'offer cautionary tale'
29 Fossil discoveries suggest the earliest dinosaurs laid soft-shelled eggs
30 Cannibalism in the womb may have helped megalodon sharks become giants
31 More than 252 million years ago, mammal ancestors became warm-blooded to survive mass extinction
32 A ‘crazy beast’ from the time of dinosaurs belongs to an obscure mammal group
33 Paleontologist suggests 'great dying' 252 million years ago wasn't as bad as thought
34 Deep caves are a rich source of dinosaur prints for this paleontologist
35 Spinosaurus fossil tail suggests dinosaurs were swimmers after all
36 An ancient skull hints crocodiles swam from Africa to the Americas
37 A Brief History of Earth: The Time Our Planet Brought Hell Down Upon Its Life
38 Fossils of a new dromaeosaur date to the end of the Age of Dinosaurs
39 Who dies and who survives during a mass extinction? A tantalizing clue.
40 This strange walrus-lizard-dog-pig may hold the key to saving us all
41 ‘Wonderchicken’ is the earliest known modern bird at nearly 67 million years old
42 This ancient dinosaur was no bigger than a hummingbird
43 The first frog fossil from Antarctica has been found
44 Two primate lineages crossed the Atlantic millions of years ago
45 Small 'cousins' of T. rex may actually have been growing teenagers
46 Can bacteria ‘migrate’ to other planets & survive? What a Japanese space experiment found
47 Ultrawhite paint could cool buildings and combat climate change
48 You may have a new organ lurking in the middle of your head
49 Images of a black hole reveal how cosmic beasts change over time
50 How to survive a mass extinction: Live fast, die young: Life history of ancient mammal relatives provides insight on survival tactics
51 The giant Megalodon shark was three times as big as a great white, new measurements show
52 Cancer drug shrinks 'undruggable' lung tumors
53 Pig fat can be used to grow jawbones for humans
54 This tiny device harvests energy from a simple breeze
55 Death Valley hits highest temperature since 1931
56 These conventional bricks can store power
57 Iguana-sized dinosaur cousin discovered in Antarctica, shows how life at the South Pole bounced back after mass extinction
58 Scientists accidentally create unlikely fish hybrid
59 Licelike insects munched on dinosaur feathers around 100 million years ago
60 Poop tests stop COVID-19 outbreak at University of Arizona
61 Boston superspreading event seeded thousands of COVID-19 cases
62 Got pain? Your Neanderthal genes could be responsible
63 In 2019, Greenland lost twice as much ice as in a normal year
64 Pianissimo, please! Soft singing could reduce risk of spreading COVID-19
65 How anglerfish fuse their bodies without unleashing an immune storm
66 Humans were breeding sled dogs 9500 years ago, DNA evidence suggests
67 Blood test could identify early stage Alzheimer's disease
68 The Permian-Triassic Boundary Is the Worst Mass Extinction You've Never Heard Of
69 Black children more than three times more likely to die after surgery
70 Solar images reveal 'campfires' on the Sun
71 Damaged donor lungs rescued with pig blood
72 Two deaths in gene therapy trial for rare muscle disease
73 Vast ring of deep shafts found near Stonehenge
74 Elusive neutrinos reveal how nuclear fusion fuels the Sun
75 Rodent brains reveal triggers of hibernation
76 Herpes virus can trigger Alzheimer's, brain tissue study suggests
77 An alien world has suddenly gone missing
78 Longest deep-sea animal spotted off Australian coast
79 Our Moon is not as 'dry' as we thought
80 Cancer drug dampens intrusive thoughts in men with pedophilic disorder
81 Mushrooms give plants the green light to glow
82 This is the brightest supernova ever seen
83 Big dinosaurs kept cool thanks to blood vessel clusters in their heads
84 Mass Species Loss Stunts Evolution for Millions of Years
85 This is the first ever close-up of a black hole's 'cosmic fire hose'
86 Great Barrier Reef experiences massive coral bleaching
87 Atomic bomb dating reveals true age of whale sharks
88 This newfound predator may have terrorized the Cambrian seafloor
89 Cats can get the new coronavirus, but no evidence that they spread it to humans
90 Second 'cured' HIV patient goes public
91 This is the only known animal that doesn't need oxygen to survive
92 Triassic Period Facts: Climate, Animals & Plants
93 A tiny mystery dinosaur from New Mexico is officially T. rex's cousin
94 Hyenas roamed the Arctic during the last ice age
95 ARK: Survival Evolved update 240 introduces new Megapithecus boss battle today
96 Researchers find new, promising antibiotic with help from AI
97 Peruvian fossils yield a four-legged otterlike whale with hooves
98 Neuroscientists discover neural circuits that control hibernation-like behaviors in mice: Findings offer potential clues toward profound applications in humans, including suspended animation
99 Fossil hunters show off Triassic treasures from Antarctica at the Burke Museum
100 New dinosaur relative was 'king' of Antarctica